Overkill 3 Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Overkill 3 takes some steps in a different direction from the franchise’s previous entries. Evolving from a shooting-gallery experience, to a cover-based third-person shooter, Overkill 3 brings not only a new look to the franchise, but new challenges as well.

With a heavy focus on weapons and armor customization, and an endless amount of enemies who are armed and dangerous, players will need all the help they can get if they are to survive the onslaught that awaits. After playing the game for some time, we’ve put together Overkill 3 tips, cheats and strategies that are sure to get new player quickly acclimated to the slaughter that awaits them.

Be Sensitive

Overkill 3 Tips Cheats Strategies

Initially, Overkill 3 can be a bit of a challenge to control. I found myself having to clumsily slash my thumb across the controls in order to get my character to quickly aim to the other side of the area.

Luckily, there is a sensitivity option in the options menu (accessed by hitting the pause button in the upper-left corner) that can toggle how sensitive the controls respond to your gestures. When cranked up all the way to 10, it only took me a few swipes to get my soldier aiming from the left side of the level to the right. In a game where quick reflexes are needed to respond to enemies coming at you from a 180-degree window, you’ll definitely benefit from being able to quickly pan from left to right.

You can even dial the sensitivity all the way down for some super-smooth, albeit slow, panning, if that’s your preference.

Paint Nobody Got Time For That

Overkill 3 Tips Cheats Strategies

Overkill 3 gives the player tons of weapon accessories that they can upgrade using their hard-earned credits. Because the guns are pretty unoptimized from the start, I strongly suggest that players put their credits towards upgrading the accessories that will increase the important stats, primarily accuracy, rather then spend their credits on cosmetic upgrades like paint jobs and stickers.

Sure the arctic camo make look cool on your gun, but when you’re not landing three-quarters of your shots, you’ll regret not upgrading your scope.

Snipers, Wanted: Dead or Alive

Overkill 3 Tips Cheats Strategies

When the snipers come out to play, you’ll know it; their long, red, laser sights will slowly zone in on you. The Snipers can even hit you while you are ducked behind cover. After a short amount of time the sniper will shoot, and the bullet will hit you and take a chunk of your health on it’s way out of the back of your shoulder.

The only option to avoid being hit by a sniper is to take them down before they can fire. This makes snipers priority number one almost every single time they come out to play. Unless you have a giant machine stomping down the road towards you, take a second to trace that red beam back to its source and eliminate it.

Stop, Drop, And Reload

Overkill 3 Tips Cheats Strategies

Standing up for very long in Overkill 3 is not advised. Sure, your armor allows you to shrug off a few dozen pounds of hot-lead, but eventually it will run out and it’s game over.

What worked best for me was to simply hit the reload button after I’d kill an enemy (or two enemies if they were standing close). This immediately pulls your soldier back down into cover, while giving you the time you need to pan your aiming reticule around to a new target and prepare to take them down.

Leave The Grenades At Home

Overkill 3 Tips Cheats Strategies

Grenades cost the premium currency that can be better used to upgrade your guns. You’ll get a few at the start of the game to test them out, but after that I didn’t receive any more, nor did I feel the need to spend any currency on them.

Like any decent shooter, scattered throughout the levels are explosives that, when shot, go boom. Any enemies in close proximity to these explosive objects are wiped out. A smart player will save some ammo and use a gas canister to take out a pair of enemies.

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