One Piece Thousand Storm Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Bandai Namco’s One Piece Thousand Storm is a particularly enthusiastic form of MMO. As vibrantly keen as the anime it’s based on, it’s sure to capture your interest thanks to its bite sized battles.

It’s fairly easy to understand after a time but if you’re looking for some early tips and tricks, Gamezebo’s One Piece Thousand Storm Tips, Cheats and Strategies will get you started. In no time, you’ll be a fighting master.

Learning the Basics


  • Combat is done mostly automatically, but there are some key things you could do to improve matters.
  • You can choose to switch between your characters at vital moments. Switching can knock enemies back, meaning it’s very useful when you’re surrounded. Also, the other character will have different HP meaning they’re often stronger or more ready for battle early on. Tag teaming is always a good plan.
  • Special attacks can also be activated but you want to time this carefully. You can move your character a little with your finger. Do so before lining up a special attack to get the most out of it.
  • Fever is built up gradually while you’re fighting. You might be tempted to activate it as soon as possible but try to resist. Once activated, it restores your health, boosts your attacks, and halves the requirements for special attacks. That means you don’t want to use it indiscriminately. Save it for when you’re fighting a boss.
  • Choose a group quest rather than a solo quest. If you’re the quest leader, you get extra rewards, while if you’re a follower, you expend no stamina which is almost just as useful.
  • By grouping up with other players, you also gain Friend Points. These points can be used in the Theater to get new Scene Cards.

Levelling Up


  • You earn medals by completing quests. Each medal correlates to a different hero. Use them to level up your guys.
  • Alongside that are scene cards which increase your stats, and also provide you with special abilities. Don’t forget to check in to the relevant sections of the games to use them. A fully levelled up character makes a huge difference during quests.

Daily Requirements


  • Log in every day. You get a bonus for doing so which slowly builds up to a quite substantial level.
  • As well as that, there are daily quests to complete. These quests are usually fairly simple to complete, but they’ll reward you with currency or Scene Cards. Whatever you gain, it’s worth doing. Sometimes, the quests have you do things you’d normally be doing anyhow.
  • Don’t be afraid to backtrack. Returning to old levels gives you a chance to unlock new Scene Cards. That’s where the fun lies, plus you’ll be invariably tougher than before making it much easier to succeed.

Using Scene Cards


  • Scene Cards give you new scenes to watch, but they’re also important to equip.
  • If you equip a character with Scene Cards of the same typing, you get a synergy bonus. That means your stats are boosted even more so. If a Scene Card has SK next to it, that means it has a skill for your current character, making it even better.
  • More skills mean more abilities to unleash on your enemies. Don’t forget to fuse two cards together if they have the same skill too. That upgrades them.

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