Paperama: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Game Introduction – Paperama

Paperama is a strategy game where you fold colorful pieces of paper in order to match the outline in each level. Gamezebo’s quick-start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Tips and Strategies


  • Aim for the highest score possible by staying accurate. Fold each piece of paper as slowly and accurately as possible in order to do the best you can with the limited amount of folds you’re given with each new level. If you can successfully manipulate the paper within the moves allotted to make the shape required of you and have little excess paper left over, you’ll do extremely well, so take your time.
  • Get rid of larger folds first. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern where you should start folding and how you should approach each shape. Get rid of larger folds of paper first before spreading to the rest of the paper. This way you’ve got less real estate to worry about before folding the rest of the paper. This way you don’t have to use up valuable hints or purchase more because you’ve exhausted the larger folds.
  • Collect free hints as often as you can if you can’t figure out the shapes on your own. It’s important to do this once you’ve downloaded the game for the first time. There will be a pop-up advertisement that asks you to go ahead and rate the game to pick up three free hints. You’ll go to the App Store each time, but don’t rate the game. In exchange you’ll still get your free hints every time. Don’t abuse it if you want to make progress the honest way, however!


  • Complete the tutorial for some additional practice. There’s no shame in going back to basics and learning what’s expected of you, exactly. The first level, Tani, teaches you how to perfectly match up corners. It may be worth redoing this over and over until you’ve mastered it so you don’t make any mistakes when you play the actual levels.
  • Fill up the area in each level for a high score. If all you’re concerned with is collecting the highest star rating you can on each level, simply aim to fill up to 80 percent of the shape on-screen. You’ll still need to worry about accuracy, but you can always undo and refold if you miss the mark the first time. This way you’ve got plenty of opportunities to try again if necessary. If you can just manage to fill up some of the outline, you’ll still come out with enough real estate to earn a decent score.
  • Never be afraid to undo. The Undo function is more useful than simply exiting the app and starting over every time you make a mistake. You can simply erase a move you made previously by tapping the Undo button, and if you decide to close out the app without exiting completely you can always come back to the step that you’re on without fear of starting the process from the beginning again.


  • When in doubt, go online for help. Paperama has already inspired several other players to film and record their own solutions and ideas so that you can be the very best you can be. If you’re really and truly stuck, don’t be afraid to head to Google or YouTube to watch a full set of tutorials for each level you’re still having trouble with.

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