Natalie Brooks – Mystery at Hillcrest High Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo's walkthrough for Natalie Brooks – Mystery at Hillcrest High. General Game Information This is the 3rd installment of the Natalie Brooks Adventures by Alawar Games. The game has 10 chapters with multiple mini games and hidden object scenes. Follow Natalie as she helps free her old High School friend that has been kidnapped by a lunatic woman who has ties to Natalie's past cases. The game is played from start to finish at a casual pace without timers. There …

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Natalie Brooks – Mystery at Hillcrest High.

General Game Information

  • This is the 3rd installment of the Natalie Brooks Adventures by Alawar Games.
  • The game has 10 chapters with multiple mini games and hidden object scenes.
  • Follow Natalie as she helps free her old High School friend that has been kidnapped by a lunatic woman who has ties to Natalie’s past cases.
  • The game is played from start to finish at a casual pace without timers.
  • There are no points awarded game is played for storyline completion.
  • There are several challenging puzzles with hints offered as well as the ability to skip a puzzle if you get stuck.
  • The game is played primarily by finding objects in the scene that act upon other objects in the scene. Look for clues and figure out how they work in a scene.
  • If you ever get stuck in the game click on the "?" at the center of the screen and you will be nudged in the right direction.
  • Hints recharge between uses and are unlimited.
  • There is no penalty for using hints.
  • If you have to leave the game it will save your progress at the exact point you leave the game.
  • Music and sound effect volume can be controlled in the "options" menu of the game.


  • You can control the level of volume for music and game sound effects by clicking on the "Options" button at the main menu.
  • Simply drag the bar to the desired level of volume.
  • You can also access the main menu from this screen if needed.

Sample Game Scene

  • A. Inventory – When you find objects in a scene that can be used in other areas of the scene they will be put in this area.
    Click on an item and drag it to the desired location.
  • B. Menu/Natalie – Click this area to access the main menu. Also Natalie will talk from this area and all dialogue can either be skipped or you can click through it sentence by sentence.
  • C. Goals – Here the goals and tasks of the games will be listed for you. Once you complete a task it will cross off the list.
  • D. Items to Search for -Sometimes you will see an item with a number at the bottom indicating you must find that many of an item.


  • If you need a hint click on the "?" at the center of the screen.
  • When you click on the hint button the very next action that should be performed will highlight with the symbol shown above.
  • Hints are unlimited in the game with no penalty for use.
  • Hints must recharge briefly between uses. You will see the "?" image roll from top to bottom while recharging. When you see the "?" symbol again the hint is ready for use.

Game Cursors

Magnifying Glass Cursor

  • Magnifying Glass – When you see this symbol you can click on an item for a closer look. You will then be taken to a closer view of the scene which may be interactive.

Gears Cursor

  • Gears – When you see this cursor it indicates that an action can be performed on the item. You can drag an item from inventory to act upon an item with this cursor.

Lips/Conversation Cursor

  • Lips – When you see this cursor it means that game dialogue is occurring from either Natalie or another character in the game. Click when you see this icon to scroll through the dialogue.

Arrow Cursor

  • Arrow – When you see this cursor it will tell you the name of an item that will be used in the game but may become active at a later time.

Grabbing Hand Cursor

  • Grabbing Hand – When you see this cursor you can take an item out of the scene and put it into your inventory for later use.

Game Tips

  • When you are at a new scene mouse over everything before you click on a location.
  • Look for the "Grabbing hand" cursors first in every new scene you come to. Once you have a few items in inventory it will help you decide which steps to take first.
  • Second look for the magnifying glass cursors and click on them to get a closer look. Be sure to mouse over those scenes right away as they frequently have items you can take for inventory in them as well.
  • If you drag an item from inventory to a spot in the game and you are incorrect, Natalie will tell you and the item will go back into inventory where you can try again.
  • Pay close attention to the game dialogue as Natalie frequently leads you in the correct direction.
  • There are several mini game puzzles and if you find they are too difficult wait a few moments and the "Skip" button will appear. You can click on it and it will act as if the puzzle were completed successfully.
  • Use the hint button whenever you get stuck. It won’t tell you exactly what to do every time you use it. It may just tell you what location to look at next. If you see the hint symbol appear on the game screen AND on an item in inventory it is telling you to use an item in a particular location. If it just shows one highlight symbol it is telling you where to go next and you need to figure it out.
  • There is a brief tutorial at the beginning of the game. Click through it if you do not wish to see it again.


  • This walkthrough will take you from beginning to end of the game.
  • The solutions will be shown whenever possible.
  • The items in the hidden object screens may differ from the ones you are asked for. The items will be listed for your convenience and all answers circled.
  • All screens where you must find the differences will be color coded.

Chapter 1 – "A Strange Letter"

The Mail Arrives

  • The game begins with Natalie receiving a strange letter.
  • Click on the letter in the fence to the right and follow the tutorial.
  • The letter will move to the table.
  • Click on the mail and you will get a closer look.

A Letter from Chad Robertson

  • Click on the mail once you are in the closer look screen.
  • You will see that Natalie has received a letter from her old High School Pal "Chad Robertson." He asks Natalie if she remembers playing a game called "Cache under the board on the porch" which triggers her to think maybe he is in some kind of trouble so she decides to look under her porch.
  • Click on the small crowbar and it will go into your inventory.

Cache on the Porch

  • Click on the board on the porch. (Look for the magnifying glass)
  • Click on the small crowbar to the far left of the scene and it will go into inventory.
  • Use the small crowbar to open the cache.

Inside the Cache

  • Take the pruning shears into inventory.
  • Click on old letter to read.
  • The letter reminds Natalie that the letter must be hot in order to be read and she wonders if Chad is implying there is something hidden in the cache she must find.

  • Click on wardrobe and see that it is locked. You will need to find a key.
  • Click on the cache in the wall at the far side of the yard by the door.
  • Use the pruning shears on the rose bushes.

Cache in the Wall

  • Use crowbar on the brick in the wall.
  • Click on the key and it will go into inventory.

  • Use the key on the wardrobe.

Hidden Object Scene – Wardrobe

  • Locate the 10 hidden objects in the scene.
  • Inventory Item – Iron
  • Brush
  • Butterfly
  • Horse
  • Lollipop
  • Pears
  • Service Cap
  • Skull
  • Watering Can
  • Squirrel
  • Now you have an old iron in your inventory.

  • Natalie needs to figure out how to warm up the old iron.
  • Take the paper from the tree
  • Take the matches from the top of the wardrobe.
  • Take Coal from the Wheelbarrow.
  • All items will go into inventory.

Warming up the Iron

  • Here you must figure out how to warm up the iron.
  • Note that the arrows on each side rotate the iron for you.
  • Click on the right arrow 2 or 3 times to turn iron around.
  • Click on the lid of the iron and it will open.
  • Drag coal to the inside and it will close.
  • Turn the iron around until you see the back.
  • Click on the little door in the back of iron.
  • Place paper inside then drag the matches inside and fire will start.

Reading the Letter

  • Click on the table with computer and on the mail to get a closer look.
  • Then place the iron on the letter.
  • Now you can read the letter. It says, " Natalie! Help me! Come to 302 Sutton St. at Once! Hurry! Chad"

Look up the Address

  • Click on Natalie’s Laptop to look up address.
  • She will look it up on
  • You will see several map screens.
  • Natalie learns it is the local art gallery and heads out to find him.
  • End of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 – " The Art Gallery"

Arriving at the Art Gallery

  • Storyline – Natalie arrives at the art museum and runs into her old friend Chad. But something is wrong. He doesn’t seem to recognize her at all and brushes her off rather quickly.
  • Natalie is sure something isn’t right.
  • While in this scene take the screwdriver and drill without bit for inventory.
  • Mouse around the scene to see what you can examine.

Locate the lock pieces

  • Click on the "Guardian" Sculpture on the right door. Note that it is locked. All of a sudden Natalie hears Chad yelling for help.
  • Note the lock has several missing pieces.
  • Look for the missing pieces around the gallery.

  • Locate the 5 wooden cutout pieces that go in the lock.
  • All items shown circled above.

Modern Art/Heart

  • Click on the heart (Modern Art) located at the right side of scene next to ceiling.
  • This will trigger a search for the pieces that are missing from the heart.
  • The 9 missing pieces are shown circled above.

  • Click on the heart again for a closer look.
  • Place the missing piece back in its correct location.

Key Exhibition

  • Next click on the key exhibition located under the heart.
  • Use the screwdriver in inventory to remove all of the screws.
  • Take the key and it will go into inventory.


  • Place the key inside.
  • The heart will open and reveal it is a camera.
  • Click on the eject button and a CD will come out.
  • The CD will play and shows someone forcing Chad to take all of his artwork off of the walls.


  • Go back into the gallery and click on the curtain to the far left.
  • It will reveal a stepladder. Click on the stepladder to enter it into inventory.
  • Next click on the wall behind the stepladder for a closer view.

Four Seasons Art Collection

  • Locate the 4 missing portraits shown circled above.
  • Then click on the wall for a closer view.
  • Place the pictures back on the wall.

Find Hidden Key

  • Hanging the pictures has caused the abstract art at the far wall to fall.
  • A key is revealed click on it and enter it into inventory.
  • Next click on the safe.
  • Click on the Cabinet door to reveal safe.
  • You will see that the safe needs holes drilled in it but the drill has no drill bit so we will come back to this later.
  • Click on the guardian again.

Open Guardian Lock

  • Place the wooden pieces you found earlier back into the lock.
  • It will open the Guardian and reveal it was covering up the keyhole to the door.
  • Use the key you found earlier on the door. Now you can enter the basement.
  • Storyline – Natalie opens the door and hears them driving away with Chad. Just as she makes it to the window she sees that there are two Chads. She realizes she is locked inside the art gallery.


  • Take the box cutter and newspaper into inventory.
  • Place the Stepladder under the tool box to reach it.
  • NOTE – You must touch the stepladder to the toolbox to trigger it to move into place. It could lead you to believe you are incorrect when you are not.

Inside Toolbox

  • Once you open the toolbox click on the drill bit and the knitting needle to place them in your inventory.
  • Head back to art gallery and click on the safe.

Open the Safe

  • Now the drill bit is in the drill. Take it from inventory and drill 3 holes in the safe.
  • Once the safe is open click on Kitty’s Portrait and the phone receiver and place them in your inventory.

Kitty’s Painting

  • Click on the large painting on the wall near center of scene.
  • Note that the light is missing and will have to be replaced later.
  • Use the box cutter from Inventory on the painting to remove it.

  • Drag Kitty’s portrait to empty canvas.
  • She realizes there is not enough light and heads back down to basement to search for a light.

Get the Key

  • Click on the Basement door for a closer view.
  • Note that they key is stuck in the lock on the other side of the door.

Clever Trick

  • Take the newspaper in inventory and place it under the door.
  • Take the knitting needle and place it to door lock to push out key.

  • Once the key is out pull the newspaper back in with key on it.
  • Click on the door to go outside and trigger mini game.

Hidden object Scene/Outside the Gallery

  • Locate the 10 hidden items in the scene. (Items in your list may vary.)
  • Inventory Items – UV light and Fire Extinguisher
  • Domino
  • Fan
  • Ice cream Bar
  • Locomotive
  • Pumpkin
  • Sack
  • Scale
  • Spade

Put out the Fire

  • Go back inside and drag fire extinguisher to fire.
  • Click on the switch handle and it will move into inventory.
  • Click on page to Chad’s diary. It states that he contacted Natalie and painted Kitty’s phone number on her portrait in UV light so no one else could see it. Now she has the UV light in inventory so go back to art gallery and click on portrait.

Turn off the Lights

  • Place the UV bulb in the lamp.
  • The phone number is still not showing so you must turn off all the lights in the room.
  • Go back to basement.

Repair the Light switch

  • Place the switch handle in your inventory at the broken switch plate at the upper left side of room.
  • Click on the switch to turn off all the lights.

Phone Number

  • Now you can see Kitty’s phone number on the painting.
  • Take note of it and go back to the basement.

Call Kitty

  • Place the receiver from inventory in place on the telephone.
  • Next, dial Kitty’s number by clicking on the appropriate keys as shown and Natalie will talk to her.
  • They discuss that Chad has been kidnapped and that Kitty may be in danger. She is heading to Kitty’s boat right away.
  • End of Chapter 2.

Chapter 3 – "The Adventure Begins"

Kitty’s Boat

  • Storyline – Natalie arrives at Kitty’s boat and finds a stranger there. She tries to catch him but he swims away and she realizes that Kitty has been locked up in the hold area of the boat. There is a huge package on top of the door and Natalie must find a way to move it and free Kitty.
  • Take the sledgehammer on the lower left of the scene it will move into your inventory.
  • Click on the boat on the right side of the screen.
  • Inside the boat you will find a wet cell phone and a handle. Take both and they will go into your inventory.

Looking over the edge

  • Click on the water to take a closer look on the right hand side of scene.
  • Take the starter cord and it will move into your inventory.
  • Note the fish in the scene as you will need to come back here later.

Lower the Stairs/Upper Deck Access

  • Click on the stairs on the right side of the boat.
  • Place the handle in the crank and the stairs will lower giving you access to the upper deck.
  • Go to the upper deck.

Upper Deck

  • Now that you are at the upper deck look around a bit.
  • First click on the Winch at the left side of deck. Natalie notes that it needs to be repaired before she can use it and you will now be asked to find the missing parts which are circled above.

Start the Engine

  • Click on the engine to the right of the scene.
  • Drag the starter cord from your inventory to the engine and it will begin working immediately.

Repairing Winch

  • Place the parts of the Winch in place.
  • It’s getting better but there is still a bent gear.
  • Go back to lower deck.

Repairing the Bent Gear

  • Place the bent gear on the Anvil at the lower right side of scene.
  • Once in place take the sledgehammer from inventory and strike the gear to straighten it out.
  • The repaired gear will move into your inventory.
  • Go back to Winch on Upper deck.

Repairing Winch – Final Steps

  • Place the repaired gear in place.
  • Click on the "Start" button to activate Winch.
  • Go back to lower deck.

Free Kitty

  • The package is now out of the way. Click on the hold door to release Kitty.
  • Kitty and Natalie talk briefly and Natalie shows her the wet cell phone that the kidnappers dropped.
    Kitty shows her the hot steam down in the hold.

Repair Wet Cell Phone

  • Drag cell phone from inventory to stream of hot air at the right side of screen as shown above.
  • The phone is now repaired and you can read the kidnapper’s messages.

Cell Phone messages

  • Click on "Read" to accept message.
  • The message states that the kidnapper could not find the portrait on the boat and will have to search Chad’s studio. Because the girl started screaming he had to resort to "Plan B" and blow up the boat.
  • The second screen shows a picture of the bomb and that it is mounted to the outside of the boat.
  • Take the scissors at the lower left of scene for inventory and exit at upper right of scene and move from lower deck and then to the upper deck.

Upper Deck

  • Note there is something in the hammock.
  • Take the scissors and cut the hammock and you will free up an electrical cord that will move into your inventory.
  • Go back to the lower deck.


  • Take the electrical cord and plug it into the robot in front of the boat’s cabin.
  • The robot will move out of the way to the left side of screen.
  • Note the Robot’s stomach has items in it but the panel is locked so you will come back later.
  • Take the sledgehammer and hit the cabin’s window on the left side as shown above.
  • Now you have an entrance to the ship’s cabin.
  • Go inside the ship’s cabin.

Inside the Ship’s Cabin


  • Click on the aquarium on the left side of scene for a closer look.
  • Take the fish hook on the left side of the aquarium and it will move into your inventory.


  • Click on the cabinet at the lower left of scene.
  • Inside you will see a diving suit. Click on it and add it to your inventory.
  • This will trigger a hidden object scene where you are to find the remaining scuba gear which is circled above.
  • Once you are finished here go outside to lower deck and click on the side of the boat to look overboard.

Diving Underwater

  • Drag the scuba gear to the water.
  • This will initiate a hidden object scene which has the answers circled above.
  • Locate the 10 hidden objects in the scene. (Note your list may have different items.)
  • The items listed are:
  • Inventory Items – Bomb(Teddy Bear) and Valve
  • Glasses
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Mask
  • Rosary
  • Service Cap
  • Spade
  • Steering Wheel
  • Whistle

Deactivate the Bomb

  • This is the teddy bear bomb.
  • Note that you can rotate him by clicking on the arrows at each side.
  • Look for the tiny loops of colored thread sticking out in various seams.
  • You must click on each colored loop twice. The first time to pull the loops out and the second time to cut them.
  • It does NOT matter which order you cut. It is critical that you cut them all.
  • Pull out as many as you can see and rotate the bear cutting them as you go.

Examine the Bear

  • Click on the panel on the back of the bears head.
  • You will now see a keyhole. Take the key from inventory and place it there.
  • IMPORTANT – Watch carefully here as you will be told if you have missed any wires.
  • The panel shows green, red and blue and if there are any number you must go back and find those wires.
  • When the numbers are all at zero you have deactivated the bomb.
  • Be sure that when the key is turned and the dynamite is lifted up that you click on the last thread underneath it.
  • When finished Kitty tells Natalie that she saw the handle to the robot’s lever in the hold area. Go down to the hold area to find it.

The Hold Area

  • Place the valve in the location marked in the lower right of scene.
  • The steam will disappear so you can see.
  • Take the handle as shown above.
  • Exit back out to the lower deck.

Robot’s Stomach

  • Click on the Robot for a closer look.
  • Place the lever from you inventory into the slot at the left of scene.
  • Now you can access the items inside. Take the fishing pole, half of a map and the documents inside.

Chad’s Letter to Kitty

  • The letter is from Chad to Kitty and states he is fearful of the people that are following him and that he has left information about them for her at his studio which is at the lighthouse.
  • Be sure to take the documents and put them into your inventory.
  • Natalie and Kitty discuss the letter and agree the next stop will be Chad’s studio. Unfortunately, a Seagull has taken Kitty’s keys and Natalie has to help her get them back.
  • Go inside the cabin next.

Inside Cabin/Map

  • Once inside the cabin click on the half piece of map at the upper left side of doorway.
  • You now have the other half of the map in your inventory. Drag it to the frame to see the entire map.
  • You will need this map to get to the lighthouse studio.
  • Once finished here you will need to go fishing. Go to lower deck and click on the left side of boat to fish.

Fishing Mini Game

  • Drag the fishing Rod to the water to activate the mini game.
  • Now you have to catch 3 fish to win the game.
  • After a few moments you will have the option to skip this game without penalty if you wish. Just click on "Skip"
    at the lower right side of screen.
  • Click on the rod to cast the line and click again to reel it in.
  • It can sometimes take a while to catch a fish.
  • Try to cast your line in a group of fish when you see them.
  • There is a progress meter at the lower left of the screen and a counter to show how many fish you have caught.
  • Once you catch 3 fish they will move into your inventory and you have won the game.
  • After you finish this game go to the upper deck and find the Seagull.

Feed the Seagull/Retrieve Boat Keys

  • Give the fish to the Seagull in the upper right side of scene.
  • He will drop the key and it will go into your inventory.
  • Go back to the Cabin.

Starting the Boat

  • You are back in the boat’s cabin.
  • Place the key from inventory into the ignition at the right side of scene.
  • There is an instant explosion in the hold area.
  • Exit to the hold area.

Fire/Explosion Hold area.

  • Click on the flames in the hold area to activate search for fire fighting items.
  • Go to lower deck.

Find the items to put out fire.

  • Locate the six items needed to fight the fire.
  • They have been color coded and circled above.
  • When finished go back down to the hold area.

Put out Fire/Pump out Water

  • Once in hold area drag the fire fighting items from inventory to the flames.
  • Once the flames are out you will need to pump out the water.
  • Click on the pump’s start button shown circled in red above.
  • Exit and go back to the boat’s cabin.

Starting the Boat

  • Press the start button to begin trip to lighthouse.
  • This will activate mini game.

Mini-Game-Travel to Lighthouse

  • In this mini game you will be steering the boat to Chad’s lighthouse studio.
  • Play around with the controls until you get used to them.
  • First click on the engine controller on the right and then you can control the steering wheel with your mouse.
  • There are many barriers you must deal with during your journey.
  • The first major obstacle is the large barge that is moving back and forth. You will need to time out your boats movement around the barge.
  • Once you make it around the barge head east until you go under the bridge. You will immediately hit a severe storm. There is a lot of lightning and thunder which makes it harder to see and maneuver. Try to stay to the left side of the path as much as you can and do not go toward the red buoys.
  • Once you hit the storm you will need to turn northwest and maneuver your boat until you get to the yellow target shown in image above.
  • If you find this puzzle too difficult you can skip it without penalty. Click on the "skip" button at the lower right side of the screen.
  • End of Chapter 3.

Chapter 4 – "Mystery of the Lighthouse"

Finding the light

  • Natalie and Kitty arrive at the Lighthouse but Kitty has a broken leg.
  • When they get inside they realize there is no lighting and Natalie will have to find a way to turn the lights on.
  • You have a small area of light with your cursor. Move around the room and explore.
  • Take the Basin, Towel, and electrical tape as shown above.

Turn the Power off

  • At the upper left of the scene is the power switch.
  • Be sure to turn the power off before you repair the electrical cords.
  • Using your towel clean the puddles. There are two puddles one in the center and one in front of the electrical wire.
  • Note the dripping water. Place the basin there to keep anything else from getting wet.
  • Drag the electrical tape to the exposed wire and repair it.
  • After you repair it go back to the upper left and turn on the lights.

Find the First Aid Supplies

  • Locate the first aid supplies in the list.
  • The bandages are on the bust’s head at the lower left of scene.
  • Click on scissors at the right side of scene near cork board.
  • Click on the cabinet and the upper drawer will open. Click on the Iodine and sponge.

  • Click on the case in the center of room. Inside you will find boards. Click on the boards.

Mend Kitty’s Leg

  • Drag the first aid kit to Kitty’s hurt leg.

Examine the Blueprints

  • Drag blueprints to the cork board at the right side of room.
  • Click on the cork board to get a closer look and read blueprints.
  • There is a letter to Kitty and it tells her there are many riddles and Caches in the lighthouse. He asks her to find the one in the letter.
  • There are 3 symbols at the upper left of the letter. Make a note of these as you will need to find them in the room.

Find the Cache

  • The items in Chad’s letter are shown circled above.
  • The Floodlight is upper left, the Tripod is lower left near Kitty’s chair, and Chad’s safe is upper left of scene.
  • Chad’s safe will trigger a mini game when you take a closer look.

Mini Game/Match the Symbols

  • In this puzzle you must place the symbol tokens in the empty slots in such a way that all of the symbols match end to end and that the three red slots in the center also meet with adjacent symbols.
  • The solution is listed above. Note there could be more than one solution to this puzzle.
  • If you can’t make a move it will give you a buzzer tone.
  • The game gives you a couple of tokens already placed. You are to start working off of these and go from there.
  • When you finish the puzzle a cache will open up with items inside you need for inventory.
  • You can skip this puzzle if you find it too difficult. Click on the "Skip" button in the lower right side of screen.

Inside the Cache

  • Take the glass and it will move into your inventory.
  • Take the Floodlight and it will move into your inventory.

Repairing and Placing the Floodlight

  • Note there is a strange symbol on the floor. You will place the tripod here.
  • Next place the floodlight on top and click on it to get a closer view.
  • Replace the bulb to floodlight and glass and it will turn on.
  • Now you can see all the way to the top of the lighthouse
  • NOTE – There is now an arrow at the top and bottom of screen that allows you to toggle up and down.
  • Toggle up to see ceiling view.

Ceiling View

  • Look up and you can see Bats at the top of the lighthouse.
  • There is a sledgehammer to the right of scene click on it and it will move into your inventory for later use.

Old Window

  • Note the old window at the bottom of the scene.
  • Take the sledgehammer from inventory to open window.
  • Now the bats have a place to fly out but you will need to help them.
  • This action triggers a mini game.

Mini Game – Get the Bats out!

  • In this game you are to guide the bats out of the window by moving the lantern around the scene.
  • The bats do not like the light so you can guide them out if you work carefully.
  • There are twelve bats to remove.
  • I found that working from the top of the window worked best. Get the bat to the top of the window and then bring the light above them.
  • If you do not wish to complete this puzzle you may skip it without penalty.
  • Click on the "skip" button at the lower right of scene once it activates.
  • Once you complete this puzzle you will have access to the hatch at the very top of lighthouse.


  • This is the way outside to the top of the lighthouse.
  • You will need a key to open the hatch.
  • There is also a spot for a mirror which you will find later.
  • Click the down arrow and go back to main room to search for keys.

Find the Keys

  • Locate the 10 hidden keys in the scene.
  • Note that 8 are in the lower section and 2 are in the upper section of scene.
  • Keys are circled in green above.
  • Once you find all of the keys go back to the hatch at the top of the lighthouse.

Open the Hatch

  • Use the silver key to open the hatch.
  • You now have access to the top of the lighthouse at any time.

Top of the Lighthouse

  • Take wrench and rope then click on Telescope.
  • Note when you look through telescope that the ship has no flag.
  • Will return here later.

Lighthouse Door

  • Click on door for closer view.
  • Note that it is locked and there is a handle on the other side. How do you get to it?


  • Notice there is a vent over the door.
  • Throw the rope through the vent.
  • Next you will have to hook the rope around the handle.
  • Once you hook it then click on it and the door will open.

Go inside

  • Click on lighthouse lens for closer view.
  • Take Chad’s jacket – There is a key in the pocket which will move to inventory.
  • Notice the broken mirror, broken bulbs, and a place for Morse code to be entered.
  • Go back outside to deck area.

Locate Mirror Pieces

  • Locate the 12 pieces of broken mirror.
  • They are shown circled in yellow above.
  • When finished go back into lighthouse lens area.

Repair the Mirror

  • Place the mirror pieces to repair mirror.
  • Next, go back downstairs and click on cabinet in center of room.

Unlock Cabinet

  • Use key found in Chad’s coat on cabinet
  • When it opens click on bulbs and they will move into inventory.
  • Next go back through hatch and to the lighthouse lens area.

Replace the Bulbs

  • Replace light bulbs.
  • The lights are now on.
  • Click on the crate at the far right of scene.
  • Unable to open it at this time.
  • Go back outside to deck.

Outside Deck

  • Take the matches and the small mirror and they will move into your inventory.
  • Note that there is a small cache under the floor boards. You need a tool to open it so you will have to come back later.
  • Go to the hatch.

Mirror next to the Hatch

  • Place the small mirror in the area next to the hatch.

Follow the light/Cache 1

  • Note the light patterns. Click on the light to open the cache.

Cache 1

  • Use sledgehammer on rocks.
  • Go to Cache 2.

Cache 2

  • Use the wrench to remove all of the bolts around the light fixture.
  • Notice there is a hidden cache in the light.
  • Click on the switch.
  • Proceed to next cache.

Cache 3

  • Click on the light to activate.
  • Remove the empty fuel bottle and take it to the upper deck outside of lighthouse.

Add Fuel

  • Place the empty fuel bottle under the fuel barrel on the deck of lighthouse.
  • Once it is full of fuel it will go back into your inventory.

Replace Bottle

  • Replace the bottle of oil
  • Use the matches to light it.
  • Visit Cache 4.

Cache 4

  • Click on the light to activate the Cache’s mini game.

Mini Game – Shadow Puppets

  • Click on the dog button as shown above.


  • Click on Deer button as shown above.


  • Click on Bunny button as shown above.


  • Click on Swan button as shown above.


  • Click on Elephant button as shown above.


  • Click on Goat button as shown above.
  • Note Cache 5.

Cache 5

  • Click on Cache to take closer look.

  • Take the crowbar.
  • Go back through hatch up to Lighthouse lens area.

Open Crate

  • Use crowbar to open crate. It will stay in your inventory after use.
  • Take the weights and they will go into your inventory.
  • Go back downstairs to Cache 5 in chair.

Mini Game – Place the Weights

  • Place the weights in the correct locations to open cache.
  • The weights are numbered 1 through 7 from left to right and the platforms for the weights are listed A through G from left to right.
  • The solution is posted above and here.
  • 1. Place on platform D.
  • 2. Place on platform C.
  • 3. Place on platform A.
  • 4. Place on platform F.
  • 5. Place on platform E.
  • 6. Place on platform B.
  • 7. Place on platform G.
  • If a weight is placed correctly the platform will glow green.
  • If you correctly place all the weights the cache will open up.
  • You may skip this puzzle if you wish. Click on "Skip" in the lower right hand corner once it becomes available.

Open Cache

  • Take the Morse code display card in cache.
  • Go back upstairs to lighthouse lens area.

Using the Morse Code Card

  • Place the Morse code card.
  • You will need more information so come back to this location later.

Cache in the floorboards.

  • Use the crowbar to open the cache in the floor.
  • There is a device with symbols on it and an old letter inside.
  • The letter states if you enter Morse code correctly you can signal a ship to hoist its flag.


  • The letter shows you clues to figuring out the Morse code.
  • Note that the drawing on the letter represents dots and dashes.
  • If you put them in order and reverse them with the mirror you will get the solution – "_._ _ ." or "dash,dot,dash,dash,dot"
  • See solution entered above.
  • Enter the solution in the Morse Code machine. Round button is "dot" and long button is "dash"
  • You cannot skip this puzzle.

Flag Solution

  • Go out to the deck and click on the telescope. You will see the flag has symbols that match the device under the floorboard cache.
  • Note the Solution is from left to right – "Shield, Dove Row 1, and Anchor, Fleur de lis, Row 2.
  • Go to the device and using the up and down arrows scroll through symbols until they match the flag symbols above.

Inside the Cache

  • There are several important documents inside the cache.
  • There is a letter from Chad to Kitty there telling her that the woman that has been after him is named "Madlen" and she is a "known swindler"
  • Natalie decides to use the cell phone to see if there are messages from Madlen.

Cellphone Messages from Madlen

  • Natalie is correct and the phone tells where Chad is. He is locked in an underground shelter at Hillcrest High where he and Natalie attended high school together.
  • There is also a map included that tells where the underground shelter is located.
  • Natalie and Kitty decide she should stay behind and rest her leg.
  • Natalie takes off for Hillcrest High.
  • End of Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 – "Back to School"

Hillcrest High/Main Hall

  • Natalie arrives at the High School and her first goal is to find the schools Map and locate Chad.
  • Look around the scene and be sure to collect the fretsaw, sneaker, and solvent for inventory.
  • Click on the school map at the right side of scene.

School Map

  • There is a school map on the wall but a broken school menu is over it and is too awkward to move without a tool.
  • Come back to this later.

School Mascot

  • This is the school’s mascot "Griffindor" Note that he has the keys in his mouth and that something should go in his hand and the school seal needs to be completed.
  • Come back to this later.

Display case with Bat

  • Take the handle on the floor and place it in inventory.
  • Click on the curtain. Note there is a keypad behind it. Can’t access this now so we will come back later.

Find the School Seal Items

  • Click on the mosaic on the floor to activate search for hidden objects.
  • Locate the 8 hidden items in the scene that are circled and color coded above.
  • Go to the lockers on the lower right side of scene.


  • There is an upper and lower locker.
  • The lower locker is locked with dried up paint.
  • Take the solvent from your inventory and use it on the dried up paint.
  • The lower door will open.
  • Take the lighter, and the powder and they will be in your inventory.
  • Go to the School mascot.

School Mascot Seal

  • Place the seal items on the seal from inventory.
  • You still need the "H" for his chest so come back to this later.

Fire Cabinet

  • Click on the fire cabinet.
  • Note the broken latch.
  • Place the handle on the broken latch to repair it.
  • Open the cabinet and remove the hook. It will go into your inventory.

Remove the "H"

  • Note the "H" is located on the banner at the upper left side of screen.
  • To remove it you will need to use the hook.
  • Drag hook to "H" and it will go into your inventory.
  • Go back to mascot.

Mascot/Place the "H"

  • Place the "H" on the Griffindor’s chest.
  • He still is not giving up the keys.
  • He needs something in his hands so we will come back later.
  • Go to Kitchen door.

Kitchen Door

  • Click on the kitchen door.
  • Note there is wax all over the keyhole.
  • Use the lighter to melt the wax.
  • You will need the key before you can enter the kitchen.
  • Come back to this location later.
  • Go find the box of sneakers in the center of main hall.

Box of Sneakers

Mini Game – Match pairs of Shoes

  • Click on the box of sneakers.
  • Drag the sneaker in inventory to the box.
  • This will trigger the pair matching mini game.
  • You will match all of the pairs (14) until there is one shoe left over which is the mate to your sneaker.
  • Matches are shown circled above and color coded.

Place Sneakers on Griffindor

  • Once you have a pair of sneakers drag them to the feet of Griffendor as shown above.
  • Still need one last item to get the keys.
  • Go to the display case with bat.

Display Case with Bat

  • Click on display case and go to lock keypad.
  • Drag powder to the keys of the keypad.
  • Note the amount of powder on each key.
  • The more powder on a key the earlier it was pressed.
  • This will result in a code of "51739"
  • Enter the code to unlock case.

Remove Bat from Display Case

  • Use the fretsaw on the underside of case.
  • Remove the bat.
  • Go to the Griffindor Mascot.

Get Keys from Mascot

  • Place the bat in Griffindor’s hand.
  • His mouth will open and you now have the keys in inventory.
  • Go back to kitchen door.

Open Kitchen Door

  • Use Key on Kitchen Door.
  • Go inside.


  • Take the hook and it will move into you inventory.
  • Click on the sink.

Sink Filter

  • Take the filter in the sink.
  • The water is too dirty to grab the hammer.
  • Exit close up view of sink and click on the curtain outside of sink.
  • Place the filter underneath to drain water.
  • Go back to close up view and take hammer into inventory.

Remove School Menu

  • Go into the kitchen and take the hammer from inventory and knock down menu as shown above.
  • Go back out to main hall and click on school map.

School Map

  • Click on the school map for a closer view.
  • Mini game – Here you match up the picture on the cell phone to the are in the map that matches it.
  • Solution is shown in image above. (Place the cell phone in that exact location.)
  • You can skip this puzzle if you wish without penalty by clicking on the "skip" button at the lower right side of screen.j

School Yard

  • You are now in the school yard.
  • Take the rope and it will move into your inventory for later use.
  • Click on the stepladder.
  • After you click on stepladder you will see stage lights. All of a sudden Natalie has broken the wheel on the stepladder.
  • Exit scene and head back to the kitchen.

Kitchen/Trash Can

  • Click on the trash can.
  • Note that you don’t have a screwdriver to take the wheel off with.
  • You will have to find one and come back to this location later.
  • Click on oven at right of scene.


  • Click on Stove’s Manual and read.
  • It states that all you have to do is "set the timer and the stove does the rest."
  • Go out to main hall find school menu.

School Menu

  • Click on school menu.
  • Look at Turkey recipe.
  • It states it must cook for "1:35"
  • Go back into Kitchen to oven.

Cook the Turkey

  • Set timer to "1:35"
  • Take the screwdriver and it will enter into inventory.
  • Go back to trashcan.

Wheel from Trashcan

  • Use screwdriver to remove wheel from can.
  • It will place into inventory.
  • Go back to School yard to repair Stepladder.

Repair Stepladder

  • Replace wheel on stepladder.
  • Climb stepladder and drag rope to broken floodlights.
  • Next drag hook to ripped wires.
  • Hit the buttons to turn on lights.
  • Go out to area in front of stage.

School Stage

  • Take guitar body and it will enter you inventory.
  • Click on speaker. Note there are keys inside. You will have to play something to get them out.
  • Go out by bus.


  • Click on warning sign to read.
  • The warning sign gives a hint that the lock could be opened with a simple ruler.
  • Click on the flashlight on bus to trigger a hidden object scene.

Find Batteries

  • Locate the 4 missing batteries shown circled above.

Under the Stage

  • Click on area under stage to far right.
  • Drag flashlight to area to trigger hidden object scene.
  • Locate the 10 hidden objects in scene. (Items may differ from your list.)
  • Inventory Items – Guitar Body
  • Bulb
  • Fan
  • Hedgehog
  • Money
  • Pencil
  • Ring
  • Shell
  • Spring
  • Watch

Assemble Guitar/Play

  • Place guitar neck and body on guitar stand.
  • Click on it to play a chord.
  • Go back to speaker to retrieve keys.


  • Take the keys from speaker.
  • Go back to main hall of school.
  • Click on Locker.

Open Locker/Hidden Object Scene

  • Use the keys on upper locker.
  • This will trigger a hidden object scene.
  • Locate the 10 hidden objects in the scene. (Items may vary from your list.)
  • Inventory Items – Stove Dial and Ruler
  • Beaver
  • Feather
  • Glasses
  • Gum
  • Lighter
  • Pin
  • Snowflake
  • Umbrella
  • Go back into Kitchen.

Kitchen/Replace Stove Dial

  • Take dial from inventory and place on stove.
  • Immediately you will have a pot of boiling water.
  • Click on it and it will enter into your inventory.

Thaw out Refrigerator

  • Take the pot of boiling water and place it on the ice to thaw it.
  • This will trigger a hidden object scene.
  • Locate the 10 hidden objects in the scene. (Items may vary from your list.)
  • Inventory Items – Cooking Oil
  • Coconut
  • Broccoli
  • Mushrooms x 3
  • Fish x 2
  • Pineapple
  • Limes
  • Hot dogs
  • Cherries
  • Champagne
  • When finished go back out to bus in school yard.

Bus/Pick Lock

  • Use the ruler from inventory on lock as shown above.
  • Go inside bus.

Inside Bus

  • Take the tire jack and place it in inventory.
  • Note the rusted level behind driver’s seat.
  • Place cooking oil on level to free it.
  • Seat will move then click on tire and enter into inventory.
  • Next, click on exposed wires near glove box which will trigger a mini game.

Fix Exposed Wires
Mini Game

  • Trace the wires and connect them from end to end.
  • Drag the symbol that will match them from end to end.
  • Solution is shown above and color coded.
  • Once finished here go outside the bus to repair tire.
  • You may skip this puzzle if you wish.
  • Click on the "skip" button at the lower right side of screen.

Fix Flat Tire

  • Drag Tire to Flat tire to repair it.
  • Go back inside bus.

Move the Bus

  • Click on the steering wheel to move bus.
  • Go back outside.

Open the Underground Shelter

  • Click on the green overlay twice to reach the underground shelter door.
  • Someone is coming get on the bus to hide.

Look outside Bus

  • Click on the right side of door to look outside bus.
  • Click on the hairpin and stone and they will go into inventory.

Pick the lock on Book Bag

  • Use the hairpin to pick the lock on book bag
  • When it is open take the slingshot and the wire cutters and they will move into inventory.

Shoot the Hot air balloon

  • Use the slingshot to hit the hot air balloon.
  • It falls and hits the gun holder on the head.
  • You need Madlen’s ring to open the lock on the underground hatch.
  • Go to the kitchen to find Madlen.


  • Click on the cabinet. It is locked.
  • Use wire cutters to open the cabinet.
  • Take the knife and enter it into inventory.

Find Basement Door

  • You notice a puddle with a strange shape in the kitchen.
  • Use the knife to cut floor away.
  • There is a door to the basement inside.
  • Go down to basement.

Mini Game – Maneuver through the Basement

  • Guide Natalie to the end of the basement
  • Use the mouse to control Natalie.
  • Guide her from one end to the other.

Get Madlen’s Ring

  • Madlen is standing over grate in the floor.
  • Cut wire with wire Cutters.
  • Pull the switch to release grate.
  • Madlen falls and is unconscious.
  • Take her ring and go to underground shelter to release Chad.

Release Chad

  • Use Madlen’s ring to open the lock.
  • Open the door and release Chad.
  • All of a sudden the police arrive.
  • Madlen has called the police and told them that Natalie and Chad are members of the Black Cat Gang and they get arrested.
  • They are put in the Principal’s office temporarily.
  • End of Chapter 5.

Chapter 6 -"Sudden Discovery"

Free the Handcuffs

  • Natalie is on the floor of the Principal’s office in handcuffs.
  • Take the golf ball on the floor.
  • Throw it at the file at the top of the desk.
  • Take the clip
  • Use the clip to pick the handcuff lock and take them off.
  • Natalie sees Chad with his hands bound with rope.

Coat Rack

  • Click on the coat rack.
  • Take glove and it will enter into inventory.
  • Click on wallet for a closer look.
  • Take the access card out of the wallet and enter into inventory.

Remove the Cactus

  • Use the gloves to remove the Cactus from the window.
  • Click on the window.

Mini Game – Find the Police Officers

  • Locate the 14 police officers in the scene.
  • The solution is shown above circled in yellow.

Window Sill

  • Take the sponge off of the window sill and it will go into inventory.


  • Click on the portraits to the right of Chad.
  • Take Knife and it will enter into inventory.
  • Use the knife to free Chad from the Ropes.
  • Take the rope and enter it in your inventory.

Solar System

  • Click on the Solar System at the lower left of scene under window.
  • Take the bulb and place it in inventory.


  • Click on the Desk and explore the area.
  • Place the bulb in lamp.
  • Click on closed file book.
  • The book contains information about Madlen and her Father the Principal of the high school.
  • There is also a black cat mold left behind in the file.

Open Electronic Lock

  • Use Access card on Electronic lock.
  • Once drawer is open, take the flute into inventory and click on the leaflet.
  • Look at leaflet and come back to this later.

Wall Map

  • Chad notices the wall board is loose.
  • Click on the board for closer look.
  • Take sponge from inventory and clean covered area of board.
  • Note the Goblets in the upper right corner.

Locate the Hidden Goblets

  • Locate the hidden Goblets shown circled in red above.

Goblet Display

  • Click on the Goblet Display for closer look.
  • Drag the Goblets to the display stand to arrange them.
  • Notice there is a place for a stamp located at the bottom.


  • Click on the Suitcase.
  • Note that it has a lock with a six digit code.
  • Recall the six locations in the wallet.

Solution to Suitcase Puzzle

  • Open the leaflet in the desk which are numbered.
  • Use the leaflet and the wallet to determine which numbers go with the wallet locations.
  • The solution is "871 – 542"
  • Enter these digits into the suitcase lock to open it.
  • When it opens a hidden object scene will trigger.

Suitcase Hidden Object Scene

  • Locate the 10 hidden objects in the scene. (Items may vary from your list.)
  • Inventory Item – Dart
  • Clown
  • Donut
  • Feather
  • Pin
  • Rat
  • Scissors
  • Star
  • Tape
  • Trumpet
  • When finished click on window to look outside.

Outside Window View

  • Use Dart on Balloon
  • Lollipop falls onto window sill.
  • Take the lollipop into inventory then click on desk.

Lollipop Mold

  • Take the lollipop and place it on the warm lamp shade.
  • Once it is melted, place the soft candy on the mold.
  • When it hardens remove it and you have a black cat stamp.
  • when finished go to the Goblet display stand.

Use the Stamp

  • Use the stamp in the Goblet display stand.
  • Now there is a secret Room door showing.

Secret Door

  • Take the acid and place in inventory.
  • Take the wrench and place into inventory.
  • The secret door is locked.
  • Go to Coat rack.

Remove Bolts on Coat Rack

  • Remove the bolts with the wrench in inventory.
  • Hook combines with rope in inventory.
  • Click on window to look outside.

Outside Window

  • Throw hook and rope up to window on top level.
  • Now you have access to the top level.

Top Level

  • Click on the lifting mechanism which is very rusty.
  • Drag Acid to remove rust from lifting mechanism.
  • Items drop from above.
  • Take the small crowbar and read the note.

Horoscope Guide

  • Note the days and years.
  • Will come back to this later.
  • Take the rope into inventory.

Look for hidden items/Rope Ladder

  • Locate the 5 ladder rungs hidden in the scene.
  • They are circled in red above.


  • Click on the Crate.
  • Use the flute on the snake.
  • He will relax.
  • Click on the skull to open.
  • Click on the Earth and add to inventory.
  • Take the lighter and key into inventory.

Place Stepladder

  • Drag the stepladder to the Zodiac Clock.
  • It must touch the zodiac clock to position itself.
  • Go back into office.

Solar System

  • Click on the Solar system under the window.
  • Use the key as shown above.
  • Place Earth in the location shown.
  • This will trigger a hidden objects scene.

Find the Planets

  • Locate the six planets shown circled above.

Place the Planets

  • Place the Planets by dragging them to the scene.
  • The center opens up.
  • Take the note and read it.
  • There is a key in the center of the note take it into inventory.
  • The note states that Madlen’s Birthday is June, 12th, 1984.
  • Go up to the Zodiac Clock.

Set the Zodiac Clock

  • Note that Madlen’s Birthday is June 12th, 1984. This is the sign of "Virgo" in the Chinese year of the "Rat"
  • Set the clock as seen in the image above to reflect Madlen’s Birthday.
  • When set correctly a panel will open with a keyhole.
  • Use the key found in the Solar System Note.
  • Once the panel is open you will see a silver key in the door. Take this key into inventory.
  • Exit back to the office.

Open the Secret Room

  • Use the key on the Secret room door.
  • This will trigger a hidden object scene.
  • Locate the 10 items hidden in the scene. (Items may vary from those in your list)
  • Inventory Item – Dynamite
  • Airplane
  • Binoculars
  • Feather
  • Gloves
  • Pine Tree
  • Saw Blade
  • Shoes
  • Spider
  • Spade
  • After you find these items go back up to Zodiac Clock.

Place Dynamite in Zodiac Clock

  • Place the dynamite in the Zodiac Clock doorway.
  • After the explosion Chad and Natalie plan to go to the Criminal’s Lair since they have the address and a picture
  • End of Chapter 6.

Chapter 7 -"The Black Cat Gang"

Outside the Lair
Wanted Sign

  • Click on the wanted sign for a closer look.
  • Take the hook and it will move into inventory.

Phone Booth

  • Click on lock on phone booth.
  • Take the small crowbar into inventory.
  • Will have to return here later.


  • Click on the picture at center of scene.
  • The letter is from Madlen’s Father. It states that the key to the Lair is in the Lantern.
  • Click on the door.


  • Door is boarded up.
  • Use the small crowbar to remove all boards.
  • The door is still locked.
  • Look for a key and come back.


  • Click on the manhole
  • Use the hook to open the manhole.

Open Manhole

  • Inside the manhole there is a place for a valve.
  • Take the tin can and place into inventory.


  • Use the tin can to cut away the tarp.
  • This will trigger a hidden object scene.
  • Locate the 10 hidden items in the scene. (The items may vary from those on your list.)
  • Inventory Item – Brick and Valve
  • Flower
  • Crow
  • Hook
  • Nest
  • Present
  • Safe
  • Snake
  • Watermelon

Place Valve

  • Place valve in correct location. (See image above)
  • The water will turn on and shoot up through the hydrant which is right underneath lantern.
  • The lantern will be knocked to the ground.


  • Remove Key from the Lantern.

Open Door to Lair

  • Use the key on door to lair.
  • Go inside.

Inside lair

  • Note the broken mirror.
  • Take a brick and throw it at mirror.
  • Take cat statue
  • Click on lever to activate lair.

Main Room

  • Take cat statue.
  • Click on picture to the right of Chad.
  • Take Cat statue and click on Gold Easter Egg Key.

Easter Egg Bunny

  • Drag Key to Easter Bunny
  • Take statue from Easter Bunny.
  • Click on Mirror for closer look.
  • Take screw lock key
  • Take lock piece.
  • Take piece of broken mirror.

Flower Lock

  • Place the Screw lock key in flower lock.
  • Take cat statue.
  • Take Ball.

Ceramic Bunny

  • Throw ball at ceramic bunny.
  • When it breaks take cat statue.
  • Take Zipper part.
  • Place lock piece on bag.

Plush Bunny/Bag

  • Place Zipper Part on Plush bunny.
  • Take cat statue from bag.
  • Take cat statue from plush bunny.
  • Use broken mirror on sofa lining.

Sofa Lining/Roulette Table

  • Take cat statue from sofa lining.
  • Click on Roulette wheel.

Roulette Table

  • Place cat statues on roulette wheel.
  • Take key from center of wheel and place in inventory.

Unlock Wardrobe

  • Use Key to unlock wardrobe.
  • Pool table falls out of wardrobe.
  • Take knife from door on right and add to inventory.

Strange Wallpaper

  • Click on wallpaper to right of wardrobe to reveal safe.
  • Click on safe for closer look.
  • Note the page with half of codes on it.
  • Note symbols circled in red on torn page.

Locked Drawer

  • Click on locked drawer to left of scene.
  • Place the money symbols in order from smallest to largest.
  • Solution is listed in image above.
  • You can move the symbols with the arrows at the top and bottom.
  • when the drawer opens take the red billiard ball and other half to cube puzzle.

Place Red Billiard Ball

  • Place red billiard ball in side pool table slot.
  • Exit to outside phone booth.

Phone Booth Puzzle

  • Place the other half of cube puzzle.
  • It will activate -Connect like colors without crossing the path of any other color.
  • Solution is shown above.

Inside Phone Booth

  • Take jar
  • Click on Phonebook and take torn page into inventory.
  • Go back into lair.

Dresser/Broken Mirror

  • Take spider into inventory.
  • Go outside to Television set.

Broken Television Set

  • Place spider on TV set.
  • Mini Game activated.

Spider Mini Game

  • Here the spider is to capture the maggots.
  • You can move the spider side to side and when you are ready for the spider to go down click on it.
  • You must time your moves so the spider will bring the maggot back to the top of the screen without hitting the electrical currents that fire at different times.
  • If you watch the pattern it helps you make a successful move.
  • There are 12 maggots to remove.
  • If you do get hit with current you will not die you will just have to start over.
  • You may skip this puzzle if you wish.
  • Click on the skip button at the lower right of the scene once it becomes available.
  • Once the game is complete you can click on the green billiard ball and place it in your inventory.

Take the Green Billiard Ball

  • Take the green billiard ball.
  • Cut the electric cord with knife and place in inventory.
  • Go back into lair and locate the lamp inside wardrobe.

Turn on Lamp inside Wardrobe

  • Take the electrical cord and place it on the lamp inside wardrobe to turn it on.

Inside Wardrobe Door

  • Take the pliers and add to inventory.

Place Green billiard ball.

  • Place the green billiard ball into the side of the pool table.
  • Exit to the broken television set outside.

Gather Antenna

  • Use the Pliers to cut the antenna away from television.
  • Go back to wardrobe.

Open Wardrobe Lock

  • Use the broken antenna piece to pick the wardrobe lock.
  • Once open take the yellow billiard ball and place it into the side slot of pool table.
  • Click on safe next.


  • Click on the safe and place the torn page from phone book with the torn page in safe.
  • Now you have all of the symbols together and can figure out the safes code.
  • Take the paper and write down all of the symbols as they are shown in order.
  • The solution is " No. – & – ? – #"
  • Place the dial one at a time to the symbols in the solution.
  • The safe will open.
  • Click on the blue billiard ball and then place it into the side slot of the pool table.
  • The pool table will open to reveal a hidden cache.

Pool Table Cache

  • Click on Madlen’s diary inside the pool table cache.
  • Read Madlen’s diary for detailed information.

Find Change for Phone Booth

  • Natalie needs change for the phone booth.
  • Search for six coins hidden in the scene.
  • Coins are shown circled above in yellow.
  • Go inside phone booth when finished.

Dial Phone number

  • Dial 555-3402 and Phone booth cache will open.
  • Click on the documents inside and read.
  • There is a picture of Madlen’s Husband in the cache.
  • It is the banker "Max Miller" from Natalie’s previous adventure.
  • They must get to him as he will be assassinated later that day.
  • End of Chapter 7.

Chapter 8 – "The Bank Assault"

On the Rooftop

  • Natalie and Chad are on the Rooftop of the bank and looking for a way into Max Miller’s office and the security Guards office.
  • Look around the scene.
  • First click on the place for a lever.
  • Break the seal and we will come back here later.
  • Click on the lift and it will activate a hidden object scene.
  • Locate the 10 hidden objects in the scene. (Items may vary from your list)
  • Inventory Item – Screwdriver
  • Brush
  • CD
  • Dragonfly
  • Glasses
  • Brush
  • Glove
  • Light Bulb
  • Nuts
  • Wrench
  • Back to rooftop.


  • Click on the distributor
  • Use the screwdriver to remove all of the screws.
  • Click on ends of wires to repair.

Numbers on the Building

  • Once the distributor is repaired note the numbers that appear on the building across the street.
  • Take the numbers and reverse them and you get " 4142" which is the password to the laptop computer.

Laptop password

  • Enter the password "4142" in the laptop and when the key is visible click on it to go into inventory.


  • Click on the suitcase at the front center of scene.
  • Take the lever and add it to inventory.
  • Click on the lift next.

The Lift

  • Click on the lift for a closer view then place the lever where it belongs.
  • Now you have access to Max Miller’s Office via the lift.
  • Go to Max Miller’s Office.

Max Miller’s Office

  • That is not the real Max Miller it is an inflatable decoy.
  • Take the wrench, and fretsaw and place in inventory.
  • Click on portrait to reveal safe.
  • Click on desk.

Free the Inflatable Banker

  • Use the fretsaw to free inflatable banker from shackles.
  • Place inflatable banker in inventory.

Inside Desk Drawer

  • Take helicopter fuel and lenses from desk drawer and move them into inventory.

Push Inflatable Banker out the Window.

  • Take the flyswatter off of the wall on right and place in inventory.
  • Natalie tries to push inflatable banker out the window but he is too large.
  • Click on desk again.

Banker’s Desk

  • Hit fly with flyswatter and he will go into inventory.
  • Click on picture on desk.
  • Note that it is a picture of the banker and his wife. Note the date – June 2 at 6pm.

Pig Clock

  • Click on the pig clock at lower right of scene.
  • This will trigger a hidden object scene with parts of the pig clock.
  • Locate the 6 hidden clock pieces shown above circled and color coded.
  • Once clock face is back together place it on pig.

Set the Pig Clock

  • Solution – Seen above – Set the clock to 6:02
  • Once coins appear click on them to enter into inventory.
  • Click on Safe.

Coin Puzzle – Safe

  • Drag coins to the safe area to activate puzzle
  • Place the coins in order from smallest to largest according to type.
  • Solution is seen above.
  • Next find the Venus fly trap over fireplace.

Venus Fly Trap

  • Feed the fly to the plant and it will drop electronic key.
  • Click on key to place it into inventory.

Gun Rack

  • Click on Gun Rack.
  • Place the electronic key in the spot as shown.
  • Take the Poker and the Stillet and place them in inventory for future use.

Deflate the Banker

  • Use the Stillet on inflatable banker and push him out the window onto lift.
  • Click on Fireplace.


  • Place poker on smoldering log.
  • Need to find firewood to start fire.
  • Will come back to that.

Trash Can

  • Click on the trash can in the center of room.
  • There is a recipe there for a "Happy Madlen"
  • The drink consists of : Vodka, Vanilla, Grapes, Limes, and served Hot.
  • Click on desk to enter information.

Enter Drink Recipe

  • Enter the recipe for "Happy Madlen" into machine.
  • Solution seen above.
  • When correct the bar will come out the side of desk.
  • When bar shows up click for a closer look then take access card and matches for inventory.
  • Back to Roof.

Missing Fire logs

  • Locate the 8 hidden fire logs on the roof.
  • Solution seen above circled in red.

Repair Telescope

  • Drag lens to telescope to repair it.
  • Go back to Office.

Build a Fire

  • Place the wood in fireplace.
  • Then drag matches to light fire.
  • Click on the hose underneath fireplace.
  • Go to Safe.

Safe/Access Card

  • Use the Access card at the bottom of safe.
  • Come back here later to finish opening.
  • Go back to rooftop.

Re-inflating the Banker

  • Place banker’s hose on pipe.
  • Click on the Ventilator in front of Chad.
  • Use wrench to remove the bolts.
  • Remove the propeller.
  • Take to Office.

Repair the Helicopter

  • Place propeller on Helicopter.
  • Take it to the rooftop.

Grab Electrical Tape

  • Click on the telescope for a closer look.
  • Drag Helicopter into scene and it will fly across and gather the electrical tape and place in inventory.

Fix Inflatable Banker

  • Place tape on banker and then re-inflate him.
  • Click on security doors then go inside.
  • Click on security monitors.

Locate Keys/Find the Differences

  • Locate the 14 differences between the scenes shown above color coded.
  • As you find differences and things move out of the way click on hidden keys.
  • There are six hidden keys to find shown above circled in red.
  • When all keys found go back inside to the safe.


  • Place the keys from inventory to the key slots shown.
  • The safe will open.
  • Read the documents and Note from Madlen.
  • They only have half an hour until Max Miller is murdered.
  • Natalie calls Kitty and asks her to meet her and Chad at Hillcrest High School.
  • End of Chapter 8.

Chapter 9 – "The Final Confrontation"

Meeting at Hillcrest High

  • Chad and Natalie run up to the Banker and his wife and try to warn him his life is in danger. He doesn’t believe them and Madlen is telling them to go away.
  • Natalie reminds the banker of who she is and begs for a few minutes to prove what she is saying is true.
  • He agrees.
  • Take String of lights and move to inventory.
  • Triggers hidden object scene.
  • Find the missing light bulbs.
  • Solution shown circled above.

Uncover the Shelter

  • Click on the green mat then open the door to the underground shelter.
  • Place string of lights inside shelter then take the piece of denim off the side of shelter which is marked in red above.
  • Take the cheese and place into inventory.

Mouse Hole

  • Click on mouse hole
  • Place Cheese next to mouse hole to draw him out.
  • Take the razor into inventory.
  • When mouse comes out take him into your inventory.

Mouse Attack!

  • Take mouse and place it on Madlen.
  • She will become frightened and spill her purse.

Purse search

  • Click on the purse.
  • Use the razor blade to cut open the lining of Madlen’s purse.
  • This will trigger a Hidden object scene.
  • Locate the 10 hidden items. (Items may vary from your list.)
  • Inventory Items – Fake Passport
  • Bug
  • Butterfly
  • Cucumber
  • Flashlight
  • Goblet
  • Pear
  • Rabbit
  • Ring
  • Spoon
  • Click on the fake passport
  • We learn that Madlen’s real name is "Ann Rose-Hills" and has been widowed twice before.
  • The banker walks away and the sniper is now trying to shoot Natalie and Chad.

  • Use razor on kite string and add to inventory.
  • Click on the basket then inside click on the lighter and the lasso to add to inventory.

Find a Needle -Hidden Object Scene

  • Use lasso on lever at the top right of scene.
  • This will trigger a hidden object scene.
  • Locate the 10 hidden objects in the scene. (Items my vary from the items on your list.)
  • Inventory Item – Needle
  • Wings
  • Shell
  • Snail
  • Ring
  • Notes
  • Maple Leaf
  • Crescent Moon
  • Berries
  • Candy

Sewing Kit

  • Use the sewing kit on the balloon.
  • Use the lighter to turn on burners.
  • Balloon will inflate blocking the snipers view.
  • Now Chad and Natalie will try to catch the sniper.
  • They follow him and now Natalie is having a hard time telling them apart.

Find the Differences

  • Find the differences between the two men.
  • You can click on the arrows to change the positions.
  • You must change positions several times to find all of the differences.

Stop the Impostor

  • Take the Valve and place it in inventory.
  • The take it and place it at the lower left side of screen as shown in image above.
  • Use the hose on the impostor who is located on the left side of the screen.
  • Once he is down he will not bother you again.

Putting Together the Gun

  • Take Spool, hook and rifle and place in your inventory.
  • Place the Spool, hook and rifle on the gun stand as shown in image.
  • This triggers a hidden object scene.
  • Locate the 8 cartridges hidden in the scene.
  • Solution is shown above circled in red.

Catch the Balloon

  • Shoot the hook at the balloon and hold it there while Natalie gets the second balloon.
  • Kitty arrives to help and Madlen takes her by gun point onto the balloon.
  • After she gets off the ground she pushes Kitty off the balloon but Kitty is able to hold on.
  • Natalie and Chad must save Kitty and Stop Madlen while in hot air balloons.
  • End of Chapter 9.

Chapter 10 – "The Big Chase"

Inside the Balloon

  • Take the hook and it will place in your inventory.
  • Click on the side of balloon to look over the edge.
  • Take the pump and the harpoon and it will move to inventory.
  • You want to cut the ballasts but you don’t have anything to cut with yet so we will return here later.

Finding more items

  • Take the net and bottle of water and they will move into your inventory.
  • Click on the up arrow to see the top view of the balloon.
  • There is a key hanging there and it is very hot.
  • Take the harpoon from inventory and knock the key down carefully.
  • The key is balancing on the edge of the basket. Pour water over the key to cool it off.

Open the Bag

  • Once you can use the key click on the bag inside to open it.
  • Take the wrench and the steering mechanism from the bag and they will move into your inventory.
  • Click on the up arrow and place the steering mechanism as shown in image above.
  • Take the small snap mechanism on the far right of scene and it will move into your inventory.

Fix the Snap

  • Take the snap mechanism from inventory and fix the snap in bag.
  • Take the knife and it will move to inventory.
  • Click on the edge of balloon and use the knife to cut away the ballasts.

Catch the Balloon/Catch Madlen

  • Aim the hook at the other balloon.
  • Draw the other balloon in toward you.
  • Throw the net over Madlen.

Save Kitty

  • Throw the rope ladder down to save Kitty.
  • While you are saving her Madlen manages to get away using the last parachute.
  • As she is floating away she throws dynamite at Natalie’s Balloon.
  • They do a heroic jump just before the blast and all 3 land in Madlen’s abandoned balloon.
  • Debris from the explosion falls downward and tears a hole in Madlen’s parachute.
  • She is free falling until she snags on a flag pole over the city where she is surrounded by police.
  • Chad asks Kitty to Marry him and everyone leaves happy to be alive.


  • Congratulations! You have completed Natalie Brooks – Mystery at Hillcrest High.