Need for Speed: No Limits Tips, Cheats and Strategies

If you’ve got the need for speed, EA’s mobile racing game is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Being a racer isn’t easy though. It takes planning, patience, and skill. Fortunately for you, we at Gamezebo have taken the liberty of figuring out the hard parts of Need for Speed: No Limits so you don’t have to. Check out these Need for Speed: No Limits tips, cheats and strategies to pull ahead of the competition.

Starting Out

Need for Speed: No Limits Cars

  • Your starting car, the Subaru BRZ, is going to be your ride for a while. While you’ll start collecting new blueprints for cars soon after you begin your racing career, The first three (Toyota 86, Ford Fiesta, and Volkswagen Golf GTI) will be outclassed by your Subaru unless you dedicate serious resources to souping them up.
  • Save everything you get: gold, cash, and visual points. You’re going to be winning enough parts to upgrade your car without spending any of your currency (except install fees) for a good while in the beginning. Let your currencies stack up and save them for the more powerful parts later on.
  • Only use the parts you need to keep you ahead of the competition. Immediately upgrading cars you might not use often expends parts you could use on the more powerful ones you get down the road.

Making the Most of Your Whip

Need for Speed: No Limits Parts Screen

  • Each vehicle in Need for Speed: No Limits has six parts that can be upgraded to improve your car’s performance. Each part has 2-3 components that can be upgraded to increase that part’s performance. Once you’ve upgraded each component, you can expend them to upgrade the part by a star level.
  • Each part can be upgraded several times depending on the quality of the part. Common parts can be upgraded twice, uncommon parts three times, and so on.
  • You can transfer parts between compatible cars. Make sure that when you move to a new car to take the best parts from the ones you’re no longer using for a big boost in power.
  • Cars work similar to parts. Each car has a star rating. Once you’ve unlocked a vehicle by obtaining the prerequisite amount of blueprints, you can use any further blueprints you gain to upgrade your car’s star level.
  • Parts and blueprints can be won in races, you can get them through the crates at the Loading Docks, or you can buy them at the Black Market.
    • Classic Crates are given to you for free around every 10 minutes and contain low-yields of car blueprints or common and uncommon parts (with the odd rare thrown in). They can also be bought with cash you earn from races if you need the extra items.
    • Premium Crates hold uncommon and rare parts and frequently give multiple blueprints. These are given to you for free infrequently and can also be bought with premium currency.
    • The Black Market allows you to purchase an every changing array of parts for cash or gold. It’s a crapshoot what will be there at any given time. Sometimes there’s only common or uncommon parts, and sometimes you’ll find the best items the game has to offer. Check back often so you don’t miss anything.
  • While cosmetic customizations in Need for Speed: No Limits are cool, they don’t add any performance boosts. The upside to this is you can feel free to make your car look any way you want to with no penalty.

Money, Power, Respect

Need for Speed: No Limits Crates

  •  Although in Need for Speed: No Limits you have gas as a limitation, each time you level up your tank gets refilled. Each time you level up you need an increasing amount of experience to get to the next one, but it takes a few hours of playing before you run into any issues with running out of gas.
  • If you’ve been saving the premium currency you earn through racing, you’ll have enough to fill up your tank in a pinch.
  • Underground races make up the “story mode” of the game. There’s not much story to be seen, but the last race of each section you’ll race a named rival and the rewards usually make up for the smaller amount you get per race compared to Car Series races.
  • Once you unlock Car Series races, which make you use a specific vehicle, you’ll have a new avenue for parts, cash, and experience. Overall, the Car Series races tend to give you better bang for your buck, but it’s best to concentrate on one of them at a time.
  • Use the resources you get from each Car Series set to upgrade the car you had to use to run them. That way you’ll be ready for the next level of races that make you use that vehicle.


Need for Speed: No Limits racing

  • There are five different kinds of races in Need for Speed: No Limits, but the same strategies can be used for each one.
  •  Your nitrous meter fills up when you:
    • Draft off another racer (hold your car in a position directly behind them)
    • Drift around corners
    • Jump over ramps
    • Hit nitrous boost strips
    • Naturally over time
  • Make sure that you’re using every last drop of nitrous as there’s no reward or penalty for using it.
  • Drifting around corners should also be priority. Not only does it help you hold a higher max speed, but it quickly refills your nitrous.
  • As soon as you drift through a corner, hit your nitrous on the straight away. This gives you the maximum benefit of both actions.

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