Mystery Solitaire – Secret Island Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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Check out our Tips and Tricks for the hottest Solitaire… I mean… Seek and Find game… Wait, it’s both! Here are our Tips for Mystery Solitaire – Secret Island:

  • Always focus on removing cards from the long rows and tall stacks early in the level. Strategically, this means you should leave easy matches on the board that don’t free up any other cards – you just might need those individual cards to finish the level without using ‘Shuffle’.

  • You have unlimited Hints and Shuffles to help you, but using them costs you points and time respectively.
  • Using the Power-Up cards correctly is critical to getting off the island! Remember the MAGNETS can pull ANY card to the position of the magnet – even if the cards are covered by other cards. The KEY can remove any visible LOCK (even if it is partially covered by other cards). The JOKER’s are powerful because they remove ALL of the remaining cards of the same card you click on, but they only work on face-up cards.
  • Maximize your Points! If you see multiple pairs of the same card value match them back-to-back to get 2,500 bonus points, and to really go for big points try to remove ALL the cards from the level AND the Card Pile to bank 10,000 points.
  • To unlock the clues you must successfully find hidden objects underwater and on land, this takes a keen eye and patience to find the cleverly hidden items. Don’t sweat it – there is no time limit and you have unlimited “hints”.
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