Nikke Twitch Drops – Free Wishes and More!


Curious about the Nikke Twitch drops? You’ve come to the right place! We’re just as excited as you to get our hands on some freebies. The latest Twitch drop event features free wishes and resources – but act quickly!

Goddess Of Victory: Nikke is a mobile gacha shooter. You collect a wide variety of characters and send them out into battle against a wide variety of opponents. Unlike the turn-based battles typical to this genre, in Goddess Of Victory: Nikke you fight in real-time, firing guns at your opponents to bring them down. You can take cover, return fire, and use each character’s unique survival skills.

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Nikke Twitch Drops

So, what are the Nikke Twitch drops?

  • 15 Minutes – Credit Case (2H)
  • 30 Minutes – 150 Gems
  • 45 Minutes – 150 Gems (You can now do 1 wish!)
  • 60 Minutes – 300 Gems (An extra wish!)

How Do I Claim My Nikke Twitch Drops?

  • Firstly, you need to find a Twitch channel that is currently streaming Nikke – you also need to make sure that they have Twitch drops enabled on their channel!
  • Once you enter a live stream, you will spot a drop-down menu in that chat box – click this!
  • Go to your account, and click “Drops and Rewards”
  • Search for Nikke drops and click “Connect”
  • You then need to connect your Twitch account to your Nikke account – you’ll be directed to the Nikke login page!
  • Select your Nikke server and you’re done!
  • You’ll be notified on Twitch when you receive each reward
  • Head back to the “Drops and Rewards” page – found by clicking your profile icon in the top right
  • You should see a purple “Claim” button underneath a reward now! Click that, and you’ll get your exclusive freebies.

Luckily, Twitch allows you to see how much progress you’ve made with each reward!

What are Twitch Drops?

Twitch drops are activated by developers to give back to the players! It’s also a brilliant way to support your favorite Twitch streamers too.

By watching a live stream, you can work towards unlocking exclusive freebies such as in-game currency, items, and more! Keep in mind that Twitch drops are extremely time-limited, so make sure to participate in this type of event as soon as you can.

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