Osatopia 2 Tier List

Join us on this new adventure as we cover the ranks and rewards of the upcoming new release of Osatopia 2 with our tier list!

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Hunting for an Osatopia 2 Tier List? Well adventurer, settle in as we help you determine who you should team up with in this new upcoming second release of Osatopia! You can also get a head start for the game release and sign up for the pre-registration rewards here, but not so fast, we have a ranking to do!

Announced in the Ankama Live, Osatopia 2 is the currently unreleased second edition of the elite game Osatopia. Brought to you by Ankama, this turn-based game is packed with extraordinary whimsical creatures and lore. Become the best beastologist in all the lands and impress your friends as you hunt, learn, and discover all that this colourful game has to offer.

If you’re excited to jump into this adventure check out the Official Website for the game! If you’re a fan of tier lists why not try something new with our Seven Knights Idle Adventure Tier List, or our Eternal Tower Defense Tier List, we have even covered Starfield Traits Tier List. I bet you’re spoilt for choice!

Osatopia 2 Tier List

Let’s get to the ranking so you can get to claiming those pre-registration rewards!

What Each Tier Means

  • S-Tier: This Class is well, CLASS! You’re bound to be a great adventurer in this tier.
  • A-Tier: Excellent choice! Don’t sleep on these just because they didn’t place S-tier!
  • B-Tier: Our average, they’re not too shabby!
  • C-Tier: A little less than average, but still worth a shot.
  • D-Tier: We wouldn’t personally recommend this class.


  • Xelor
  • Rogue


  • Iop
  • Cra
  • Sacrier
  • Pandawa
  • Foggernaut


  • Eniripsa
  • Osamodas
  • Masqueraider


  • Ecaflip
  • Sadida
  • Enutrof
  • Huppermage


  • Feca
  • Sram
  • Eliotrope
  • Ouginak

Familiar Faces?

If you recognise the names in the tier that’s because they come from the original Osatopia! Our tier list will update as more information is released for this upcoming game. We are excited to see what new and returning faces make it into the new release! So please check back soon.

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