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On the hunt for Obey Me! Nightbringer answers? Look no further! Our guide contains all of the answers that you need to know in the game so far. Otome games are notorious for multiple-choice questions when interacting with characters. The aim of the game is to increase your bond with each character, so you want to make sure you’re choosing the best answer possible!

Obey Me! Nightbringer is the latest Otome mobile game in the Obey Me! Franchise. You reside in the Devildom, where your neighbours are demons. Go on trips to various places such as the Devil’s Coast and Hell’s Kitchen with your favourite ikemen demons. Now, Obey Me! Nightbringer focuses heavily on character interaction, so you need to make sure that you’re selecting the correct options when talking to the boys!

You can learn more about the game on its official Twitter page, or on the game’s official website. For more Obey Me! Nightbringer content, take a look at our Obey Me! Nightbringer Surprise Guest guide, Obey Me! Nightbringer codes, and our Obey Me! Nightbringer tier list.

Obey Me! Nightbringer Answers Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Answers List

When playing Obey Me! Nightbringer, you’ll find yourself in various predicaments when working out the correct answer for an interaction. Whether you’re talking to your favourite character, or you want to increase your bond levels with every demon in the game, our guide is here to help!

Barbatos Black Tea Etiquette Answer

When serving black tea, the cup must be placed with the handle facing to the right. From the perspective of the one seated at the table, of course. Placing the cup facing to the left is a breach of etiquette. True or false?

  • Question 1 Answer: False
  • Question 2 Answer: The sugar cubes adorned with flowers.
  • Question 3 Answers: It would be unthinkable to serve either one.

As the game has only just launched, we’re still gathering information about each answer in the game. As we get more hands-on experience with the game, we’ll update this guide! Please check back soon.

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