Mystery P.I. – The Vegas Heist Tips Walkthrough

a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:35:”Mystery P.I. – The Vegas Heist Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:22675:”Check our tips & tricks for Mystery P. I. – The Vegas Heist.

  • Mystery P. I. has 25 unique scenes with over 2,300 items to find. There are 25 levels in the game with as little as 3 scenes per level and up to 9 scenes per level towards the end of the game.
  •  There are two modes in the game, “Solve the Vegas Heist” and “Unlimited Seek and Find. ” The Vegas Heist is a combination of seek and find along with some mini games in between all levels.
  • “Unlimited Seek and Find” means that you can find every single item in a particular scene. You can only unlock this mode by either finding all the keys and chips or by solving all the puzzles in the game.
  • The levels are timed but in my opinion they do give a generous amount of time in which to play the levels.
  • Hints are available in the game and they take time to replenish, however you can disable this feature. You can choose to have the hints enabled at all times without having to wait for them to refill by choosing that setting from the options menu.


  • There are several ways to earn money in this game. You receive 5,000 points for every correct item that you click on.
  • If you find several correct items in a row and click on them quickly you will also earn a speed bonus that becomes higher the more items you find in a row.
  • For example, for the first item you will receive 2,500 points and an additional 1,000 points for each item after that. It goes from 2,500 to 3,500, 4,500, 5,500 and so forth.
  • Each key and chip you find will give you an additional 10,000 points for each. Once you’ve collected all the chips and keys you will also earn an additional 100,000 points on top of that. That’s 100,000 for finding all the keys and 100,000 points for finding all the chips.
  • Find all 25 fingerprints in the scene and receive 1 million points!
  • You will be given a certain amount of clues to find at the beginning of each level. Once you find the majority of them you will be asked to continue on and solve the puzzle or look for the remaining items. If you decide to look for the rest of the items, you will receive 25,000 bonus points, that is called a Perfect Investigation Bonus.
  • You can also lose points in this game when you click on too many incorrect items in a row. For every incorrect item you will lose 2,500 points. For each hint you use, you will lose 7,500 points.
  • The game is pretty lenient when it comes to incorrect clicking, it is only when you click very quickly that you will be penalized.


  • If you’re stuck trying to find an item you can click on the hint button and you will be able to find one of the items from your list. The item will be highlighted on the list on the left and also on the scene. Once you see the item highlighted click on it and it will disappear from your list.
  • Using hints will deduct 7,500 points from your total points, use them sparingly. Always try and leave your hints for when you absolutely cannot find an item.
  • Even though the hints are unlimited, they take a little over one minute to refill ( 1 minute and 10 seconds to be exact). You have to wait for the hints to be refilled before you can use it again.
  • If you do not want to wait for your hints to replenish you can go to the options menu and select the Unlimited Hints option. The hints will always be available but they will still cost you 7,500 points each time you use it.
  • If you use too many hints, you can replenish some of those points by continuing to look for hints once the game prompts you to do so. You will earn a Perfect Investigation Bonus (25,000 points) when you find all the items from a level.
  • Hints can only be used for the seek and find portion of the game. It is disabled when it comes to playing the mini games.


  • Some clues may be tricky to find. The word “ANT” could be in the middle of the word “GRANT”. Whenever you see a clue in which all letters are capitalized it means that you have to actually look for the word in the scene, instead of the item.
  • Another clue asked for three number 5’s, One of the fives looked like the letter “S”. It was in the Slot Machine room, the sign said : “Today’5 Jackpot” Notice that there is a number “5” where the letter “S” should be.
  • Other words could mean more than one thing. Normally if you see the word “boxer” in the clue, you would look for a boxer that fights in the ring. In this case it refers to a dog breed.
  • Throughout the game you will have riddles amongst the items to find. I’ve compiled a list of those riddles below. This is not a complete list, just the ones that I found while playing the game which I thought were relevant.


  • 2 Banned Activities = No Smoking sign and No Swimming sign.
  • 3 Water sources = Hose, Fire Hydrant and a Faucet.
  • 3 Wishes Granted = Aladdin’s Lamp
  • 4 Spots = A single die with 4 dots
  • 5 Hundred Dollars = 5 Hundred dollar bills shaped like a number 5.
  • A Bucket of Bubbly = An ice bucket with a bottle of champagne.
  • Alligators Relative = Crocodile
  • Backwards STOP = POTS
  • Border Document = Passport
  • Bottle and Stand = Statue of a man with a bottle on his back.
  • Desert Residence = Cactus
  • Digital Agenda = PDA
  • Don’t SELL = “BUY”
  • Energy Saver = Twisted light bulb.
  • Escargot Ingredient = Snail.
  • Equal Balance = Scale
  • Fire Starter = Match
  • French Symbol = The Eiffel Tower and Fleur-de-Lis (flower, usually a Lilly or an iris)
  • Full of hot air = Hot air balloon
  • Full Rotation = 360
  • Future Prediction? = Fortune cookie
  • Golf Warning = FORE
  • Graffiti Artist’s Tool = Cans of spray paint.
  • Guacamole Ingredient = Avocado
  • Help in the fog = Lighthouse
  • Knight’s Defense = Shield
  • Make a wish = Wishbone.
  • New Year’s Eve = Dec. 31 on a calendar.
  • Number Cruncher = Calculator
  • One-Armed Bandit = Slot Machine
  • Paper Fastener = Paper clip
  • P. I. ‘s Tool = Magnifying Glass
  • Pigskin = Football
  • Pull to win = Slot machine handle
  • Pumps Blood = Heart
  • Pylon = Cone
  • Race Time Keeper = Stopwatch
  • Say Cheese = Camera
  • Screaming = Mask of a man with his mouth open symbolizing a scream.
  • Spicy Hot Peppers = The word “HOT” spelled out with red chili peppers.
  • Stamp of Approval = Rubber stamp or rubber stamp with “OK” at the bottom.
  • STOP rearranged = SPOT
  • Strike me for fire = Match
  • Symbol of Canada = Maple Leaf
  • THREE of a kind = -333
  • Thumb Protection = Thimble
  • Total of 9 = Domino with a 6 and a 3.
  • Toy Deliverer = Word “SANTA-CLAUS”
  • Toy on a string = Yo-yo
  • Trick or Treat = Pumpkin
  • Type of fungus = Mushroom
  • Vampire’s Enemy = Garlic
  • Wants a Cracker = Parrot
  • Wild Card = Joker card
  • Winner’s Cup = Trophy
  • Y2K + 8 = 2008


  • There are four mini games in Mystery P. I. The Vegas Heist, they are pretty straightforward jigsaw puzzles along with a word search game.

Rotate Tiles

  • In one of the games you must click to rotate the tiles to make it look like the picture on the left. Once a row is completed the pieces on that row will automatically lock into place.
  • Once 1 row is completed, any 2 adjacent pieces that are placed correctly will lock into place without the row having to be completed.
  • The instructions say that you can right click to rotate the pieces but you can also left click them in order to rotate them.


  • In another puzzle game you must swap tiles in order to duplicate the picture on the left. You can also see a lighter view of the picture underneath the tiles.
  • It’s sometimes easier to match the tiles by looking at what’s below them than to look at the picture on the left. Once the pieces are placed correctly, they will automatically lock in place.

Jigsaw Puzzle

  • The third puzzle game is a regular jigsaw game in which you must pick up the pieces on the left and place them on the scene.
  • You do not have a picture on the left side which shows you what you have to recreate. However, the picture is on the main scene and you can recreate it from there. You can either left or right click the pieces in order to rotate them.

Word Search

  • The fourth and last mini-game is a word search puzzle – pretty standard as far as word searches go. Look at the list of items on the left and find them on the puzzle.
  • As you find the words, click on them and drag the mouse to highlight the letters in the correct order. Words can be backwards, horizontal, vertical or straight.
  • If you’re stuck looking for a word, just start with the first letter of the word and go row by row until you find it.


  • You will have your usual array of items that you need to find in the game, in addition there are also special items to be found as well. Each scene will have one hidden key and one hidden chip that needs to be found.
  • Once you’ve found 25 keys and 25 chips you will unlock the unlimited seek and find section of the game. It should be unlocked around level 15.
  • You will be able to tell how many keys and chips you’ve found so far by looking at the left side of your screen. It will tell you how many of each you’ve found (20/25, etc.).
  • If you’re unsure if you’ve found either one of those items in a location you can also look on the left side, where the symbol of the key and the chip is located. If you haven’t found either one in that scene, the symbols will be yellow. If you did find them you will only see their silhouette.
  • In addition to the keys you will also have to find a fingerprint in each of the scenes. Find all fingerprints and receive 1 million bonus points!  Unlike the chips and keys you cannot look on the left side of the scene and see if you’ve already found a fingerprint in that particular scene.
  • Just remember that each unique scene has one fingerprint, once its found it will not appear again once you go revisit that scene.
  • Pay attention when you do find a fingerprint, the total amount you’ve found so far will flash quickly in the scene. It will say something like 14/25 fingerprints found. This will let you know how many more you need to find.


  • Below is a list of all 25 locations with a description of where each key, fingerprint and chip is located.  The list is in alphabetical order and not in the order of appearance.  At the end of this list you will also find the solution to the puzzles that will lead you to recover the stolen money.


  • Key-Lower left side, under the license plate.
  • Chip-The red chip is located in the lower center part of the scene, above the red bin
  • Fingerprint-Lower right side, on the red bin.


  • Key- In the center of the scene, all the way at the bottom, on the side of the stack of plates.
  • Chip-On top of the table, towards the center.
  • Fingerprint-Top left side, on the serving tray.


  • Key-It is on the main door.
  • Chip-The blue chip is on the blue background above the left side of the marquis.
  • Fingerprint-It is on the blue background of the top right side of the marquis.


  • Key-The word “key” on the lower right side.
  • Chip-Black and white chip, on the top right side.
  • Fingerprint-Left side, lower center, under the seal with the anchor.


  • Key-Top right side, on the side of the mountain, under the top of the golf cart.
  • Chip-In the back of the golf cart, on the red golf bag.
  • Fingerprint-Shadowy outline, close to the front door of the house, under the blue and white umbrella.


  • Key-The word “KEY” written on the lower right side, under the police tape.
  • Chip-Top of the screen, on the outside of the vault’s door.
  • Fingerprint-Top of the screen, on the vault’s door.


  • Key-Top right side, on the purple part of the wallpaper.
  • Chip-The blue chip is at the bottom of the “VEGAS” poster, right side of the wall.
  • Fingerprint-Top left side, on the mirror.


  • Key-Top right side.
  • Chip-Lower right side, on the side wall.
  • Fingerprint-Lower left side of the floor.


  • Key-Bottom right corner.
  • Chip-Lower right side, under the massage table.
  • Fingerprint-The word “FINGERPRINT” on the side of the window.


  • Key-Top right side, it’s a key with the word “keys” written on it.
  • Chip-Red chip, on the lower left side.
  • Fingerprint-The word “FINGERPRINT” on the left side of the helicopter.


  • Key-Right side, on the hood of the car.
  • Chip-Top right side, in between the wheel.
  • Fingerprint-Right side, under the headlight of the car.


  • Key-Left side, hanging from a plant under the front desk.
  • Chip-Top left side, on the wall.
  • Fingerprint-On the left side of the floor, in front of the black chair.


  • Key-Top left side, on the wall.
  • Chip-Top right side, by the leaf (red chip)
  • Fingerprint- Lower left side, next to the Joker card


  • Key-On the ceiling, it blends in with the purple part.
  • Chip-In the back of the room, close to the pumpkin.
  • Fingerprint-On the right corner, blends in with the wood panel. Next to the image of the lion.


  • Key-Lower right side, in front of the chest.
  • Chip-Black and white chip is on the top right side.
  • Fingerprint-Lower right side, on the side of the chest.


  • Key-Is on the lower right side, under the table.
  • Chip-Top left side, under the word “MONEY”
  • Fingerprint-It sits on the red background of the money wheel, top center part.


  • Key-Faded image of a key, on the left side of the floor.
  • Chip-Lower right side, on the green part of the pool table.
  • Fingerprint-Shadowy outline of a fingerprint, left side of the floor.


  • Key-Bottom left side, silver key on the silver chair.
  • Chip-Top right side, next to the casino side.
  • Fingerprint-In the center of the scene, under the awning.


  • Key-On the right edge of the table, on the part of the tablecloth that is hanging over.
  • Chip-The red chip is against the red background. Top left side of the bench.
  • Fingerprint-Lower right side, under the table.


  • Key-The word “KEY” is on the side of the roulette wheel, right side of the scene.
  • Chip-The chip is in the center of the scene, under the first slot machine on the left.
  • Fingerprint-The word “FINGERPRINT” is written on the side of the table that is on the top left side.


  • Key-Lower right side, above the red stool.
  • Chip-Top left side, on the ceiling.
  • Fingerprint-In the center if the scene, on the side of the slot machine.


  • Key-Left side corner, on the side of the small filing cabinet.
  • Chip-Left side, on the first screen that is in the middle row.
  • Fingerprint-Above the desk, on the 4Th screen, from left to right, of the last row of monitors.


  • Key-Left side, in between the mailbox and the parking meter
  • Chip-In the pool, left side of the screen. By the red and white floating device.
  • Fingerprint-The word ”FINGERPRINT” is etched on the edge of the pool.


  • Key-Top right side, on the switch box.
  • Chip-Green and pink chip on the left side, lower part of the green locker.
  • Fingerprint-In the center of the room, on the passport.


  • Key-On the left side of the window on the right.
  • Chip-Blue chip on the window on the left.
  • Fingerprint-On the back wall, under the heart wreath.

Once you’ve played all 25 levels you will have to solve some puzzles so you can find the stolen money.

<strong>SOLVE THE RIDDLES </strong>
<li>Answer the 8 riddles by clicking on the correct item in your PDA and placing it on the photograph.
<li>Scroll through the items on the left side of the page until you find the item you’re looking for.
<li>There are 25 items to scroll through, only 8 are correct.

Two hands and a face are features of mine. Right now one of my hands is pointing to nine.
Answer: Clock

One pull of me is all it takes. Your fortune could be the stakes.
Answer: Slot machine handle.
No body have I, just a tail and a head. More weight than a feather and lighter than lead.
Answer: A Quarter

Though varied in shape a liquid I’ll hold. My contents can range from scalding to cold.
Answer: A cup

Two bodies have I though I’m joined as one. The less I’m moved the quicker I run.
Answer: An Hourglass

A suit of black or red is how I dress. Gamblers always know me and never need guess.
Answer: A Playing Card

Move me up or down or from side to side. I can open a door or start a ride.
Answer: A lever


Stuck on a riddle? I’ll give you a hint. To open a door you must scan your print. Answer: Fingerprint reader.
Once you’ve solved the 8 riddles above you will then be asked to place some items in the right place. Click on the clues in your PDA to place them in their correct location. These are the correct placement for the following items:

mystery pi - the vegas heist tip #1

  • Cup-Left side, on the scale.
  • Clock Face- Goes on the top left side of the scene, in the wooden circle.
  • Fingerprint Reader- Goes on the lower right side of the scene, where the keypad with the symbols and the number 7 is located.
  • Hourglass-On the left side of the scene, under the clock.
  • Lever-On the right side of the keypad. On the small metal box that has the yellow triangle with the lightning bolt on it.
  • Playing Card-Goes in the lower left side with the other cards.
  • Quarter- In the coin slot of the slot machine.
  • Red Handle-On the right side of the slot machine.


Mystery PI - The Vegas Heist Tip #2

  • Once you have placed the clues correctly, you must solve the interactive puzzle and unlock the door.
  • Click on the hammer and it will break the hourglass.
  • Click on the hourglass and it will fill the cup underneath it with sand. The cup on the right will now move upwards thus setting off the red lever.
  • Once the red lever is pulled, the fingerprint scanner will be activated.
  • Place the fingerprint that is on the wall on the fingerprint reader on the right side.
  • Once you place the fingerprint, the keypad will light up and the slot machine will turn itself on.
  • Click on the quarter that is in the coin slot of the slot machine, then pull the handle.
  • Click on the symbols that appear on the slot machine onto the keypad.
  • You have to click them in the same order as you see in the slot machine. The sequences are probably random, mine were: NUMBER 7, CRESCENT MOON, STAR AND CRESCENT MOON.
  • The door will open and you can collect your loot.

At the end of the game, you can choose to replay under the same name with new items to find. The fingerprints, chips and keys will still be in the same location as before.



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