Orchard Tips Walkthrough

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Check out these tips and tricks for Orchard.

Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and play.
What’s the rush? Orchard isn’t about hurried time management. Doing well in the game requires careful attention to financial details, preparing your farming projects and long-term planning. Slow and steady wins the race.

Be a good manager.
Remember, you’re never working alone. With just one farmhand you can do twice as much. With four others, you achieve far more. Spread your workers out well across your orchard, and assign them to tasks they are good at. It gets more expensive as you employ more and more workers, so before you hire another one, ask yourself if there’s a way to better way to organize the ones you already have.

Climb the production tiers one at a time.
It’s important to start from the lower-level production buildings before moving up: it’s inefficient to maintain a Cannery before you’ve gotten your Juicepress. The higher-level buildings may produce more expensive items, but you still have to afford the construction and recipe costs: depending on your juice sales for your cannery investment is more realistic than depending on crop sales.

Purchase better tools.
Make sure to upgrade your workers’ tools and equipment as soon as you can. Not only do you make their jobs more comfortable, it also dramatically speeds up their work. For example, upgrading their bags increases their carrying capacity, your workers don’t need to make as many trips (which means less travelling time).

Upgrade your production buildings early on.
In case you haven’t noticed, your production buildings (juicepress, cannery, bakery and confectionary) research much faster when they are upgraded. Especially your bakery: if you can afford it, upgrading this can save you considerable time because there are many pie recipes to discover.

Getting the most out of your sprinklers.
Take careful note of the coverage each sprinkler provides, and plant your crops accordingly. There are no added benefits for overlaps, so spread your sprinklers out well. And, don’t forget to upgrade them.

Maintain a wide Variety of crops.
It may be tempting to invest your farming efforts in the more valuable crops later in the game. But the truth is, an orchard that offers only pecans and cherries would be a boring one to your customers — they’ll start to purchase less and less of these two crops. Not only does a wide variety of crops leave them spoiled for choice, you’ll also be able to create a wide variety of pies, jellies and fudge!

Train specialists instead of Jacks of all trades.
The more a worker does particular task, the better she gets at it. Task your workers such that they can specialize, before re-assigning them to something else. Think about it this way: A worker that has attained 2-stars in each of her skills still collects less wood than a 3-star lumberjack who has never done any carpentry or farming.

Be patient with Advertising.
Advertising is tricky but rewarding. The results of advertising, as in reality, aren’t immediate. It takes a while for the message to get out (usually by the next day), and for your customers to start coming. Every time you make a change, observe the effects it has on the crowds the next day, before making more adjustments.


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