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By Don Keizer |

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Mystic Emporium is an exciting fantasy time management game from Merscom with a theme that is somewhat similar to Mystic Inn and Miriel The Magical Merchant.  Your assignment is to turn an old, run down magic shop into a blooming success. If you are experiencing difficulty making the daily goal in the game, below are some tips and tricks that will help you out!


  • Here are some general tips that will be helpful to struggling gamers:
  • This game is not about chaining; It is about getting rid of the customers as quickly as possible by  fulfilling their orders. If you do not fulfill the needs of customers quickly enough, the time will run
  • out in the level and you won’t be able to complete your goal. Rather than serve them at 3 or 4 at a time, try to do multiple tasks at once. For example, there might be 4 customers. Take the order of customer 1, while you pick up the money of customer 2, while you create a potion for customer 3 while  you hand a completed potion/artifact for customer 4. It is a rhythm that you will need to become  accustomed to.
  • Two customers on the screen at the same time will never order the same potions.
  • When you are in a rush to serve the customers, you might accidentally pick up the wrong ingredient or artifact. If you need to throw an item in the trash for whatever reason, you will not be penalized.
  • When you prepare the same type of potion in the same cauldron consecutively, you will receive a speed bonus. However, the cauldron does not display the most recent potion that you added if it is the first potion of that kind.  In other words, you need to rely on your memory unless you have prepared 2 or more of the same potions in the same cauldron consecutively. If that is the case, the game will display a picture of the potion x2, x3, x4, or MAX.
  • Purchasing the Bronze, Gold and Silver keys actually enable you to store potions for future customers. This can be very useful if you make potions towards the end of a level that you do not need at that time. You can give out these potions during the next level and that will increase the amount of customers that you will have time to serve, making it more likely for you to achieve expert.
  • Sometimes if you make a mistake by cooking up the wrong potion, you get lucky and the next customer that comes into the shop might want that potion- Don’t be so quick to throw it out.
  • It is extremely important not to lose customers in this game. It is also quite difficult to lose customers, especially if you properly utilize the harp. In the later levels when you use the harp, the satisfaction of all of the customers returns to almost 100%.
  • Multi tasking is really the key to succeeding in this game, and I am not talking about simply serving 2 customers at once. You need to be paying constant attention to the needs of the Pocus Berry Plant. You also need to make sure that the Phoenix has a feather ready at your disposal. Lastly, you need to make sure that the artifacts are available for immediate sale. (You accomplish this by clicking on the empty silhouette of the artifact when it is gone.
  • Every time you take a feather from the Phoenix, immediately click on it again so it produces another feather and you don’t have to touch it again.
  • There are artifacts that you must sell in the game. They have nothing to do with creating potions, but they are requested by customers at times in place of potions.
  • To store an artifact again that you have just given away to a customer, simply click on the empty silhouette of the artifact and it will be generated again.
  • Every time you take an artifact from the wall, click on it immediately after, so that the artifact regenerates and will be shortly ready for use.
  • The two most impatient customers are the green lady, and the character that looks like The Count. Try to serve them first! The Ogres appear to be the most patient customers.
  • Most importantly, take breaks between every few levels and give your hand a rest, especially if you are trying to achieve expert. Sometimes, the clicks do not register properly, which requires you to concentrate even harder. One simple mistake can cause you expert goal, or even normal goal.
  • While a time management game with 24 levels appears to be rather short, this is not the case with Mystic Emporium. The levels get longer and more complicated as you go on. Plan to spend hours on this game if you want to achieve expert on all 24 levels.


Items can be purchased at the magic shop after the completion of each level. These items help with your character’s speed,
the patience level of the customers, the production of items necessary for potions, the cooking speed of the cauldrons, and the ability to store potions for later use.

Sneaker Upgrades

  • Fairy Sneakers (100 points) – Increases character speed x2
  • Witchy Sneakers (1000 points) – Increases character’s speed x3

Cauldron Upgrades

  • Leaky Cauldron (550 points) – With this upgrade it will take 6 seconds to cook your potion
  • Sturdy Cauldron (1250 points) – With this upgrade it will take only 4 seconds to cook your potion
  • Master Cauldron (2500 points) – With this upgrade it will take only 2.5 seconds to cook your potion

Harp Upgrades

  • Wooden Harp (400 points) – This harp slightly increases customer patience
  • Haunted Harp 1(000 points) – This harp increases customer patience further
  • Magic Harp (2250 points) – This harp increases customer patience to the maximum level

Key Upgrades

  • Bronze Key (500 points) – This key opens an extra space on the rack which allows you to store an extra potion
  • Silver Key (1200 points) – This key opens a second extra space on the rack which allows you to store an extra potion
  • Gold Key (2400 points) – This key opens a third extra space on the rack which allows you to store an extra potion

Phoenix Egg Upgrades

  • Phoenix Egg Upgrade 1 (1250 points) – This increases the production speed of the Phoenix (it now takes 2 seconds to produce feather)
  • Phoenix Egg Upgrade 2 ( 2500 points) – This increases the production speed of the Phoenix (it now takes 1 second to produce feather)


Below is the order that I purchased all of my upgrades, I found that there is no right or wrong way to go about the order of purchasing upgrades, except that it is necessary to increase your character’s speed as quickly as possible.

After each level is completed, you will be taken to the magic Shop where you can spend the points you earn on items that will help you out, such as increase your walking speed,  increase the amount of potions, increase the speed of the cauldrons that you use to cook, and decrease  the amount of time it takes Phill the Phoenix to produce feathers.

Levels 1 – 10

After level 1, I purchased the Fairy Sneakers for 100 points. This made my character move faster.

After level 2, I could not afford to purchase any items.

After level 3, I purchased a second ‘leaky’ cauldron for 550 points. This enabled me to produce 2
recipes at once.

You then play a collapse mini game at the completion of level 3, and every 3 levels thereafter. You are able to earn a charm (blue, green and red) during each time you play the Mini-game. The charms will increase the chance of getting a double tip from a customer, the speed at which sold artifactes can regenerate, or make the Pocus Berry  bloom faster.

At this time, the Pocus Berry Plant is introduced into the gameplay. Customers will request Pocus Berries. The way for a plant to produce berries is to feed it what ingredient(s) it requests. You need
to feed the Hocus Berry plant a few times before a Hocus Berry is actually produced. During later levels in the game, you will need to be great at multi-tasking.

After level 4, I purchased a Wooden Harp to increase customer patience. Later on, I upgraded my harp.  The purpose of the harp is to ensure that the customers do not walk out of the shop. To activate the  harp, you simply click on it and it will increase all of the customers’ wait time. After the harp has
been activated, you must wait approximately 45 seconds before you can activate it again.

After level 5, I purchased a third and final ‘leaky’ cauldron for 550 points. At this point, I was able  to make 3 different recipes at a time although the three cauldrons were still running at a slow pace.

After level 6, I purchased the Witchy Sneakers for 1000 points which gave the character the maximum  speed. I found it extremely helpful to get this upgrade early on. Speed is the name of the game.

Collapse Mini-game

After level 7, I did not purchase any items.

Phill the Phoenix is introduced which adds more complexity to the gameplay. If you click on the  Phoenix, he will eventually produce a feather which is vital to some of the recipes you need to create.

After the Phoenix produces 3 feathers, he will sleep for a very short time. During this time, he will be unable to produce feathers. Later in the game, you can purchase upgrades for Phill so that he  produces feathers at a faster rate.

Starting on level 8, some customers begin to request 2 items.

After level 8, I purchased the Bronze key which gave me the ability to store potions that I did not yet need but can be used in the next level.

I also upgraded my first Leaky cauldron to a Sturdy Cauldron for 1250 points. This decreased the time  it took for my cauldron to cook a potion by two seconds. Two seconds might seem trivial, but it can a huge difference in achieving goal, or achieving expert goal.

After level 9, I upgraded my second leaky cauldron to a sturdy cauldron for 1250 points.

Collapse Mini-game

Levels 10 – 20

After level 10, I upgraded my third and final leaky cauldron to a sturdy cauldron for 1250 points. Now  all three of my cauldrons are running at the same speed and it makes tasks easier to manage.

After level 11, I purchased a silver key for 1200 points which enabled me to store more potions.

After level 12, I purchased the Haunted Harp for 1000 points which further increases customer patience.

Collapse Mini-game

Here is where the gameplay starts to really pick up and challenge some of the best time management players.

After level 13, I purchased my first Master Cauldron for 2500 points. This is the highest upgrade you can purchase for a cauldron. It further cuts the cooking time down to about 2.5 seconds.

After level 14, I purchased the first of two Phoenix egg upgrades for 1250, which increases the speed  that the Phoenix produces a feather.

At this point, you might have up to 4 customers at a time.

After level 15, I purchased the gold key for 2400 which is the final upgrade to increase the amount of potions of the potion rack.

Collapse Mini-game

After level 16, I purchased the final upgrade for the harp known as the Magic Harp for 2250 points.

This hugely increases customer patience and really comes in handy when a customer is about to leave.

After level 17, I did not purchase any upgrades.

After level 18, I upgraded the second sturdy cauldron to a master cauldron for 2500 points.

Collapse Mini-game

After level 19, I upgraded the third and final sturdy cauldron to a master cauldron for 2500 points. At this point, all of my cauldrons were running on maximum speed.

Levels 20 – 24

After level 20, I purchased the final upgrade available in the shop. I maximized my Phoenix upgrade for 2500 points so that the Phoenix would produce feathers at an extremely rapid rate.

At this point, I have purchased all of the available upgrades in the shop, and I proceeded to play levels 21-24 and complete the game. You play the final Collapse Mini-game after level 21.

In the final 4 levels, the only change that appeared to take effect was that the level goal was slightly higher each level  but the time to complete each level also increased ever so slightly.


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