Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand Walkthrough

By David Tovey |

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Welcome to the Gamezebo Strategy Guide for Nancy Drew: The Case of the Scarlet Hand. This is a fullscale point and click adventure. Nancy, working as an intern in a museum, must help solve a mysterious series of robberies.

This walkthrough is divided into two sections:

General Tips (no spoilers)

Guided Walkthrough


  • You can save at any time, and name your save files.
  • Complete the tutorial to learn how to navigate and use the cursor.
  • If you make a mistake that would lose the game, you will be given a SECOND CHANCE to start again right before that point.
  • The game offers two modes-Junior and Senior detective. Most people will find Junior Detective challenging enough. The main difference is that you get more hints in Junior mode, you get more time for timed puzzles, and there is one maze which is a little easier in Junior mode.
  • You can’t easily walk diagonally in the game even if you can see your target, so in many cases you will need to walk straight forward, then turn to the side to get to where you want to go.
  • To open a door, click on the door to position yourself in front of it, then click on its door handle.
  • This game was one of the earlier ones in the series, and there is no automatic notebook feature for clues. You will need to write down your own notes as you go on real paper, or, of course, consult the walkthrough.
  • You do not get unlimited conversations in this game, so choose your questions and responses carefully. You never know when a character will get tired of talking to you.
  • The story is about a museum dedicated to Mayan culture. You are going to need to make a lot of notes, particularly of Mayan words and anything to do with Mayan gods or rulers.
  • Although you have a lot of freedom about where to go in the game, I highly recommend going to the lab where Nancy’s desk is first thing. After all, that’s what your boss tells you to do in the first conversation.
  • Although most of the action takes place in the museum where Nancy works, you can get to a few other locations, including the hotel where Nancy is staying, by going out the double doors from the lobby and taking the Metro.
  • Time of day matters in this game!  Certain objects or people will only be available at certain times of day. If you need something but the time of day is wrong, go back to Nancy’s hotel room and change the time on the alarm clock. That will change it for the whole game.
  • You can check the time by clicking on the pocketwatch in the lower left corner of the screen, or by looking at the alarm clock next to the bed in Nancy’s hotel room.
  • It always looks like night in the garden, no matter what time it is on the clock.
  • This is a classical point and click adventure game. You have to read all the dialogue and think about it carefully to know where to go next. If you prefer a more guided adventure, with more activities and less reading, try the Nancy Drew Dossier series.
  • If you want to use the SAVE or LOAD features, position the cursor so that the word you’re trying to click on lights up. This often means putting the cursor just above the word.
  • Whenever you open a box, drawer, or jar, you usually have to retrace the steps to close it again. So if you have to click once to look at a box, then click once to take off the lid, then click once to take out an item, you will probably have to click once on the lid to close it again, and then one more time on the box to put it back in place. The lid or door will often be off to the side from where it was originally-just look for where your cursor turns to the magnifying glass.
  • I found I had to make long distance calls from the hotel room, not the museum.
  • You start out the game with keys to the museum, but they’re not really important. Every time you enter the museum from the outside, they will automatically attach to your cursor. You will need to click on inventory to put them back each time, but that’s all.
  • The history in this game appears to be pretty accurate except for the monolith itself and the story of the Whisperer, which is fictional.
  • If you are not going to use the walkthrough, you should make a note of every Mayan word and symbol you encounter in the game.
  • Also write down any phone numbers you find.
  • When you get to the temple, you will play several computer games inside it. Make sure you put your Temple Card into the computer slot before playing each game, or its score will not count towards your total and you will not be able to progress to the next level.

WALKTHROUGH (SPOILERS!!!!) Map of the Museum

  • You will find a map of the museum in the brochure on the desk in the lobby. The only things not on it are the staff rooms. Joanna’s office is the other door off the lobby, between the two wall plaques of museum contributors. The lab and shipping room are behind the door marked “Employees Only” on the right side of the temple model in the Exhibition Room. Here is a complete sketch map.

Joanna Rigg’s Office

  • After the tutorial, you start the game in Joanna Rigg’s office, just off the lobby of the museum. Joanna is your new boss. She will tell you about some important things going on in the museum, then eventually tell you to go to your desk in the Museum’s lab.

  • Before you go, walk around the room until you see a small round table with some magazinews on it. There will be a navigation arrow pointing to it. That’s a sure sign there’s something important there!

  • Go to the table, and pick up the magazine. Click on the cover, and then you can read the article about Ms. Rutherford and her necklace. You need to read all the pages, and study the photo of her famous necklace.

  • After you’ve read the article, talk to Joanna one more time. She’s busy, but will tell you a tiny bit about the previous intern. Then continue around the room until you come to the door. Click on the door, then the doorknob, then go through it into the Lobby.

The Lobby

  • From the lobby you can go right to go out to the Metro, which is how you’ll get back to Nancy’s hotel when you need to.
  • If you go to the left, you’ll go into the museum’s Exhibition Room.
  • First, though, go straight ahead to the lobby desk.

  • Pick up the pamphlet on the lobby desk.
  • Click on the pamphlet to read it. You’ll see a map. The map I’ve given also has the staff rooms, but you need to know the Mayan words from this one.

  • Go back to the desk view. Click on the blue poster on the left to turn towards it.
  • Now click on the case of headphones behind the desk, and you’ll get a navigation arrow to go closer to it. This will get you behind the desk.

  • Look at the handle of the headphone case-it’s missing a knob.
  • Look in the drawer of the desk. You will have to click once to turn towards it, once to open it, and once to lift up the top rack. Now click one more time to pick up a Temple card. Again, note the Mayan words on it. To close the drawer, you will have to click to lower the top rack, then again to close it.

  • Go back out to the lobby view. Now go to the red poster to the right of the desk. There is a piece of paper on the floor, folded into a paper airplane. Click on it about 4 times to read it completely and it will go into inventory.

  • Turn again until the blue poster is on your right and you see the door to Joanna’s office straight ahead. Go read the plaques on each side of it. On the right plaque you will see Topeka Council of the Arts. Click on it, and Nancy will remind herself that’s the organization Ms. Rutherford is involved with.

  • Keep turning around until you see the entrance to the Exhibition Hall ahead of you. It’s between the desk and the door to Joanna’s office.

  • Go down into the Exhibition Hall.

The Exhibition Hall

  • There will be exhibits on the right and the left, and a big model temple straight ahead of you.

  • Walk towards the temple until you see a door on the right marked Employees Only.

  • Open the door. On your left is the door to the shipping room. On your right is the door to the lab. Straight ahead is a water fountain.
  • Walk straight ahead to the water fountain and note the Mayan word for water.

  • Then go into the lab.

The Lab

  • Circle all the way around the lab until you see the Professor, Henrik.
  • Talk to him. He will tell you a little more about Sonny, the previous intern, and remind you to check into the lab often for messages.

  • Keep circling around until you see Nancy’s desk. Go in closer.

  • Look at the pink sheet of paper on the clipboard. A task list! Sonny has done a few of them.

  • Look at the phone. Click on the receiver. No voice mail yet. If you do have any, check it.
  • Look at the vendor list on the side of the desk. Might as well order the bubble wrap now while you’re here, then get to work on the PRIORITY item.

  • Click on the phone receiver to pick it up. Click on the 9 for an outside line. You will hear a dial tone. Dial Silvio’s number, 555-9963. Talk to Silvio. He will tell you the museum hasn’t paid their bills for 6 months! Hang up the phone.
  • Look in the left drawer of the desk. Sonny left a candy wrapper. Look at it.

  • He also had a knob that looks like it came from the headphone display case, pick it up.

  • Under the knob there is a notebook with a lot of notes. Read through it. It will stay in the drawer-you can come back and read it again later.
  • Click on the lower left corner of the drawer to close it.
  • Better ask Henrik what to do about the bubble wrap!
  • Henrik will “absolve you of that task.” OK, now let’s get to work on the Priority task, maybe that will make Joanna happy!
  • The contract addenda is the paper you pick up in the lobby, that Sonny had folded into an airplane.
  • Go all the way back out to the lobby, and look for the double doors to the Metro station.

The Metro Station

  • Go through the doors, and the Metro map will appear. You will find the Mexican consulate on the lower left.

  • If you don’t see the Mexican consulate station on the map, then you missed a step. You need to have picked up the paper airplane in the lobby near the red poster and opened it all the way to read it. And you need to have gone to the lab, to Nancy’s Desk, and clicked on the pink task list and read it.
  • If you click on the consulate and it tells you “It’s too late, he won’t be there,” just go to Nancy’s hotel instead. Click on the alarm clock, then set the alarm to 3:00 pm. It will beep, resetting the time for the entire game. Go back out the hotel door to the Metro station and back to the consulate.

Mexican Consulate

  • Once you’re in the consulate, go straight ahead to the desk and look the advisory brochure for art collectors. Read it.

  • Then circle around the room (don’t go out the door) until you see Alejandro.

  • Talk to him.
  • Eventually you will see a yellow pad with notes. Click on the contract in your inventory, then on the yellow pad to give the contract to Alejandro.
  • Use the metro to return to the museum.

Museum Lobby

  • You will automatically have the museum keys on your cursor. Click on inventory to put them back.
  • Now is a good time to go back behind the desk and use the knob to get a headset.

  • Take any headset you can pick up, probably the one on the far right of the middle row.
  • Go back to the lab.

The Lab

  • Go to Nancy’s desk. Check off the Bubble Wrap task and the Contract task. I know you didn’t actually do the Bubble Wrap task, but if you don’t check it off, you won’t progress in the game.
  • Talk to Henrik. He will tell you how to number the audio.
  • Go back to your desk and look through Sonny’s notebook. It has the exhibits marked with letters.

  • Go across the hall to the shipping room. Start by looking around. You will notice several boxes on the shelves where your cursor lights up, but you can’t really do anything with them yet.
  • In the right section, one open box says “Sonny’s Stuff.”

  • Look in it, then take the computer diskette and the piece of pottery. You will need to click in the upper corner of the box to put it back on the shelf.

  • When you turn around, you will be able to see a pink clipboard across the room.  Since Nancy is always nosy, go read it, but you can’t do anything with it yet.

  • On the wall next to the exit, by the ladder, you will see the audio machine that Henrik told you about. But before you can use it, you need to figure out what each exhibit is showing.

  • You can assume the letters match the letters in Sonny’s journal.
  • Go into the Exhibition Hall and make a note about what is in each exhibit that has a headphone symbol. When you see a headphone symbol, click on the heaqdphones in inventory to pick them up, then click them on the blue headphone symbol to listen.
  • Most people find it easiest to go ahead and write the letters A-L on a sheet of paper, then make notes next to them, but whatever works for you.
  • You will have to go out into the garden to find all of them.
  • Even though it’s tempting to skip going out to the garden and just put in the codes, you really need to go look at everything yourself or you won’t trigger all the progress points in the game.
  • I entered the garden by going to the left of the temple model, but you can also enter from the right. Either way, you have to look at all the exhibits marked with letters in Sonny’s journal.

  • You should also make a note of every Mayan word and symbol you see, unless you just want to use the solutions from the walkthrough.

  • While you are outside in the garden, look at the big monolith in the center. You will notice there is a piece missing from one side. This will trigger footsteps.

  • Talk to Sinclair.

  • Go back inside. Now you should be ready to enter the audio codes. Only 5 of them need to be reset, if you want to skip listening to everything. A, C, D, G, and J.

  • Here is the solution:

A: 5: Ham radio

B: 8: Scribes

C: 14: Monster

D: 7: Numbering System

E: 1: Lord Pacal

F: 6: Calendar

G: 9: Body Shaping

H: 15: Kings

I: 3: Gods

J; 13: Lady Pacal

K: 12: Twins

L: 4: Pottery

M: 2: Zac Kuk

N:10: Ball

O:11: bloodletting

  • Back to the lab. Cross off the audio task. Hmmm, Hendrik is gone! Go look at his desk. You will find a business card. Write down the number.

  • It’s getting late, you should probably go back to the hotel yourself. First, though, might as well put that pot together. Uh oh, there are pieces missing!

  • You should already have the one from Sonny’s Stuff box in Shipping. Now there’s one more. You can search all over, but where you’ll find it is inside the first room at the top of the temple stairs.

The Temple, first room

  • Click to go towards the large green plaque on the wall. Then click to go to the two pots to its right. The missing piece is inside the left pot. Don’t bother doing any of the Temple Games yet.

  • Back to the Lab.

The Lab

  • This time Nancy will say she has all the pieces.
  • To put the pot together, you need to rotate the pot on the tray, and work from the bottom up. The rotation arrow is in the lower right of the turntable.
  • To add a piece to the pot, click on it once on the right, then click on where you want it to go. You may need to rotate the tray before it will stick. It will only stick where it belongs.
  • Here’s my solution:

  • Now go over to your desk and check off that task.
  • Time to call it a night! Back to the Metro and the hotel.

Hotel Room

  • I set the alarm for 6:00 a.m.
  • Waking up, I went to Nancy’s computer. Click on the diskette, then put it in the slot in the computer. Then click on the screen to start it.

  • You will see the desktop, with an image of the diskette on the right. Click on it.

  • (If you don’t have the diskette yet, it’s in the box labeled Sonny’s Stuff in the Shipping room at the museum.
  • You will need a password. Use the name of Sonny’s favorite candy bar. This was on the label in the left drawer of Nancy’s desk in the lab.
  • Koko krinkles enter

  • Now you will see various icons . You need to open all of these and read them. You can make your own notes, or just come back and read this again when you need it.
  • When I finished the computer, I called Nancy’s friend Bess, but it was just a friendly conversation.
  • At 7:30, leave on the metro for Sinclair’s office.

Sinclair’s Office

  • If you get to his office and he’s not there, it’s the wrong time. Go back to the hotel and set the alarm for 7:30 a.m.
  • If his station doesn’t appear on the Metro map, you didn’t meet him in the garden yet. You’ll have to go back to the museum, go out to the monolith, look at each side of it, and then talk to him.
  • At his office, talk to him.
  • Also notice the painting by his desk.

Mexican Consulate

  • Take the Metro to the Mexican consulate and talk to Alejandro about Beech Hill and Henrik. Then back to the Museum.

Museum: Lab

  • At the Museum, remember to put your keys back into inventory after you enter.
  • Go to the lab, and check your desk for messages. There shouldn’t be any.
  • Head back out to the Exhibit Room to start on the number puzzle.
  • Sirens!!!!
  • Joanna will come talk to you, and you’ll find yourself in front of the Kings exhibit. The Pacal jade has been stolen!

Joanna’s Office

  • Before you look at anything, go to Joanna’s office and talk to her. She tells you to investigate. You also find out that Henrik only came to the museum once they got the monolith.

Exhibition Hall

  • Go back to the Kings exhibit and take handprint note.


  • Go back to the lab. Henrik is not there, but he left you a note on your desk. Read it.

  • Franklin Rose left you a voicemail. Remember he got you the intern job in the first place. Listen to the voice mail, then call him.
  • Look at the analyzer machine in the lab, but you won’t be able to use it yet.

Joanna’s Office

  • Go talk to Joanna. She will explain what the glyphs on the red hand note meet.


  • Back to the lab-still no Henrik.
  • Now Nancy could work on the two museum tasks she has left, the numbers puzzle and the Temple puzzles, but instead she decides to question suspects.

Sinclair’s Office

  • Go see Sinclair. He will tell you more about the other two thefts.

Mexican Consulate

  • Go to the Mexican consulate and talk to Alejandro. He tells you he was at the museum, and doesn’t seem very concerned about the thefts.
  • Back to the museum.

Joanna’s Office

  • Talk to Joanna again.


  • Back to the lab. Still no Henrik.

Exhibition Hall

  • At this point you have to complete the numbers puzzle, or you can’t progress further in the game. Go to the Languages exhibit.
  • Click on the right corner of the case to open it. Two tiles are missing.

  • Click on the case lid on the left to close it again.
  • Now you can look for the tiles while you are looking for Henirk.
  • You will eventually find one tile in the Maya Influence exhibit in the case on the left. Click on the keyhole to open the case. Take the tile. Click on the case lid to close it.

The Garden

  • The other tile is out in the garden on the bench.

Exhibition Hall

  • Pick it up and return to the Languages exhibit.
  • Open the case again. Place tiles simply by clicking on the tile you want, then on the space you want to move it to. It will swap with the tile there.
  • You can figure out the numbers from Sonny’s computer file notes.


Back to the lab.

The Lab

  • Still no Henrik! Nancy is tired of waiting, and so am I, so let’s try the analyzer. After all, Joanna told us to!
  • First turn on the switch.
  • Then click on the door on the left to open it.

  • Put the handprint into the analyzer.

  • Click start.

  • After the analyzer runs, click the compare button.
  • Then click the right arrow until you find a match.
  • Finally click on the MATCH button.

  • Now you know it’s HgS, but what’s that?
  • Look around the room. There will be a periodic table on the wall. You can check the chemical symbols there.

Joanna’s Office

  • Back to Joanna’s office to give her the results. If you get there too late, she will have gone home. Just go back to the hotel. You can talk to Bess on the phone if you want some hints. Set the alarm for 7:00 a.m.
  • Back to the museum. Now you can talk to Joanna. She will tell you the compound is Cinnabar, but the museum hasn’t had any for awhile.

The Lab

  • Go to the lab. No Henrik.
  • Check the vendor list on your desk, then call REAL at 555-6766 and talk to the vendor.

  • Now we really need to talk to Henrik. Go look in the garden. Not there.

Exhibition Hall

  • Return to the Exhibition Hall. Henrik will fall down the Temple stairs!

Hotel Room

  • You will now find yourself in your hotel room. Talk to Bess.
  • Then Call Franklin Rose to check in. Ask him about Wichita.
  • By the time you finish, it should be 10:30 a.m. Back to the museum.

Joanna’s Office

  • Talk to Joanna. Make sure you ask how you can help, and she will tell you to pick up Henrik’s mail and keep an eye on the lab.


  • Go to the lab. You have voicemail from Nurse Bluefoot about Henrik. Call him.


  • Go to the Hospital.
  • Talk to Henrik. Show him the hand picture by putting it on the board. Try to keep your questions as gentle as possible.
  • Eventually the nurse will come in and you will have to leave.

Sinclair’s Office

  • Go see Taylor Sinclair. Get the picture of the artifact for Henrik.

Mexican Consulate

  • Go see Alejandro and tell him about Henrik.


  • As long as it’s before 4, go back to the hospital. The nurse told you not to come back until tomorrow, but you might as well try.
  • Talk to Henrik. Show him the Pacal picture by putting it on the board. He will recognize it. Eventually he will give you a key.

Museum: Lab

  • Go back to the museum. The key will open Henrik’s desk.

  • From the top drawer, take a zip drive.

  • Use the key again on the bottom drawer.

  • Here you will find 3 different things, a journal entry from 1972, a book with information about smugglers codes, and a glyph note. Look at all 3, all pages.

  • Go to your desk. There is a note from Joanna and voice mail from her, too.
  • Call Franklin Rose.
  • Now you need to get the nuahatl word for snake, but it is too late, the consulate will be closed.

Hotel Room

  • Go back to the hotel. You can try the zip drive, but it won’t work until you get a password.

  • Set the alarm for 10 a.m.
  • At 10, first call the Chaco Cultural center.
  • Then call Ms. Rutherford.
  • If you are a big Nancy Drew fan, you should also call Bess until you find out who her special guests are.

Mexican Consulate

  • Now go to the consulate and speak to Alejandro. He wants the provenance papers before he tells you the word.


  • It’s time to go back to the hospital and see Henrik again. You still need the password for the zip drive.
  • When you get there he will be asleep. Put the glyph translation paper from his drawer on the memory board and go back to the Museum. If you don’t put the glyph paper on the board, he will be asleep everytime you come back.

Museum: Joanna’s Office

  • Go to the Museum. Go into Joanna’s office.
  • To get behind her desk, first go to the microscope. Then you will be able to turn and go behind the desk.
  • Click on the file cabinets. You will be able to pick up one folder. Look at each page, then close the folder and it will go into inventory.
  • Turn to the desk. You can look at one paper on top, a shipping document that matches the pink one that was hanging in the shipping room.

  • Open the desk drawer. Take the small key. Now you can open any display cases.

Mexican Consulate

  • Go back to the Mexican consulate and give Alejandro the papers. He will tell you the word you need is COATL.


  • Stop by the hospital again. Again, I found Henrik sleeping, but if he’s awake, talk to him.

Museum: Lab

  • Back to the museum. Time to try the radio. Go to the lab.
  • Go to Henrik’s desk. Flip the on switch on the radio. The tube will short out. You need a new one-how about trying the ham radio display in the museum?
  • Go back to the first exhibit on the right as you enter the exhibit hall from the lobby, Who Were the Maya?
  • Open the display case, turn the radio, open the side door and take out a tube. Then close the door, turn the radio back, and click on the display case lid to close it.


  • Back to the lab. Click on the radio to turn it, click on the door to open it, click the tube from inventory inside the door compartment to take out the old tube and put in the new one.

  • Now you need to send a message. This is one of the typical parts of a Nancy Drew mystery that doesn’t really make any sense. She almost always finds a code the crooks use, and she almost always uses it to send a message, even though she doesn’t really have any idea what will happen. Just go with it.
  • Turn on the radio.
  • Using the code book from Henrik’s death, you can figure out what to do. Start by setting the frequence to 2050. Click on 2, 0, 5, 0, then CONNECT.
  • A voice comes on and give you a number . Use the code steps in the book to find the frequency is 2731. Set that frequency the same way: 2, 7, 3, 1, CONNECT

  • Now send the password COATL in morse code. The Morse Code panel is in the center of the radio. Just press the combination of dots and dashes you need for each letter, then the SEND key.

C = dash dot dash dot SEND

O = dash dash dash SEND

A = dot dash SEND

T = dash SEND

L = dot dash dot dot SEND

  • Once the password is OK, send the message LECHE to get a package shipped.

L = dot dash dot dot SEND

E = dot SEND

C = dash dot dash dot SEND

H = dot dot dot dot SEND

E = dot SEND

  • Then turn off the radio. Don’t tell them you’re sending payment, because you’re not. They’ll still send the package.

  • Now you are expecting 2 packages: one from Mrs. Rutherford and one from the smugglers.
  • From now on, just keep checking Shipping every so often. Packages will show up in the roped off area. You won’t be able to make any more progress until one arrives.
  • If you get really bored, you can go to the Temple and do the Level 1 activities, just keep checking shipping and don’t go into the Level 2 room yet.



  • When the package arrives from the smugglers, addressed to Henrik, open it. After all, Joanna said you could take care of his mail!

  • When the package arrives, you will find a box with 3 Mayan faces. Remember that the Mayans liked crossed eyes. Cross the eyes by clicking on them in the order shown in the screenshot to open the box.

  • Take out the jade, then close up the box again. You’ll need to click once in the empty space, once on the box lid, and one more time on the box.



  • Since we still haven’t gotten the password for the zip disk, we better go back and talk to Henrik in the hospital. If it’s not between 10 and 4, go back to the hotel first and change the time.
  • As long as you put the notes from Henrik up on the board before, and you have the smuggler’s jade, you’ll finally be able to talk to Henrik.
  • Examine his glyph notes on the memory board.

  • Talk to him. Now you know where the Pacal is, but you’re still not ready to get it.


  • Go back to the hotel. Use the password STONE to get into the Zip disk.

  • There’s a lot of information on the disk. You need to read all of it.
  • You’ll learn that indeed the monolith is a prison, and that it’s locked with 6 jade keys: the King (Pacal), the fool (the smuggler’s jade), North, South, East, and West.

  • You’ll also find some information about various Mayan words that you may need later.

  • And you’ll find a phone number for Henry Daddle, who may have one of the 6 jade keys.

  • You’ll also find a reference to a Cuban Bishop, who may have had one of the other keys.

  • Call the Chaco cultural center first. You really need a replica of their missing jade.
  • Then call Henry Daddle. He will give you the phone number for his daughter, who has the jade.
  • Talk to his daughter, and find out that the jade is back in Sinclair’s office.

Sinclair’s Office

  • Time to go to Sinclair’s. It was 5:30 pm when I left and he was there.
  • If he’s not there, you’ll have to come back to hotel and set the time to the next morning. When you see him, ask for a cookie. Click on the cookie jar lid to open it. After you take the cookie, click on the jar lid again to replace it.

  • Talk to Sinclair again and ask to see the painting. He will conveniently leave the room. Swap the cookie for the jade.

  • Back to the museum.


  • Keep checking shipping until you get the package from Mrs. Rutherford.
  • Open it, and take out the replica necklace.

Museum: Temple

  • We want to get the Pacal piece, so you can go ahead and start on the Temple Quizzes. If you already did level 1, that’s fine, but you needed the information from Henrik to do level 2.
  • At first I thought you did all 3 levels on the same machines, but it turns out each time you finish a level you need to find the door to the next room and go through, and then there will be new machines in there.

Level 1:


Level 1 quiz: This is on the computer on the left side of the room. Put in your card first!

Solution: Palenque, Zac Kuk, tzolkin, Itzamna, Quiche (or any of the other languages)

  • You can also use this computer station to check your progress. There are 3 activities for each level, and you have to pass all of them before your Temple Card will open the door to the next level.

Level 1 glyph game. This is on the big green plaque in the center of the room. Again, put your temple card in first, or it won’t count. You have to click on a glyph, then its word. You have to get them all right in a row or the sequence will start from the beginning. When a word is right, it will get a green light next to it. You can do it by trial and error or by searching through all your notes for Mayan glyphs.



Level 1 Bul game. This is on the computer on the right side of the room. Make sure you put your temple card in the slot first, or it won’t count.This seemed fairly random. I just always clicked two rolls for my side until my guy got within 4 of the right. Then I clicked 1 roll, 1 pass. For the computer, if he’s close enough to hurt you, you can pass his second turn.  It worked, anyway.

  • Now use your temple card to open the door to the left of the green plaque and go through to Level 2.

Level 2:


Level 2 quiz. This is on the computer on the left wall.

Solution: Lady Xoc, bicephalic, huipil, promiment nobleman, atanzahab

Level 2 maze. This is on the other computer station.

  •  You will have to start by entering Sonny’s password from his journal.

  • The good news is that if you enter M while playing, you will get a little map of the maze down in the comment section, which is a big help. The bad news is that the map is not oriented the same way you are, and if you even touch the lower 1/5 of the maze screen you will pop out and have to start all over! Horrible design.
  • There are several different mazes, so I can’t give you one solution, but I promise if you just keep your eyes on the map instead of the maze you’ll be able to solve it.

A few tips:

  • If you get your cursor close enough to the bottom so that the direction arrow would appear, you will automatically pop out of the computer station and lose all your progress! So only click in the top 2/3.
  • There’s no timer, so take your time.
  • Type M to see the maze map. I highly recommend using this.

  • On the maze map, you are the little green rectangle. Pink rectangles are doors. Purple rectangles are obstacles you can’t go around.
  • It looks like you can go around trees, but you can’t. You need a fully open doorway to go through.
  • There’s no good way to get Nancy to line up with a doorway, which is very frustrating. I found I often had to turn towards the left wall and run her into it, then turn back to align with a doorway.
  • The map is not oriented towards your view, but you get used to it.
  • Most of the time you have to move your cursor left if you want to go right and vice versa. I think this is because you are really pulling the map around rather than moving Nancy. Again, you get used to it.
  • Use the left mouse button to go forward and the right mouse button to go back.
  • If you get dizzy watching the pictures, just focus on the map. You can even cover the screen with your hand.
  • If you leave the maze and return, you will restart in a different map. I don’t know if it’s a different maze altogether or you just have a different starting place. Your objective is always in the lower right, marked with a big white square.
  • When you look at the picture part of the maze, the ending object is a large floor mural that is a picture of Pacal. It is a white dot on the map. Stand on it, and you will hear a ding to signal the end of the maze and you will be automatically exited.

Level 2 Basketball game

  • For this game, you have to make the shot from each position. If you miss any shot, you have to start over.
  • You can adjust both the power and the angle. You adjust the power by clicking the + or – buttons on the bottom row.

  • You can adjust the angle by clicking next to the butotons on the right column.
  • Notice that as the shooter moves away from the basket, he is also moving higher on the hill, so you have to adjust the angle downward as you adjust the power upward.


Power 4 Angle High (original setting)

Power 3, Angle Mid

Power 5, Angle Mid

Power 6, Angle Low

  • Near the basketball game there is a video screen on the wall with a big red button in front of it. Click on the button to watch a video about Yum Cimil, the God of Death. The video is pretty cool, and this is the only place you will find his name, which you will need for the Level 3 Match.
  • After you complete all 3 tasks, use your temple key to go through the door to the right of the computer with the Quiz on it.

Level 3:

Go downstairs, and look around.

Level 3 Match Test.

  • Eventually you will find a green plaque. You need to match the name of the god to his/her purpose.

Level 3 Quiz

  • The computer station with the quiz is across the little bridge over the water.

  • The answer to the quiz is a trick, but Henrik told you the answer-coatimundi.
  • There is a locked door next to the computer station, but don’t open it until you have the lightstick! If you go in while it’s dark, you will lose the game and have to use the SECOND CHANCE option to try again.

Level 3 Calendar.

  • The calendar task is near the bottom of the stairs where you came in.

  • First read the instructions on the top plaque.
  • Then look at the next plaque to see the symbol for Kaban.

  • Now insert your card.
  • Click on the round calendar.
  • Click on the rotation arrow on the far right of the calendar to turn the month indicator to Kaban.

  • Once it is in place, just click on the day counter to turn it. You will hear click, click, click as it turns. When it dings, you have the right day.

Temple, Level 3 Room (after completing tasks)

  • Once you have completed all 3 tasks you need to find the Tomb of Pacal.
  • Go to the calendar quiz, then turn around. The tomb is across from a display about Jade.

  • Use your temple key to open the tomb.

  • Remove the fake jade mask, and you will see the real Pacal jade where Henrik hid it. Pick it up.

  • To close the tomb again, you will need to click on the lid.
  • Before you leave, take the lightstick from the slot-you will need it.

  • Go back to the bridge, and open the door next to the computer station. Now you can see with the lightstick. Pick up the lightstick before you go in.
  • Use the light from the lightstick to find your way up the stairs. When you get to the jade doors, click on them.
  • They will open, and you will be back in the garden.
  • Go back inside the museum.

A Brief Recap

Let’s recap:

  • You are alone in the museum, because Mr. Rose suspended Joanna and Henrik is in the hospital.
  • You know you need 6 jade keys to open the monolith tomb.
  • You have 4 keys:
  • 1. Mrs. Rutherford’s necklace that she sent you
  • 2. King Pacal Jade Henrik hid in the tomb
  • 3. The fool piece that the smugglers sent you
  • 4. The piece from Poppy’s painting that you got from Sinclair’s office
  • Chaco Canyon’s had a key. You’ve already talked to them on the phone, they are going to send you a mold of it. If they haven’t told you that yet, you will need to call them twice more to get it.
  • That leaves the 6th piece. When you looked at Henrik’s notes, he said one key was taken by Diego de Landa. That’s the name on the locked storage box in Shipping! Joanna also had a note about it on her desk, so maybe she has the combination. We need to get her back so we can talk to her.

Hotel Room

  • So let’s go back to the hotel get some rest, and make some phone calls in the morning.
  • Set the alarm for 10 a.m.
  • Mr. Rose can get Joanna back-call him.
  • Call the Chaco Canyon Cultural Center to make sure the package is on its way. 505 555-1222.

Museum: Joanna’s Office

  • Now back to the museum.
  • Go to Joanna’s office. She will give you the security code for the item. 0677.


  • Go to the shipping room and find the box. It’s in the left section of the room, on the top right shelf.

  • Open it. That will give you a 5th key.

  • Check shipping. Wow, Express Mail is really fast these days! Open the box from Chaco and get the mold.


  • OK, this is a museum, they must have something here for using molds. Back to the laboratory.
  • Look around. The machine just to the left of the periodic table is a mold injector.

  • Put the mold on the white tray under the machine. Click the machine twice. Now you have 1 white key and 5 jade keys.
  • At this point you probably don’t remember you need to put the keys all together, but I’ll remind you that was in Henrik’s notes.
  • Go to the turntable where you assembled the pot. When you zoom in on it, the bottom piece will already be in place. Put together the pieces of the key, first the bottom, then the top, then the sides. It will make a cube.
  • Start by putting on the top. You will have to rotate the bottom 2 or 3 times using the round arrow on the right side of the turntable.  Click the top after each rotation. It will stick when it’s right.
  • Then put the side pieces in place. Each piece has a slightly different shape.

  • When they are all in place, Nancy will say “Now I have the key!” Click on it one more time to pick it up and put it in inventory.

Save your game here.


Garden: Monolith

  • Now back to the garden.
  • When you look at the monolith, you realize it’s missing some circle pieces. They should remind you of the calendar puzzle you did in the tomb.

Exhibition Hall

  • Go back into the museum, to the exhibit that says GODS, and you will find the calendar pieces in the case there. You will have to use Joanna’s key to open it. Remember to click on the case lid to close it again.

Garden: Monolith

  • You have the calendar pieces, and they’re heavy. Go back out to the monolith, and put them in place. Now what?

  • Nancy will remind you that Henrik’s notes say “when the first King ascends again.” One of the nearby monuments tells you that King Pacal ascended to the throne on Lamat 6.

  • You need to rotate the day and the month on the calendar until they line up with the horizontal line at 9 o’clock on the circle.

  • To set the calendar, first turn the inner circle to the number 6. This is one bar and one spot, but to be honest it looked like three spots to me. But it’s the one that comes right after the single bar. The rotate arrow is on the lower right of the stone.

  • Now just turn the outer circle until it clicks. You don’t really have to know what Laban looks like as long as you set the day correctly first, but it’s kind of like a cross with a dot on each outer corner.
  • Now the game skips a step, but the idea is that Nancy needs to put the square key once into each side of the monolith. Each side matches a different face on the key, so you will have to rotate it. She says she already did the first one, but you never really see it happen.

  • Just go to the next side of the monolith. If you use the little rotate arrows, it’s the easiest.

  • Click on the indent square. Nancy will tell you if she already did this side or if you still have to do it.
  • When you get the zoom scene, pick up the key from inventory, and click it on the indent. You will get a zoom view of the key.

  • Click on the key once when the cursor is a magnifying glass.
  • You will see it go into the indent.
  • If it is the correct face, you will see a little movie where the stone moves.
  • If it is not the correct face, it will just sit there. If that’s what happens, click it again, and it will go back to the zoom scene on the right. Then use the rotate arrow to turn to the next face and try again.

  • Eventually Nancy will say “Last one” and you can do the last one.

Inside the Monolith: Timed Puzzle Coming Up

  • The monolith will open, and you see the mummy of the Whisperer.
  • Take her book-it’s blank!

  • The villain will show up.
  • The next part is timed, so you may need to try it a couple of times.
  • The villain will shut you in. Now you need to escape the tomb. Remember the exhibit said that Pacal had to leave her spirit a way out.
  • It’s dark. You are facing the door, but it won’t open.
  • You have to do this next part very quickly, especially if you’re playing in Senior Detective mode.
  • First, pick up the lightstick from inventory. You will need to have it all the time, unless you’re on a zoom scene. Then I guess Nancy is holding it in her mouth!
  • You will find the turn arrows about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the screen. Find the right turn arrow and quickly click it 6 times.
  • Now you are facing the mummy. Look in her mouth, and you will find a metal rectangular bar. Click a few times to pick it up with the cursor and it will go into inventory.
  • Turn right one click.
  • You will see a small rectangular hole on the wall. Click on it with the cursor, and you will get a zoom scene.

  • Now click on the rectangular bar from inventory and insert it in the hole. You will hear a click.

  • Close the zoom scene. You are automatically holding the lightstick again.
  • Find the right arrow again. Click it. You will see a face on the wall-that’s the door out, but we can’t open it yet.
  • Turn right again. Now look for a down arrow and click it.

  • Look for a vertical flower on the wall. It’s pretty big, in real life probably a foot or so.
  • Click on the flower, and you will hear Nancy say something about the scribe’s real writings. Click near the bottom of the flower, and you will see a metal flower.

  • Pick it up and it will go into inventory.
  • Click on the up arrow.
  • Click on the left arrow so you are looking at the face again.
  • Click on the face to get a zoom scene.

  • Take the metal flower from inventory and put it into the right eye.
  • The door will open.
  • Watch the ending.
  • If you are not quick enough to get the door open the first time, you will get a newspaper story. Warning-Nancy has died and is a mummy in this one. It’s not obvious, but it might be too much for young kids.
  • If you can’t get the door open in time, you can use the SECOND CHANCE option from the Save menu, and you’ll restart right where the door to the tomb is closing on you.


  • The key to this task is to remember to click while you’re holding the light stick to open a zoom scene, then quickly grab the inventory object, use it, and click again to exit the zoom scene. You will automatically be holding the light stick again. It’s not bad once you know what to do, it just takes a little practice.

This ends the Strategy Guide.


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