Outfolded Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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Outfolded from 3 Sprockets is a minimalist puzzle game that uses the unfolding of a three-dimensional shape as a way to move through space. Players traverse a board filled with gaps and islands using provided shapes that have unique movement limitations. Each plane must maintain full contact with the board, or remaining sides will disappear which limits how far you can travel. Though the overall game is pretty relaxed due to unlimited undos, there are still a lot of opportunities for frustration. Here are Gamezebo’s Outfolded tips, cheats and strategies to help you move through the levels with even more ease.

Start Smart

Outfolded Tips, Cheats and Strategies

When unfolding a first or second block, keep in mind that ending on a long edge will offer more options to start your next block than ending with just one square. You want as many options as possible on where to place your next block so you can access as much real estate as you can.

When you place your subsequent block, be sure to try each available starting point because different points will allow for different patterns of unfolding based on surrounding obstacles. While it may be tempting to go out to the furthest available block, your moves might be limited by the space around you.

Pick Your Side

To flip a block on its side, the entire plane must be able to make contact with the board otherwise that side will disappear. This can both help and hinder your progress. It can help your progress by creating a more strategic location for the next block to start or by eliminating extraneous length, since you don’t have to utilize all sides of the block to reach the goal successfully. It can hinder your progress by shortening the distance you can cover; therefore, if you keep coming up short, consider reorienting your blocks so they can unfurl across more planes.

Don’t Mind The Gap

Outfolded Tips, Cheats and Strategies

If you need to hop over a gap or avoid an island, shapes like the T, L, cross or zigzag will help you maneuver. The path you leave as you go from start to finish does not have to be continuous and should likely include several gaps as the shapes get more complicated. To complete a level, any part of your block can touch the goal square so don’t worry about overshooting or trying to end with just one square; drop a fat block on that tiny square and you still win.

Grab Those Hints

If you are at a level with a hint, go out of your way to get it. You can collect a hint even without completing the level so you can undo any moves after you’ve received it. You can also get free hints by completing the daily puzzle and by watching video ads. When you do use a hint, you’ll only get the placement of the first shape so be ready to either keep working or burn through another hint.

Keep Trying

While I haven’t been able to personally confirm this by replaying a level myself, I saw screenshots of the same level from different players and they seem to show that there are multiple ways of completing each level. If nothing else, this should give you hope that experimenting in lots of different ways can yield success. Take advantage of your unlimited undos, use your hints and keep trying.

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