Nightmare Elemental Map Guide – All Locations

Our Nightmare Elemental Map guide contains a list of every location in the game, including dojos, and how to teleport!

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Looking for a Nightmare Elemental Map guide? The game has a ton of areas to visit, but you’ll have to do a bit of strolling before you can get to them! However, you can teleport between dojos if you unlock multiple of them, which makes travelling that little bit easier.

Nightmare Elemental is an open-world Roblox game that focuses on magic! Take to the battlefield with a range of magical abilities that can be unlocked by progressing through each class. Unlocking multiple classes provides you with an arsenal of elemental powers to use against your foes. With a ton of quests to work through too, Nightmare Elemental is a great way to scratch that RPG itch!

For more information about Nightmare Elemental, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page! We’ve also got a Nightmare Elemental Codes guide! If you’d like to find more Roblox games to play, take a look at our Clover Retribution Magic guide and our Clover Retribution Trait tier list.

Nightmare Elemental Map

So, where can you go in Nightmare Elemental? The map’s pretty expansive overall, so there’s plenty of spots to check out in-game – just be careful of other players, with Nightmare Elemental being primarily a PvP game, there are always players hunting high and low for someone to defeat.


As well as the places below, each dojo is also classed as a location! There is a:

  • Frost Dojo
  • Galactic Dojo
  • Earth Dojo
  • Verdant Dojo
  • Tempest Dojo
  • Hydro Dojo
  • Blaze Dojo
  • Toxin Dojo
  • Storm Dojo
  • Fallen Dojo
  • Radiant Dojo
  • Celestial Dojo

In fact, you can actually warp between the different dojos if you manage to unlock additional classes via spins. If you end up obtaining a class that you don’t already have, you’ll unlock access to other dojos. The only way to do this is by rolling for classes! It’s even possible to wander into the other dojos just by exploring the map, but you won’t be able to do anything in them unless you’ve got a class within that dojo.

Location Names

  • Crystal Falls
  • Thief’s Hideout
  • Central Arena
  • Dark Below
  • Final Grotto
  • Forgotten Trails
  • Haven Beneath
  • Grassy Peak
  • Inferno Caves
  • Fractured Islands
  • Outlands
  • Rocky Abyss
  • The Corrupt
  • Soul Sanctuary
  • Tundra

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