Nibblers Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Nibblers from Rovio is a match-3 puzzler that will appeal to any fans of the genre. The game features charming aquatic characters feasting on bright tropical fruits while thwarting irksome reptiles. Matching the best combinations of fruits will spawn new Nibblers needed to clear certain baddies and make progress. If you’re looking to take your team of Nibblers as far as possible, check out our tips, tricks, and strategies.

To make the most of your matches, here’s rundown of how to summon and use each Nibbler.

  • Coral the lavender anglerfish will appear if you’ve matched four of the same fruit. You can launch her in any of four directions to clear one row or column.
  • Bitelings are spawned by matching five fruits in an “L” or “T” shape. When released, they’ll clear rows and columns in each of the four directions.
  • By matching five fruits in a line, a stout Nibbler named Octo will appear. He’ll break through three rows or columns when released.
  • Bouncer will clear almost an entire board in one drop. But to make Bouncer appear, you’ll need to cascade multiple combinations. The game will give you a head start on spawning him if you connect to Facebook and invite friends to play.

Know Your Enemy

As soon as you enter a reptile level, make sure you know which enemy you’re facing because that will determine how to make your first move most effective. Static reptiles can be taken out by any adjacent fruit match. Moving reptiles will need to be hit twice with matches on their heads. Both the snake-like reptiles (which spit sticky goo) and the turtle-like reptiles (which hide in their shells) will need to be taken out by a Nibbler you’ll have to spawn. The mud reptiles will move to a new place on the board if you match a fruit combo near them, so be strategic if you want them to stay where they are or move to a more convenient location

Stay Focused and Prioritize

nibblers tips cheats strategues

If your goal is to get berries but not to clear mud/goo then don’t be distracted by those obstacles. Focus on getting your food and let the mess get cleaned up as you go. Be mindful of the paths in front of your Nibblers and launch them if you’ve amassed a lot of fruit that will contribute to your goal.

If you get a puzzle where the goal includes both clearing a lot of mud/goo and removing a reptile, focus on clearing the obstacles first. Because you’ll need to do a lot of clearing, the odds are that a reptile will be in your path as you’re cleaning up anyway.

If you have a moving target such as the mud reptile, don’t seek him out unless you can easily spawn a Nibbler in his path. Because you won’t be able to plan where he will land if triggered by a nearby match, just keep clearing mud and let him go wherever he wants. Eventually he’ll land in a place you can get him easily in a straight shot and you will have been cleaning the whole time.

The only exception for waiting to target a reptile is if you have a spitter. Spitters should be taken out as quickly as possible because they will fill your board with sticky goo making it more difficult to get the matches you need.

Earn Bonus Nibblers

nibblers tips cheats strategies

If you lose a level and give up, you will be given an option to watch a video for an extra bonus Nibbler when you start the next round. If you “x” out of the level, the option will still be there if you return to the level during that gameplay session. However, be warned that if you close the game and attempt to return to the level, the option to watch a video and earn your bonus will not be available unless you fail the level again.

Extra Tips

nibblers tips cheats strategies

  • If two nibblers are in each other’s path, the rows and columns they can clear will change depending on which you use to trigger the move. Test them all and see which order will result in the best clearing pattern to match your goals.
  • Reptiles are only stunned temporarily. Take them out within three moves to make the most of your matches.
  • If a mud reptile isn’t in a good place to get him, make a match nearby to get him to move. He may end up right in the path of a Nibbler and you won’t have to waste an extra move.
  • You can change your mind about a move as long as you don’t let go and launch your Nibbler. Drag instead of flick if you aren’t totally sure where you want to go.

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