Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is a cat-collecting game from Hit-Point. In this game, you furnish your virtual yard with toys and food in order to attract the friendship of dozens of cats. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you become Cat Lord Supreme.


Better food means more (and rarer) cats


Neko Atsume offers a large selection of cat food from its in-game store at a varying array of prices. The more money you spend on food, the more often you can count on rare cats showing up. In fact, more cats will show up, period; if you put out some sashimi, your yard may wind up looking like a crazy cat person’s house.

If money’s tight, don’t fret. Cats will still show up in impressive quantities if you put out lots of toys and a plate of cheap Thrifty Bitz.

Keep in mind that rarer foods are consumed more quickly, and need to be refilled more often.

To get lots of fish, let Tubbs lounge until he’s ready to move on


When you put out food of moderate quality (anything better than Thrifty Bitz), you’ll probably get a visit from a big white cat named Tubbs. Tubbs will eat all your food, and then he’ll hang out for a while.

If you refill the bowl, Tubbs will immediately move on. However, if you wait and let him leave under his own power, he’ll gift you with a lot of fish.

Learn which items specific cats love best


Check your Cat Book to learn which toys and items each cat favors. If you want to collect gifts from the cats (which they dispense on you with repeated visits), it’s a good idea to learn what toys they like best.

Themed items attract rare cats


A small selection of Neko Atsume cats are “novelty cats” that follow a certain theme (and are highly adorable). However, they can be hard to coax into your yard if you don’t know which items attract them.

Give each item fair time in your yard to see if any novelty cats take the bait. Here are some hints for the less obvious kitties: Sassy Fran likes the Café item, Lady Meow Meow likes the Luxurious Hammock, and Bob the Cat likes the Cat Metropolis.

Some novelty cats are attracted by more than one item. Conductor Whiskers likes the Twisty Rail and the Cardboard Choo-Choo. Mr Meowgi likes the Scratching Log and the Sakura Pillow. Guy Furry likes the Glass Vase and the Heating Stove.

You can buy gold fish with silver fish


You don’t have to wait for cats to gift you with gold fish, nor do you have to necessarily buy them with cash money. You can go to the in-game store and select “Gold Fish Exchange” to purchase ten gold fish for 500 silver ones. It’s pricey, but most gold fish items have comparatively low price tags.

Miss Fortune dishes out a lot of fish


Desperate for a hefty supply of fish in a short amount of time? If you buy the Cardboard House you’ll attract Miss Fortune, a maneki neko who leaves behind a lot of fish when she departs.

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