Nano Golf: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Nitrome’s Nano Golf is a classic mini golf game- there are no special power ups or messy rules to remember; just get the ball in the hole in one turn. Using one swipe anywhere on screen, aim the shot using the pullback or slingshot method and release.


There are no lives to lose, or time limits to work against you, so take the time to line up your shot. If you fail and want to save a high streak it costs 20 coins to retry, and the retry increases by 20 every time you need it in that game.

The coins can also be spent on changing the look of the game via a novelty ball. The different balls offer no special stat or upgrades, they just keep things fresh, but be warned, many of the graphic effects get in the way more than anything.

Firstly, don’t waste your shot aiming for coins over a good angle more likely to get the hole, the coins you earn from bigger winning streaks are more worth the single coins along the way. If you realize you aren’t positioned for the best shot, simply drag your finger all the way to the small X on the bottom of the screen, this will cancel your shot without penalty.

The good

There are plenty of things to be cautious of and avoid entirely and most of the traps destroy your ball and your turn. Non-destructive obstructions like hills, sand traps, travellators, boxing gloves, portals and moving blocks just need to be planed around. For instance, the sand and hills will slow your ball enough that you may under hit your ball and fail. Travellators, gloves and portals are often necessary to get you to your goal, just pay close attention to how they will direct the ball.

There are also spinning black balls that look like bombs, these are hugely helpful as they take the ball, then give you a chance to redirect it entirely. Using these well will mean more coins collected and less chance of missing the hole. Simply watch for the direction you need and tap once to release the ball.

The bad

The other variations to the golf course are ball-obliterating ones, so steer clear of the heat pads and wall spikes. I didn’t even notice the spikes until I hit them the first time, they blend in with the wall well, but one touch and it’s over. The heat pads can be avoided in most cases, either by timing the shot to pass over them as they switch off or bouncing around them entirely.

Don’t be put off if you get a course that seems hectic with many obstacles and challenges, there is almost always a clear path, with coins tempting you to take the wrong one. The actual hole in one is also very forgiving, and counts as a win while being close, not completely a hit. So slow down, pick the best angle and don’t go for the coins.

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