Oz: Broken Kingdom Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Oz: Broken Kingdom is a fun and compelling action RPG from Nexon. Set in the land of Oz, it has you taking a bunch of new and classic Oz heroes and using them to save the kingdom from the Great Darkness. It’s ideal for gamers with limited time on their hands.

Gamezebo’s Oz: Broken Kingdom Tips, Cheats and Strategies are ideal for those players, giving them some key insight into how best to get ahead as they get to grips with things.

Striking Back

Oz: Broken Kingdom Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • The key to everything in Oz: Broken Kingdom is knowing how to fight. Oz: Broken Kingdom is a turn-based combat game, meaning you don’t have to worry about fast reflexes. You do have to worry about using the right attacks at the right time, though.
  • Not sure what a particular move does? Hold your finger to the button and a short description pops up, telling you exactly what it does. Read through each of them at first, before you decide what move to commit. For instance, if you’re only up against one enemy, there’s no point in using an attack that damages three enemies in a row.
  • Check out the bottom left of the screen during combat. It reminds you of the order of elements, giving you a key advantage in battle. Icons on the far right show you what order everyone is going to attack in, again giving you insight into what to expect.
  • Is the battle going a little slowly for you? Hit the speed up button just above the elements description. It’s ideal for the impatient player (i.e. me).
  • It’s good to stock pile some extra attacks but don’t go mad. Once you hit the maximum number (10), you’re just wasting opportunities. Only use the 0 energy attack early on, then work on using up that energy.

General Advice

Oz: Broken Kingdom Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • You can gain up to three stars per level. The more stars, the more bonuses you earn. Sometimes it’s worth going back to replay earlier stages for such advantages.
  • Don’t forget to check your quest log. These are typically objectives that you can earn as you play. They can be things like using gem crafting a certain number of times, or simply leveling up.
  • Before each battle, take a look at what your recommended star number should be. Don’t worry if you’re a little lower than that. Often you can make up for it with performing great attacks at the right time. If it’s substantially lower, though, duck out and work on some upgrades.
  • Check out the Wonders section. At regular points in the game, you gain free stuff such as cards and blue essence. These add up fast. You can buy additional wonders with the premium currency, but you want to resist doing this too often. It’s not easy to come by such freebies!

Keep on Improving

Oz: Broken Kingdom Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • The abilities screen is where a lot of your strength stems from. Oz: Broken Kingdom highlights in green what can be currently upgraded. You need to use magic dust to do this, as well as collect corresponding cards, but the game’s reasonably generous on this front.
  • Upgrading abilities also provides experience for your team level. Upgrade your team level and you gain more energy, plus your whole team is substantially stronger. It’s a convenient way to level up a little faster than simply through battles.
  • Focus on favorite attacks. You’ll find certain abilities tie into your playing style better than others.
  • Gem crafting unlocks at level 6. It enables you to combine gems together to form great equipment upgrades. Simply equip them to your hero and watch as their skills improve. It can make all the difference in battle.

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