Mystic Diary: Lost Brother Walkthrough

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Welcome to Gamzebo’s walkthrough for Mystic Diary – Lost Brother.

The setting is the late 19th century, presumably the Victorian Era.  The main character is a young man studying magic who realizes that his brother Gustav who is an archeologist has gone missing.  Our young magician interrupts his studies to embark upon an adventure in search of his missing brother with the help of a mysterious diary.


  • There is no timer in this game so you can take as long as you need to find the objects.
  • If you wish, you can replay any chapter once you have completed all the scenes in that chapter.
  • If you click to rapidly, you will lose your magic powers and have a short wait till you can resume.
  • There are 12 chapters. Each has 2 sets of what I’ll call "Twinkles" with the exception of chapters 7 and 9 which have 3 and the final chapter which has 5. The twinkles are the areas with the multiple twinkling stars.
  • Each set of twinkles will take you to a mini scene where you are given a varying number of items to find, including 1 item for your Inventory.
  • You will find the following scenes in each chapter: main screen, subset twinkle scenes, projects on the main screen to use Inventory items, a mini game puzzle that you can solve or skip, main screen with list of items to find, and a magic symbol screen.
  • The magic symbols will become important in the last chapter. At the end of each chapter a special tool will help you create the magic fire symbol which is relevant to what has happened in that chapter.


  • Hints are unlimited but when you use one, you need to wait for the "Hint" button to refill itself before you can use it again.
  • When your cursor turns into a magnifying glass, click on the item. You will either be able to pick up the item for your Inventory or you will be given instructions that you need to first find an Inventory item.
  • If you see 1 sparkling star, it will be a place of action.
  • Inventory items will sometimes need to be combined to become useful.


  • There is no special reasoning as to why items are indicated by rounds or squares or other than making it easier for you to tell what it is.
  • Different colors are sometimes used to separate items or show a relationship between items.
  • For the first chapter, I have provided more detailed instructions for each scene so you can understand how the rest of the game will work.

CHAPTER 1:  The Message

  • You will notice that in addition to the twinkle areas, there are 5 items with 1 blinking star.
  • Run your cursor over them to see what happens. Your cursor will turn into a magnifying glass. You will be able to pick up 3 of the items for your Inventory. The other 2 stars outlined in green will require later action once you have collected the Inventory items from the mini scenes.

Table Mini Scene

  • For the first chapter, I have indicated the item that will go into your Inventory in another color……this one is part of a key.
  • The 16 items to find are marked.

Bookcase Mini Scene

  • The 16 items you need to find are indicated and again for this chapter, the Inventory item is a different color……it is the other part of the key.

Back to the Apartment

  • You have now collected all Inventory items. Don’t forget that some Inventory items need to be combined to make them useful.
  • Put the gasoline in the torch……it needs fuel to work.
  • Place both pieces of the key on the vice and use the filled torch on it.
  • Use the now welded key on the safe.
  • Use the hammer on the item above the clock to get the stone piece that belongs to the item in the safe.

Safe Puzzle

  • If you want to try it on your own first, don’t look at the solution.
  • The stones will permanently click in when you have the correct position.
  • The middle one is there for starters.


  • Place the stones as shown to solve the puzzle.

  • Now that you’ve completed all of your projects, you will need to find 12 items in the apartment so you can move on to the next scenario.

Magic Time

  • You will be given a special tool to create the magic fire symbol.


CHAPTER 2:  Beached

  • You took Gustav’s air balloon and landed on the island as instructed but now the balloon is burning so you need to put the fire out.
  • Pick up a couple of items you’ll need later and go to either set of twinkles.

  • There are 18 items to find in this set of twinkles.

  • You have 16 items to find in this mini scene.

  • Put out the fire with the fire extinguisher.
  • Fill the bucket in the ocean.

  • A key will appear when the balloon is extinguished but it red hot so use the bucket of water on it.
  • Once it is cool, use it to open the suitcase.

  • You will need the screw driver to pry loose the item inside the suitcase.
  • A circuit board appears that requires use of the pliers.

Circuit Board Puzzle

  • Once you have repaired the circuit board, you will get a mini game. Touch the pieces to rotate them and make them look like the picture.
  • Keep in mind that the thicker edges need to go on the outside of the frame.

  • Find the 16 items necessary to move on.

Magic Time


CHAPTER 3:  Welcome to the Jungle

  • Pick up a few necessary Inventory items and go to the twinkles.

  • Find the 16 items.

  • Find the 18 items.

  • Your ultimate goal is to get rid of the chains so you can see what is beyond.
  • Combine the indicated Inventory items as shown and use them where necessary.
  • You will end up with a crowbar and a roll of tape.

  • Use the crowbar on the chains.

  • Use the tape on the wires.

Repeat the Sequence Puzzle

  • In this puzzle mini game you will be required to push the play button and repeat the sequence.
  • A good memory is not a requirement if you write down the sequence and then play it.
  • There are 5 increasingly longer sequences.

  • Collect all 22 fruit for your hungry magician.

Magic Time


CHAPTER 4:  The Ancient Cave

  • Find the available items for your Inventory and go to the twinkles.

  • Find your 16 items.

  • 18 items are needed here.

  • Put the other half of the symbol in it’s place
  • Be sure to bang the pick axe several times on the hole in the wall.
  • Each item you use from your Inventory will return a piece of mirror to be placed in the diamond shaped holes on the wall.
  • Be sure to put the piece of mirror you already have in one of the diamonds because there are only 6 spaces in your Inventory and there are a total of 7 mirror pieces.
  • Once you have collected the mirror pieces, place them on the wall.

  • You must have done a super job because this is the result of your efforts.

Critter Puzzle

  • The game calls these cute little guys stone faces but they look like critters. 3 of the critters move other critters.
  • The upper right critter turns everything.
  • The upper left turns everything except the lower right one.
  • The bottom left also turns the upper right.
  • The bottom right only turns itself…….deal with it last.

  • I don’t want to be a complete spoiler so I’ll let you play with this one since there is no timer. Keep in mind that the turners have arrows that can determine which direction you turn the critters.
  • Your ultimate goal is to make all of the green areas for each critter match as in the solution shot.
  • It’s pretty easy but if you get stuck, you can always skip the puzzle.

  • Back to the main scene to find the list before you move on.

Magic Time


CHAPTER 5:  Artic Campsite

  • Look out for the angry Penguin who wants food. You need to feed him so must collect parts of a fishing rod to catch him a fish.
  • Collect the items on the main scene and then go to the twinkles.

  • Find 18 items on the list.

  • Find 16 items in this mini scene.

  • Hit the hammer 3 times on the ice to make a large enough hole.
  • You have all the parts of the fishing rod in your Inventory so combine them and go fishing.

  • Grab your fish and give it to the penguin who then passes out leaving you to finish what you need to do.

Hide and Seek Puzzle

  • When you click on the twinkles in the tent, you will be presented with a different sort of "find the differences" puzzle. This is the original picture of Gustav’s room.

  • The tool is shown in the scene below………note that item is in the original picture but not in the tool.
  • Items may be in the original picture but missing with the special tool.
  • Items may appear with the use of the tool and not be in the original.
  • Items may be slightly different with the use of the tool.

  • Item to find in the puzzle are shown below.
  • Note that for the last item I chose turns out to be different than in the original picture.

  • Once again you will need to find items in the main scene before you can move on.

Magic Time


CHAPTER 6:  The Mysterious Symbol

  • We’re back in Gustav’s apartment looking for more clues.

  • Mini Scene with 16 items to find.

  • 18 items in the next mini scene.

  • Light the candle with the fire in the fireplace and then use it on the map.

  • The burnt map will expose a symbol of an ankh so place your Inventory ankh on the symbol as a key to open the wall safe.

Ankh Puzzle

  • Insert the puzzle pieces to solve…….here are the before and after shots.


  • Find the indicated items to move on.

Magic Time


CHAPTER 7:  Photo Sabotage

  • You have returned to the magician’s apartment where you find a torn up photo. First you must find the pieces so you put the photo back together.
  • There are 3 sets of twinkles in this chapter so you will have 3 mini scenes and find 3 Inventory items.

  • Find the 18 items in the mini scene.

  • 16 items in this mini scene.

  • Now you need to find 18 items.

  • You’ve got all Inventory item so use them as shown in the picture.

  • Your efforts have produced photo pieces which you will need to place on the proper spot as shown.

Photo Puzzle

  • Put the photo back together as shown.

  • Grab the rest of the items and we’ll check out the Sanitarian in the photo.

Magic Time


CHAPTER 8:  THE Unsanitary Sanitarium

  • Find 16 in this mini scene.

  • Go for the 18 items here.

  • Us the sponge in your Inventory to soak up the liquid on the bed.
  • Once you’ve done that, place it on the dish next to the skull head.
  • Now use the syringe to soak up the liquid and place it in the flask on the table to your left.

Flask Puzzle

  • This is easiest way to solve this puzzle because it changes every time it’s played.
  • Click on the first flask 4 times. If you find a "check mark" versus an "X" on any of the flasks, write down the result.
  • Turn the faucet to evacuate and go to the next flask and do the same thing. Keep doing this for each flask until you find the 4 check marks.
  • Be sure to write down the position and color of all of the check marks.
  • Once you’ve found all 4 check marks, select the colored flasks in the correct order.

  • Back to the Sanitarian for what to find in order to move on.

Magic Time


CHAPTER 9: The Breakthrough

  • You are back in the magician’s apartment to analyze what you found.
  • There are 3 mini scenes in this chapter to obtain the needed items.

  • Find 16 items in this mini scene.

  • There are 18 more items in this scene.

  • And 16 here before the analysis begins.

  • Place the flask on the burner and light it.

  • When it turns from blue/green to yellow, use the q-tips on it and combine them with the Petri dish.
  • Place the dish on the microscope.

Analysis Puzzle

  • The microscope wants you to analyze the liquid.
  • Click on the first dish which will show blue particles on the round screen.
  • You need to need to solve each dish separately from left to right before you can go on to the next dish.
  • The solutions are indicated below each dish.
  • Click on the arrows next to the dials to make the numbers move.

  • Once you have solved the puzzle, you will again need to find the final set of items to go to the next chapter.

Magic Time


CHAPTER 10:  The Dark Manor

  • Find the initial items and then go to the twinkles.

  • There are 18 items to find in this mini scene.

  • Find 18 more items here.

  • Place the 3 stones as indicated.
  • Use the oil can on the gate and the lamp.
  • Combine the glue with the pipe.

  • You now have a wrench for the lamp and a key for the gate.
  • The wrench will come back to your Inventory once you use it on the lamp.
  • Use the key on the gate.

  • Once the gate is open, pick up the trowel and use it on the dirt in the fountain.
  • Place the glued pipe on the missing fountain pipe connection.
  • Use the wrench on the red handle to turn the water on.

Night and Day Puzzle

  • You need to transfer all the moons to the bottom and all the suns to the top.
  • You do not have to move each piece to the space next to it, you can skip over other suns and moons as you like to make the transfer from the before to after photo.


  • This is what it should look like when you’re done.

  • Find what you need to move on.

Magic Time

CHAPTER 11: Underground Passage

  • Pick up the acetone bottle and go to the twinkles.

  • Find 18 items.

  • Find 18 items.

  • Use the knife on the scarf and combine the scarf with the acetone to use on the lamp which will produce the doll’s head in the barrel.
  • Place the head on the doll to receive a piece of symbol.
  • Use the hammer on the stone over the first arch to fine the other piece of the symbol.

  • Place the pieces of symbol on the farthest archway.

Spiral Maze Puzzle

  • The magnet will help you guide the light ball to the center of the spiral maze.
  • I’ve found it is better to try to guide the ball with the magnet on top of it rather than try to pull it along.

  • Here is the path you need to take to get to the center.

  • Find all the items listed.

Magic Time


CHAPTER 12:  The Final Portal

  • This chapter has 5 twinkle areas.
  • Pick up all of the available round tiles……..there are 7 here.
  • You will need to start placing them in the portal because there are 12 total tiles and you only have 6 spaces available in your Inventory.

  • 16 items in this mini scene.

  • 18 item to find here.

  • Look for 20 items in this scene.

  • 20 more items to find.

  • 22 items to pick up in this mini scene.

  • Put your remaining tiles in the portal.

Magic Time

  • Note the pictures of the Magic Symbols above the portal which now looks like the last Magic Symbol.

Magic Symbol Puzzle

  • You will need to place the Magic Symbols in order as they have appeared in each chapter of the game.

  • This is a composite of the way it needs to look so you don’t have to go back to each chapter and see which symbol was where.

  • Here is the final solution.




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