Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister Walkthrough

Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister – Game Introduction

Welcome the Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister walkthrough on Gamezebo. Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister is an adventure game played on the PC created by HER Interactive. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister.

General Tips

  • Icons: click on the knapsack to access your inventory, on the book to read your journal, on the clipboard to view your tasks, on the phone to use your phone, on the gear to change your game settings, on the folder to load a game, on the disc to save a game, and on the power symbol to quit your game.
  • You may use your phone to take photos. Access your camera via the phone’s menu to take a picture, then you may choose to save or delete it. You may also take pictures of evidence for quick easy viewing later.
  • When driving the car, the phone icon is replaced with the GPS. Click on it to view a map of the surrounding streets and areas. From here you may also program the GPS to show different locations.
  • Pa Pennies are a sort of in-game extra, and may be spent on games and snacks.
  • Awards are available by accomplishing certain tasks throughout the game. The specific requirements are shown at the end of the first playthrough.
  • Two difficulties are available for this game: junior and senior detective. While some puzzles will have the same solution, many will have different solutions based on the difficulty chosen.

Day 1: Introducing the Storm Chasers

  • Approach the farmhouse in front of you and remove the debris from in front of the door by clicking on it.
  • Click on and open the Metal Box to open it, read the note inside, and add it to your inventory.
  • Enter the farmhouse and read the note attached to the stairs post right in front of you. Debbie’s Note will be added to your inventory, and states different chores that should be done.
  • At this point, it’s optional to turn over to the TV and turn it on. It will show a fuzzy picture. If you turn it off and on many times, it’s possible you’ll receive an award.
  • Look at the coffee table in the living room. Pick up the Pa’s Penny and you’ll notice a penny icon appears at the top left corner of the screen. You can collect Pa’s Pennies for spending later in the game. Keep an eye out for randomly sparkling locations: a sign a Pa’s Penny is near.
  • Proceed into the Dining Room.

Dining Room

  • Move closer and click on the filing cabinet in the right corner of the room. Read Debbie’s note regarding her filing system.
  • File the folders correctly according to the clues given. The junior solution looks like this:

 Trail of the Twister

  • The senior solution is as follows: Degree= red, Canute= orange, Animals= yellow, Budget= green, Findings= blue, and Grange Theatre= purple.
  • Continue by placing the folders on top of the cabinet into their proper locations according to the symbols on the correctly ordered tabs to cross the task off your list.
  • Check the trash next to the file cabinet to find a receipt for Ma and Pa’s.


  • Exit the dining room and enter the cellar (the door is in the stairwell wall). A brief look around and you’ll quickly notice the laptop on top of the dryer.
  • Use the laptop. You may choose to look at the gallery, though it’s not required now. If you do, you’ll notice some of the pictures have strange number codes on them.
  • Click on the Twister Trivia icon to start the quiz. The answers are below:

1. The weather service will issue what type of alert when a tornado has been spotted?

C. Tornado warning

2. How many tornadoes are recorded on average each year in the United States?

C. 1000

3. Tornadoes are measured using what system?

D. F-Scale

4. The least safe place to seek shelter in a public place, such as a theater or a mall, during a tornado is:

B. A large room

5. In preparation for an emergency, every family should have a tornado plan in place and this item:

A. Disaster kit

6. Which of the following is not indicative of a possible tornado?

C. Downburst

7. On average, what percentage of tornadoes each year rank as either an EF4 (wind speed gusts of 166-200 mph) or EF5 (wind speeds of 201+ mph)?

A. 1%

8. What causes the most injuries during a tornado?

D. Flying debris

  • If you correctly answer all the questions on the quiz during the first/one sitting, you may get a special award.
  • The team will return, and then you’ll get to meet everyone. Note responding often in either a positive or negative manner may earn you a special award.

Scott’s Office

  • Take a closer look at the left side of the office (while facing Scott) to enter a close-up. Take a look at the newspaper clipping lying on top of the book to read about the death of “Ma” and the expertise of Scott regarding tornadoes.
  • Take a closer look at the map straight ahead on the wall to learn more about tornado wind speeds.
  • If you take a closer look at the left side of the room while facing the door, you can turn the radio on and off, as well as discover a pile of dried corn under the table. Try to leave the office and Scott will finish his dialogue, suggesting you talk to Debbie.

Dining Room

  • Talk to Debbie, who’s sitting at the dining table. She’ll give you another list of chores to do and chat briefly about the theater. Show her the mysterious Metal Box, and she’ll offer to take it to the sheriff.
  • Before you can turn in for the day, you’ll have several chores to do. Instead of listing the location, this guide will now be listing the task.

Arrange the warning sirens on the chart in the living room.

  • Proceed to the living room and take a look at the wall to the left of the TV, right across from the cellar.
  • Arrange the warning sirens so that the box shown on the board is completely filled with overlapping circles/sirens. The solution is shown below:

 Trail of the Twister

Put together a disaster kit for Scott. (Also covers “Go to Ma and Pa’s and introduce myself”)

  • Go back down to the cellar. By retaking the Twister Trivia quiz, you can learn what goes into a disaster kit.
  • Exit the computer and turn left to the far end of the cellar. Look at the bottom of the shelves to see the current disaster kit, as well as another mouse. The disaster kit pretty much needs to be built up from scratch, so you’ll have to stop by Ma and Pa’s.
  • You can also choose to check out the Surface Chart located on the right portion of the shelving.
  • Introduce yourself to Frosty while you’re at it: he’s the media guy, and has an interesting story about how he got his name.
  • Time to go to the general store. Exit the farmhouse and get in the blue car. Drive up the road until it turns, then follow the turn around to the store. (Note: if you drive a vehicle for quite a while in the game, you may earn a special award).
  • Enter Ma and Pa’s General Store and introduce yourself to Pa. He’s got a lot to say, and will even offer you a complimentary Pa Penny. You may choose to read the newspaper article on the left side of the counter for more curious information on the storm team, as well as their competition on the right. There’s a mystery box located above the newspapers. If you buy it, you’ll earn a special award, but this is purely optional and not necessarily recommended at this moment in time as it’s purely extra.
  • Time to do the shopping. Pa informs you that the storm team has a line of credit at the store, so try to be as wise and resourceful with your money as possible so you can afford everything you need. The items (and which you should choose while shopping) are listed below:

? Water- Take the green-tagged water (with the blue cap) from the cold drinks cooler.

? Bleach- Turn around and right to see it. Buy the one with the green tag.

? Can opener- Turn left at the end of the aisle and purchase the one with the blue tag.

? Duct tape- Buy the blue-tagged tape to the left of the can openers.

? Flashlight & Batteries- Look to the right of the milk cooler. Buy the blue-tagged flashlight (red carton). The actual flashlight itself is green. Purchase the green batteries to go with it.

? Toothpaste- Turn left at the corner. Buy the green-boxed toothpaste to the left of the candy display. It’s not on sale, but that’s ok.

? Salt & Sugar- Take a look at the shelves across from Pa. Buy the green-tagged salt and the green-tagged sugar to go with it.

? Granola bars- Located down the aisle from the salt, buy the blue-tagged ones (Flavor Mountain).

  • Return to Pa and pay for the items. The Grocery Bag will be added to your inventory.
  • At this point the task is done, though you may choose to enter the Oklahoma Museum to the left of Pa (do this to cross “Explore Pa’s Museum” off your list early). A closer look at the Homesteader display reveals that the Divining Rod is missing. Check all the exhibits and read about them now to avoid having to come back later. You may choose to play “Land Rush” for 5 Pa Pennies. This is a good alternative method to collecting and earning more. Check the Dust Bowl display (and to the right) to observe the location of a mouse trap. Make sure you talk to Pa again before leaving the store and returning to the farm house!
  • Once back at the farm house, return to the cellar and place the groceries from Ma and Pa’s in the disaster kit to strike it off your task list.

Fix the sprinklers.

  • Now it’s time to fix the sprinklers. Exit the farm house and turn to see the corn fields. Click on the ground hatch to open it, then again for a closer view at the sprinkler system.
  • The object of the puzzle is to open 6 valves without any of them crossing vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Once the puzzle is solved, the pump will come online automatically. The junior solution is shown below:

 Trail of the Twister

  • The senior solution is as follows, going from left to right via rows: bottom valve, second from the top valve, 4th from bottom valve, 3rd from top valve, 2nd from bottom valve, 4th from top valve, 3rd from bottom valve.

Introduce yourself to Chase.

  • Enter the barn outside the farm house near the cars. Click on the large double doors to open them and proceed inside. Go towards the front of the car, where you’ll meet Chase. He needs help fixing the LED display in the car.
  • Arrange the numbers on the LED display so that no 2 consecutive numbers are adjacent to each other horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The solution is shown below:

 Trail of the Twister

  • Talk to Chase afterwards. He’s got a lot to tell you. Check the tool cart next to him to read a newspaper clipping about the mascot of Canute College.
  • Turn around and take a closer look at the wooden shelf. There’s a hose on it, with a suspicious V-cut. Put it back down and proceed to the work table.
  • The work table is purely optional, but from here you can earn additional Pa Pennies by wiring weather balloon boards. An explanation and example are available to see on the work table.
  • Return to the farm house. It’s time to call it a day.

Day 2: Storm Photography

  • Debbie will greet you in the morning with a fresh list of things to do. You can double-check your task list to keep track of them.

Fix the sensors in the corn field.

  • Leave the farm house and proceed back out to the corn field, where you fixed the sprinklers yesterday. To the right of the sprinklers, click on the sign to enter the puzzle.
  • The goal of this puzzle is to correct the red beam with the red sensor and the blue beam with the blue sensor by flipping the mirrors around to redirect the beam direction. The solution is shown below:

 Trail of the Twister

  • A few moments after solving the puzzle, you’ll overhear a sinister-sounding conversation. Soon after that, you’ll receive a check-in call from Krolmeister.

Select a vehicle to take on a cloud hunt with Frosty.

  • Go to the vehicles parked outside the barn and select the blue one. Frosty will automatically join you.
  • Head to the Frasier Creek Windmill. You can use your GPS.
  • Upon arriving at the windmill, Frosty will give you a booklet with drawings used for recognizing various cloud types.
  • Take a picture of the clouds in this location using the camera on your phone. Click your phone from the bottom menu, select “menu” then “camera” to open the camera. You can pan and zoom as needed (though you won’t need to for this task). Choose “take photo” at the bottom right and then confirm to save the picture. You can go back and view it later as you like.
  • You can take pictures at any time during the game, and you can also earn a medal if you manage to find all the clouds in Frosty’s notebook.
  • Use the GPS to find the remaining cloud locations. Travel to each one and take a picture. Return to the farm house when you’ve snapped pictures of all the available clouds on the map.

Upload cloud photos onto Frosty’s computer.

  • Enter the farm house and go down to the cellar. Access the same laptop as you did before.
  • Click on the USB wire on the right; your phone will be connected to the computer.
  • Click on the computer, access “Gallery”, then open your camera and choose which pictures you’d like to download (the instructions are also on the front of the computer).
  • Download all the cloud photos you took with Frosty to the computer, then disconnect your phone by clicking on it.
  • Talk to Frosty once you’ve finished. He’d like you to return Chase’s MP3 player to him. Pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Return Chase’s MP3 player.

  • Exit the farm house and approach the barn. When you try to open the doors, you’ll notice Chase and watch him through the crack in the door.
  • Once you’re done watching, enter the barn and return the MP3 player to Chase. He’ll also tell you more about his thoughts on Debbie and Frosty when coaxed.
  • It’s now time to call it a night. Return to the farm house and go upstairs.

Midnight Storm

  • You’ll awake in the middle of the night to hear a tornado warning has been issued. In the living room, you’ll encounter an unknown male who soon disappears. Proceed down to the cellar and weather out the storm.

Day 3: Rodent Problems

  • Debbie greets you in the morning. After talking with her, go to Scott’s office and talk with Scott.
  • Talk to Scott. A mouse will end up scampering across his desk, and he’ll insist you take care of them.

See if Chase knows how to relocate the Prarie Dogs.

  • Exit the farm house and talk to Chase in the barn. He’s got a special machine perfect for the job, but the it needs a new tube. Pick up the tube to add it to your inventory.
  • Exit the barn and get in the blue car. Drive up to Ma and Pa’s.
  • Talk to Pa. He’ll replace the tube with a larger one so long as you update his snack display for him.
  • Turn to the right and take a closer look at the snack display.
  • Arrange the various snacks so that they all fit on the board. Right-click to rotate. The solution is shown below:

 Trail of the Twister

  • Talk to Pa after arranging the display and he’ll give you the White Large Tube.

Find a mousetrap.

  • Don’t leave the store yet: talk to Pa again. He’ll let you use his mousetrap if you update the Fujita Scale display in the museum.
  • Enter the museum and check the exhibit at the far end of the room. Click on the Fujita Scale for a closer look.
  • Arrange the labels so they’re in their accurate locations on the scale. The solution is shown below:

 Trail of the Twister

  • After finishing the puzzle, you’ll hear Pa talking with Brooke. Talk to Pa again and he’ll let you take the mousetrap now. Go back in the museum and pick up the mousetrap located on the right side of the Dust Bowl display.

Find something tasty to put in the mousetrap.

  • Before you leave the store, make sure you buy at least 3 Moon Chunk Cheese snacks with your Pa Pennies. If you don’t have enough, you can earn more by playing Land Rush in the museum. You’ll need these as bait for the mice.
  • Return to the farmhouse.

Bring the new vacuum tube to Chase.

  • Enter the barn and give the White Large Tube to Chase. You can now pick up the Prarie Dog Vacuum and add it to your inventory.

Go save those Prarie Dogs!

  • Walk around the farm house and to the corn field. The prarie dogs are located on the left. Click for a closer view.
  • Use the vacuum on the prarie dog holes to suck them up. It’s best to try and catch multiple at the same time, otherwise they may escape. Vacuum on the various holes until you’ve caught all of them.
  • Once you’ve caught all the prarie dogs, exit the corn field and walk around to the other side of the farm house, to the area between the farm house and the barn. Another location that looks like the original prarie dog site is there. Use the vacuum on the holey dirt to release the prarie dogs into their new home.
  • Back up and take a closer look at the flower box on the left. Pick up another metal box like the first to find a mysterious message inside.
  • You can return the vacuum to Chase now for 100 Pa Pennies.

Catch the mice in Scott’s office.

  • Enter Scott’s office, then turn around so you’re once again facing the door. Take a closer look at the table with the radio, until you’re in a super close-up under the table next to a pile of dried corn.
  • Use the mousetrap on the large space next to the corn, then click the grocery bag icon in the upper left corner to select the cheese snack. Use it on the inside of the mousetrap to start the mice approaching.
  • You’ll enter a puzzle screen. The goal is to put a mouse in every square of the trap, including rotating blocks. Click the rotating blocks to section off mice or mvoe them to a new area. An example is shown below:

 Trail of the Twister

  • Once you’ve caught all the mice, the trap will close up. Click on it to pick it up and add it back to your inventory (with the mice inside).
  • Exit the farm house and get in the blue car. Drive to the Springhouse to release them.
  • Once at the Springhouse, click for a close-up on the door and release the mice at the hole underneath. Once they’ve been released, return to the farm house.
  • Enter the farm house and talk to Debbie. She’ll tell you a twister has been sighted and you have to leave immediately. You’ll be riding with Frosty.

Find the twister.

  • Get in the blue car and head north. The goal is to head northwest. Frosty will give you cues to let you know if you’re headed the wrong way. Do this until you eventually encounter the twister (enter the small turn-off to see it).
  • During the tornado, Frosty will inform you that the video camera no longer seems to be working. You’ll enter a puzzle to try a fix it.
  • Place black numbers from the bottom of the screen into the slots above. They should be placed so that they are connected sequentially horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. The junior, followed by senior solutions are shown below:

 Trail of the Twister

 Trail of the Twister

  • Frosty will claim the camera wasn’t fixed in time, and the twister disappears. Return to the farm house and call it a day. You may also want to pop down into the cellar and check out the paper clippings around Frosty’s desk. Talk to Scott and he’ll share harsh words with you.

Day 4: Of Wind and Mice

See if Chase needs any help.

  • After talking with Debbie, go to the barn and talk with Chase. He could use some help putting the car’s transmission together.
  • Place the gears in their proper locations. It’s best to start with the bottom row and work up to the top, since you won’t be able to place a gear if one on another rod overlaps. The solution is shown below:

 Trail of the Twister

  • After properly repairing the transmission, Chase will ask you to give an invoice to Scott. Pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Give invoice to Scott.

  • Enter Scott’s office and talk to him. Give him the invoice.
  • You’ll hear a scream, and Scott will ask you to check on Frosty.

Find out why Frosty’s screaming.

  • Go down to the cellar and talk to Frosty, who tells you a mouse just ran by. He’ll ask you to get rid of them.

Catch the mice in the cellar.

  • Walk over to the sink next to the laptop down in the cellar and click for a close-up underneath. You’ll find a piece of paper entitled “Storm Weather Symbols”.
  • Zoom in on the right side of the laptop to find the location where the mousetrap should be placed.
  • Place the mousestrap next to the pile of dried corn and use the cheese snacks on the trap via the button in the top left corner of the screen as before.
  • Trap the mice so that one mouse fills every square of the trap, then click on the trap to pick it up and add it back to your inventory, with the mice inside.
  • Get in the car and go back to the old springhouse and release the mice, then return to the farm house.

Investigate Frosty’s video camera, see if there are any traces of the storm footage.

  • Talk to Frosty down in the cellar, who insists the camera is still broken.
  • Return to the living room and take a look at the camera: it appears to be broken afterall.

Catch the mice in Debbie’s office.

  • Talk to Debbie and she’ll ask you to take care of the mice near the file cabinet.
  • Take a closer look to the right of the file cabinet to find a pile of dried corn. Place the mousetrap next to the pile.
  • Use the cheese snacks via the grocery button at the top left of the screen to place them in the mousetrap, thus triggering the mice.
  • Trap the mice so that there’s one mouse per square of the trap, then click on the trap once it’s filled to pick it up and add it to your inventory with the mice in tow.
  • Get in the car and go back to the old springhouse once again and release the mice, then return to the farm house.

Fix the antennas.

  • Get in the car and program the GPS so you can see the location of the antenna. Travel to the antennas.
  • Once there, reconstruct the antennas by picking up the bits on the ground and placing them back in their proper locations. Right-click to rotate pieces. The solution looks like this:

 Trail of the Twister

  • Upon repairing the antennas, you’ll find a small key under one of them. Pick it up to add it to your inventory.
  • A tornado appears! Get in the car and travel north and east away from it until it disappears and you arrive back at the farm house. Your GPS won’t be any help during this sequence.

Find out what went wrong with my GPS unit.

  • Talk to Debbie upon returning, and she’ll tell you to talk to Chase.
  • Talk to Chase out in the barn and tell him about your GPS.
  • Time to call it a day. Return to the farm house and go upstairs.

Day 5: The Supercell

  • Talk to Debbie and she’ll jump when a supercell appears. Something has blown out in Scott’s office though, so you’ll have to stay behind.

Fix Scott’s telephone.

  • Enter Scott’s office and proceed to the far wall where there’s smoke. Take a closer look.
  • Once it’s stopped smoking, take a closer look to enter a puzzle.
  • The starting point of the puzzle is random. The point is to move the red wheel over all the points without taking the same path twice. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, the outlet will be fixed.

Search Scott’s office.

  • Upon completing the puzzle, you’ll hear muffled conversation. Make your way to Scott’s desk and pick up the headset on the desk to listen in on his conversation. Once it’s finished, use the Key from your inventory on the top desk drawer to open it. Inside is a rejection letter.
  • Check the table with the radio while facing the door to discover a knife stained with coolant.

Look around for clues while everyone is out.

  • Leave the farm house and enter the barn.
  • You can look at the hose of Pete’s car on the shelf to the left of the work table to uncover a clue relating to the knife you found earlier.
  • Go around the car to the back of the barn and take a closer look at Chase’s boots. They’re covered in oil.
  • Open the stall door on the right to collect a huge pile of Pa Pennies.
  • Exit the barn and you’ll get a call from Pa asking you to come over immediately.
  • Get in the car and drive over to Ma and Pa’s.

Visit Ma and Pa’s.

  • Talk to Pa after entering and he’ll tell you about the mouse infestation that needs to be taken care of.
  • Pick up the cheese snack on the counter he gives you for free, then proceed to the museum.

Catch the mice at Ma and Pa’s.

  • Walk over to the Homesteader’s display and click on the bottom right corner in the close-up. Place the mousetrap in the corner near the pile of dried corn and use the cheese snack on it to lure in the mice.
  • Trap the mice so that one mouse fills every square of the trap, then click on the trap to pick it up and add it back to your inventory, with the mice inside.
  • Get in the car and go back to the old springhouse and release the mice.
  • You’ll notice a puddle of oil near the door, as well as the missing divining rod. Pick up the divining rod and add it to your inventory.

Take the divining rod back to Pa’s.

  • Talk to Pa and tell him about the divining rod. He’ll ask you to place it back in the museum.
  • Enter the museum and walk over to the Homesteader’s exhibit. Enter the close-up and place the divining rod back in its proper location.
  • Talk to Pa again and he’ll reward you with some Pa Pennies.
  • Return to the farm house.

Fix the television.

  • Talk to Debbie, who has some bad news. She’ll as you to fix the television.
  • Walk over to the TV in the living room and click on it for a closer view.
  • Turn on the TV and rotate the color dials until the colored bubbles disappear. The various colored squares should match those shown around the edges of the picture. Upon doing this successfully, the TV will show your camera footage before flicking off for good. Debbie says it’s permanently broken.
  • Talk to Scott, who’s got little to say, then go down to the cellar and talk to Frosty. He’s got a new challenge for you.
  • Talk to Frosty. He’ll tell you if you’ve missed any storms you need to take pictures of. If you haven’t missed anything, head off to bed. If you have, he’ll tell you where to find it. Hop in the car and return to upload anything you may have missed before.

Day 6: The Big Tornado

  • Talk to Debbie and then go outside and jump into the storm-chasing truck. Drive to either the nearest storm cloud or the windmill.

Activate the Doppler machine.

  • Open the side panel on the truck. You’ll need to flip 3 switches at a time in order to activate the radar (when all the lights are blue). Numbering the switches from left to right, the top row being 1-6 and the bottom being 7-11, flip the switches in the following order:

? 1, 4, 5. Press the button on the right.

? 7, 9, 11. Press the button on the right.

? 2, 3, 11. Press the button on the right.

? 3, 8, 11. Press the button on the right.

  • The scanner will work briefly, then dissolve into flames.
  • Take a look at the container in the middle of the truck for a closer view, then open it.
  • Arrange the cables and plugs properly, then press the button located at the bottom. The solution is shown below:

 Trail of the Twister

  • Debbie informs you they need to return to base for a while.

Scott’s Office

  • Enter Scott’s Office and proceed to Scott’s desk. Notice a piece of paper sticking out of one of the drawers.
  • Use the key on the drawer to open it and read the note inside.

I should figure out what those symbols on Scott’s letter means.

  • Go down to the cellar and look at the piece of paper located under the sink. 63: moderate rain continuous. The symbol is made up of 3 black dots. 89: light hail no thunder. The symbol shows 2 triangles. 99: severe thunderstorm with hail. The symbol is appears to be a B with an open triangle on top.
  • Check the Open Surface Charts folder behind Frosty’s desk. Look for the 3 storm weather symbols:

*45+ dewpoint and continuous moderate rain.

*85 degrees + with either light hail.

*85 degrees + no thunder or severe thunderstorm with hail.

  • They are found on:

? March 3, 8, 18, 21 and 26.

? April 3, 6, 10, 23, 29.

? May 6 and 12.

  • Return to Scott’s office and check the calendar on the wall near his desk. It’s recommened you start at March. Use your own computer and type in the letters and numbers on the dates taken from the surface chart. The solution is: WM9A, GV2C, SH4A. Once typed in correctly, they will appear on a piece of paper. Click it to add it to your inventory.
  • Return to the cellar and access the laptop. Check the gallery until you find the photos with the number/letter combinations listed above. They all have one thing in common: they’re pictures of the windmill.

The confrontation at the windmill.

  • Talk to Debbie: she hasn’t seen Scott.
  • Take the car and drive out to the windmill. After talking with Scott, Nancy blacks out.
  • Once Nancy comes-to, you’ll hear Debbie on the radio. Hop in the car to talk to her. Drive to the Grange (use your GPS to find the location).

Taking shelter.

  • Once at the Grange, proceed to the storm shelter.
  • Use the keys from your inventory on the lock to open the first shelter door.
  • Enter the shelter, but the second set of doors is locked. Click on the panel located to the right of the door to open it. Select the 4th key from the left in the top row to unlock the doors.
  • Wait in the shelter until the storm has passed.

Chasing the culprit.

  • Exit the shelter and follow the storm truck: the arrow on your map shows you where it is. Be sure to avoid debris and the raging tornado! Follow the truck until it eventually crashes at the springhouse.
  • Pick up the crowbar lying on the ground and use it to pry the boards off the door, then enter the shelter. What happens next is a surprise!

Congratulations, you’ve finished Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister!

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