2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies 2 is the new polished PvP survival game by Voodoo. The aim of the game is simple, spread your zone to as much of the board as possible without getting killed. Sounds easy right? However, there are a few tips and tricks we can share with you to avoid having your go cut short.

  • Play your cards right. No, I don’t mean load up a CGG or dust off a deck of playing cards. What I mean is there are only a few moves you can do, so it’s all about when you use them. The aim of the game is to gain as much space as physically possible, but this doesn’t mean you need to expand immediately. Take your time building your small zone, you don’t need to risk massive expansion as soon as you drop in.
  • Know your enemy. Everyone in the game is your enemy, whether they are already in the game from when you join, or whether they join ages after you. All these individuals are going to try and either steal your zone or kill you. So expect danger from everyone on screen, no matter how small. 2

  • Know your environment. Every map is the same, a big white open canvas with rounded edges. So take note of where you spawn on this canvas. If you spawn in the middle you’ll have players coming at you from every angle, so spawning near the edges has a distinct advantage.
  • Patience is key. When you see someone expanding don’t mindlessly charge at them, stay in your zone and try and lure them out. It’s hard to kill someone when they are in their home, wait for them to expose their trail and strike. Remember, that attacking someone will expose your trail too, so don’t go for kills that are far away from your home. 2

  • Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge. This tip is simply referring to how you can manoeuvre to avoid death, you should do so at all costs. That last act of desperation could save your life. For example, you see someone is gunning for your trail, so you gun for them. Just before they make contact with your trail, you manage to hit them. As long as you are the one charging into him, that should be good enough for the kill. This hasn’t worked for me 100% of the time, but remember its kill or be killed.
  • Defence is your best offence. Creating a territory that is easy to defend is your best way of survival, plus it lures others into your territory that you can easily pick off. Don’t just expand in one single direction, this will make defending very difficult as you’re going to have to patrol your entire zone to ward off competition. Instead, try and expand equally in all directions, a little here and a little over there will keep you on top of invaders. Once again, being near the edge will help with this as its one less direction to worry about. 2

  • It takes time to master. This applies to the controls. If you aren’t used to them it won’t take much time before you get used to your limitations and can start being a bit more aggressive. This means playing the game passively at first, by killing individuals who branch out too far is a cheap kill that puts a smile on your face. Once you’ve got some confidence you can try to take on some big fishes by stealing parts of their territory, this will aggravate them into attacking you. After you steal some territory, they will try and take it back, which means you can attack while they try and take their stuff back. I wouldn’t expect to execute this plan perfectly every time, adapt to what they do. They might not try and take back their territory as they are trying to lure you in. So if one plan doesn’t work move onto the next one.

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