Nonstop Knight Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Nonstop Knight is an intriguing blend of a clicker and a dungeon crawler. It’s casual, for sure, but if you scrape the surface you’ll find a surprising amount of depth in this simple hack and slasher.

Gamezebo’s Nonstop Knight Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help to make sure you’re getting the most out of the game. Follow these and you’ll be climbing to the top of the leaderboards – and descending to the bottom of the dungeon – in no time flat.

The Basics

non-stop knight tips cheats strategies

  • Put it down – You’ll gain most of your coins while you’re not even playing the game, which means you can toughen up when you come back to it. Remember you won’t fight bosses when you’re not playing, so you won’t descend deeper than the next big scrap.
  • Go nonstop – Whenever you get a berserker potion, use it. This speeds up the game and lets you smash and slash things with impunity for a while. It’s a great way to boost your XP and cash at the start of a run, and saving them isn’t really worth it.
  • Upgrade your gear – When you get enough coins, spend them on toughening up your equipment. When you get better equipment, equip it straight away. And if you get less powerful equipment, hock it for gold and spend the sale price on making your arsenal more impressive.


non-stop knight tips cheats strategies

  • When you’ve earned enough of a specific currency you’ll be able to ascend. This takes you back to the start of the game and gives you a chunk of special tokens to spend on getting some permanent upgrades to your plucky little adventurer.
  • You’ll lose your equipment when you ascend, but you’ll keep any special skills that you’ve unlocked. If you’re not struggling with the levels you’re on, save your ascension until you are.
  • Spend the tokens you get in the shop. There are plenty of boosts and buffs to unlock that’ll prepare you for your next assault on the lower levels. You should buy boosts that give you extra coins when you’re away as well.


non-stop knight tips cheats strategies

  • Many of your skills work in tandem with each other. If you get a spin with a push back, then chain it with a leap to damage the enemies you’ve pushed away.
  • When you upgrade your skills you’ll often get two charges with a single cooldown. It’s best to use both of these charges at the same time, that way you’ll recharge and have two ready for the next fight rather than just the one.
  • Don’t worry about recharging your skills for a boss fight. As soon as you tap the button to start a big scrap everything will recharge, leaving you tooled up and ready to take the monster enemies down.

Hints and Tips

non-stop knight tips cheats strategies

  • Video, video, video – Sometimes when you grab a purple chest you’ll be asked to watch a video to get a reward. Do it and you’ll find that your coffers are swelling in no time.
  • Spend your cash evenly – Keep all of your equipment at a similar level rather than splurging on one thing. You need to be an all rounder if you want to take on some of the harder bosses and survive.
  • Check on your gems – You’ll get a few gems here and there. When you’ve got enough you should spend them on some extra tokens to boost your skills even more.

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