One Piece Treasure Cruise Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Whether you’re a hardcore One Piece fan or a newcomer to the popular and long-running pirate manga, One Piece Treasure Cruise has something to offer you. Namely, it gives you a chance to help the most stretchable adventurer ever, Monkey D. Luffy, in his quest to become king of pirates. Along the way, he’ll meet a whole bunch of colorful characters straight from the manga, and you’ll be able to add both friends and foes to your crew.

While the basics are pretty simple, just like Luffy himself, it’s always possible you’ll find yourself needing a hand as you hit the high seas. Happily, we just happened to whip up these One Piece Treasure Cruise Tips, Cheats and Strategies to assist you in your search for the legendary One Piece itself.

  • Early on, the friends you choose to help round out your crew will be lifesavers. One Piece Treasure Cruise allows you to choose a captain from another player to round out your crew for battle. Picking the most powerful one available will help you breeze through early battles while your own characters are still leveling up.
  • Once you have a pretty full friend list, you’ll want to pick an in-game friend to fill that sixth spot whenever possible. Not only will you receive twice as many Friend Points, which allow you to recruit a new character once you save up 200, but using a friend’s captain allows you to call upon his or her captain ability, whereas using strangers does not.
  • You can set six different crews from the Edit Crew screen, which is useful if you have more rare characters than you can use at one time, as you can experiment without having to constantly swap people in and out. Just don’t forget to fill out a crew completely and forget to switch to a full team before heading out to battle, or you may find Luffy going it alone — as I’ve done by mistake a time or two!

one piece treasure cruise tips cheats strategies

  • Combat is mostly about timing, as you want the sound effects to get as close as possible to coming together in one spot before tapping on the next character. The lone exception is when you are using meat to heal your party, as getting a “Perfect” tap will simply knock away the meat, and you’ll recover no HP. Try for “Great” so you still do some damage while also getting healed, or simply tap the next character right away if you are worried about messing it up.
  • You’ve probably noticed that using certain combinations of characters together unlocks powerful Tandem attacks. You can see a list of the Tandems for each character by going into the details screen and tapping the Tandem box in the upper-right corner. In battle, the game will prompt you for the order in which your crew members need to be tapped to activate the Tandem. The important thing to remember is that this ends your team’s turn, so use it only when you are absolutely ready.

one piece treasure cruise tips cheats strategies

  • As you advance, you’ll unlock multiple ships and be able to switch between them from the Shipyard screen. Don’t assume you automatically want to equip your most recently unlocked ship, as they all grant different bonuses, and you may find that sticking with an earlier one suits your crew more than one you just discovered.
  • Special abilities only activate after a certain number of turns have passed. With this in mind, it might be advisable to intentionally end a chain against an enemy who will be easy to beat or won’t attack for several more turns, as your crew’s specials will be one turn closer to being ready for when you face tougher enemies or Boss battles.

one piece treasure cruise tips cheats strategies

  • The auto-targeting system is great, as the game will usually end up switching to the enemy who will attack the soonest after you’ve finished beating on the current target. Still, you’ll probably end up in situations where you want to plan ahead, knowing you want to go after someone else who packs more of a punch. In those cases, you can simply tap on anyone you want to attack before you begin your chain.
  • Leveling up characters is done by sacrificing unwanted other unwanted characters in the manner of many card games and other types of mobile games. When possible, the idea is to use the same type of character (Fighting, Quickness, etc., indicated by the circle and letter in the upper-left corner of each character portrait) for the most possible experience. The more powerful the character, the moreBeli it will take to power them up, so keep that in mind.
  • Characters who reach max level can often be evolved into rarer forms with higher stats. To do this, you’ll need to have certain other characters on hand and spend a significant amount of Beli. You can open the Evolve menu from the Crew button in the main navigation and simply tap on different characters to see what their requirements are, though the characters needed will show up as question marks until they are discovered for the first time.

one piece treasure cruise tips cheats strategies

  • Characters listed as Evolver types, including sea horses, crabs and dragons, are the ones needed to help other characters evolve. Do NOT use these to level up characters, as you’ll receive relatively small amounts of experience and waste valuable resources you might need later. Instead, look for characters like turtles who are listed as Booster types — these grant large XP boosts to level up quickly.

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