Mystery in London Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Check out our tips & tricks for Mystery in London, which includes general tips, clue locations and puzzle solutions.


  • In most hidden object games you lose points or time after clicking several incorrect items, in this game you lose 5 seconds for every incorrect click that you make. Five seconds may not sound like a lot of time but when you’re down to the wire it will go by quickly. Try to keep incorrect clicking to a minimum as much as you can. 
  • The only time it may be OK for you to click incorrect items is when you have a lot of time left in the game and you need to find a crucial item and you’re out of hints. Like in the case of the mini-game in which you have to spot the differences. The only thing is that in that particular mini game you lose 10 seconds for each incorrect click. 
  • Whenever you see a word in the clue box that is marked with quotations, it means that you have to look for an actual word instead of an object. If you see “TEA” as the clue, then look for that word written on a wall, a piece of paper or on the side of the building etc. 
  • There are times that you have to look for ‘moving objects’ in a scene, these items will pulsate lightly. There are several ways that you can easily find them. I used to start with the 360 degree view and zoom in on certain locations in order to find the smaller, harder to see objects. When I found all I could with that method, I would switch to the ‘static’ view and look frame by frame with the magnifying glass. 
  • Switching modes when you look for items can be helpful since your eyes tend to play tricks on you when you look at the same thing over and over again. Even though it’s the same scene, it will give you a fresh perspective on things when you switch modes. 
  • Look carefully for items in places that you may not think of, like outside of a window, the ceiling or etched on a pieced of furniture.Look for things hidden in the mirrors since they are not always a reflection of what is in the room. 
  • The game has a good hint system that can help you locate hard to find items. You will start with about 2 hints per level and you will get up to 7 or 8 hints per level as the game progresses. If you click on a hint and you still can’t find the item, you can press hint again and your ‘hint counter’ will not decrease. You can also leave the scene, go to another one and when you come back to it your hint will still be glowing provided you have not clicked on that item. 
  • The item the hint is helping you find will appear in green until you find it.The only exception to this is when a ‘clue’ item needs to be found. 
  • You can click on the ‘Travelogue’ book at the bottom of the screen to see how far you are along in the game, which clues you’ve discovered and which mini games you’ve played. You can also choose to replay any mini game you’ve completed. 


    There will be times in the game in which instead of giving you specific items to look for they will give you a list of categories. Some categories are obvious like, food, animals or insects, others are subject to interpretation and may be a little harder to figure out. I’ve compiled a small list of certain categories followed by what you need to look for.

  • Blades – the blades of a kitchen knife, utility knife, circular blade, scissors, a soldier holding a rifle. 
  • Cleaning Supplies – brooms, garden tools, scyther, dust pan, brush, a plunger. 
  • Childhood items -carousel horse, baby carriage, wooden nutcracker, stuffed animals, rocking horse, dinosaur stuffed animal, horse, chess game, train set, kite, toy alligator, doll, scooter, pinwheel. 
  • Hand and feet – items that you can use with your hands and feet as well as actual pictures of those two things. Examples of these are a skateboard, gloves, boots. 
  • Tools – screwdriver, knife, hammer, tractor, pulley,saw, padlock, paint brush, wrench, C-Clamp, corkscrew 
  • In the air – kite, fireworks, blimp, hot air balloon and flags. 
  • In or among trees – hot air balloon, blue flowers, cucumber, African mask, frog, grapes, panther, carved seahorse. 
  • Wheels – car, bicycles, baby carriage, trolley. 
  • Wings – birds, ducks in a row, angel statue, airplane, cherub, bat, ostrich, fly, turkey 


    Clue items are highlighted in green at the beginning of a level. Once you find these items they will be entered in the ‘Travelogue’ and you can go back there to read about them.

    Chapter 1

  • Mysterious Book (Verde) – on the floor by the window that has a mall wooden table next to it. 

    Chapter 2

  • Famous Author ( Segar $ Snuff) – on the wall behind the man sitting at the main counter. 
  • Walking Stick (Prince of Whales) – to the left side of the door, close to the red bench. 

    Chapter 3

  • Charcoal Sketch ( A. Gold) – on the wall, close to the sign that says “TEA 3” 

    Chapter 4

  • Old Photo no. 1 (Whitechapel Yard) – on the ground, underneath the door mat that is behind the cluster of silver pots. 
  • Old Photo no. 2 (Whitechapel Foundry) – on the ground by the large machine that has a large telephone rotary dial. 
  • Old photo no. 1 (Whitechapel Yard) – on the ground by the cluster of silver pots. 
  • Old Photo ( Pollock’s Dolls) – on the floor, by the blue baby crib. 

    Chapter 5

  • Newspaper (Savoy hotel Foyer) – on the coffee table that is close to the purple couch. 

    Chapter 6

  • Newspaper(A. Gold) – on the floor, underneath the window. 
  • Cufflinks (Turnbull & Asser) – on the round table that has the belts. 

    Chapter 7

  • Photograph 1/3 (Savoy Bedroom) – on the right side of the bed, in the corner of a framed picture. 
  • Photograph 2/3 (Savoy Bedroom) – underneath the right side of the brown couch, that is in front of the bed. 
  • Photograph 3/3 (Savoy Bedroom) – on the bed, where the sheet and the comforter meets. 

    Chapter 8

  • Piece of Journal (Annex 3) – on the side of the round coffee table. 
  • Piece of Journal (Hamley’s) – on the wooden floor. 
  • Piece of Journal (London Journal) – on he ground, under the chair that has a lion carving. 
  • Old Journal (London Dungeon) – on the dark brown stone wall, close to the open chest. 

    Chapter 9

  • Piece of Journal (Piccadilly Circus) – on the steps that are facing the 4 large pieces of stone. 

    Chapter 10

  • Old Drawing (Tower of London Armory) – on the ceiling, in between the 2 round black chandeliers 
  • Old Drawing (Tower of London Chapel) – on the wall by 3 statue carvings 
  • Book (Verde) = a red book that is located on a shelf that is to the right of the woman’s portrait 

    Chapter 11

  • Newspaper (Hurwundeki) – inside the tub that is in between the clothes rack 

    Chapter 12

  • Family Photo (A. Gold) – in the middle shelf that is by the bags of potpourri 

    Chapter 13

  • Newspaper (Annex) – on the floor by a set of white chairs 
  • Message (Whitechapel Foundry) – a small note attached to the machine that has a telephone rotary dial 

    Chapter 14

  • Attic Photo (London Dungeon) – on the ground 

    Chapter 15

  • Journal (Savoy Hotel Room) – in between the creme and white curtains 

    Chapter 16

  • Painted Portrait (Hurwundeki) – on the wall that is close to the partition 

    Chapter 17

  • Axe (A. Gold) – on the floor, close to the meat case 
  • Drill (A. Gold) – below the meat case 
  • Metal Shears and screwdriver (A. Gold) – to the left side of the meat case 
  • Binoculars (A. Gold) – on the shelf, where the cakes and breads are located ( close to the blue coat with the yellow hard hat) 
  • Dangerous Man (A. Gold) – outside the window 
  • Flashlight (A. Gold) – in a wicker basket that is close to the cat on the ground 
  • Message (A. Gold) – on the counter b y the wooden box 
  • Sneakers ( A. Gold) – opposite side of the white door, on the ground 
  • Pocket Knife (A. Gold) – on the shelf that is close to the 3 stacked wicker baskets that are on the floor 
  • Dangerous Man (Piccadilly Circus) – by the railings that are close to the Coca Cola sign 
  • Dark Raincoat (Piccadilly Circus) – by the wooden horse that is close to the Sanyo sign 
  • Umbrella (Piccadilly Circus) – on the steps by the large fountain 
  • Dangerous Man (Segar & Snuff) – outside the window 
  • Camera (Segar & Snuff) – inside the front counter, under the “It is illegal…” black and white sign 
  • Dark Gloves (Segar & Snuff) – on the ground, in front of the front counter 
  • Sunglasses (Segar & Snuff) – on the wall, inside the glass case that has the cigars. Under the ” Willis Pipes” sign 

    Chapter 18

  • Attic Entry (Cottage Kitchen Entry) – on the ceiling, by the windows. 
  • Key (Cottage Room) – on the small wooden table, in between the widows. 

    Chapter 19

  • Rope (cottage Attic) – on the ground, in front of the wall that has words written on it 
  • Axe (Cottage Attic) – on the left side of the window, by the wooden part of the wall 
  • Chain (Cottage Attic) – in the dark opening, next to the wall that has words on it 
  • Chair (Cottage Attic) – on the ceiling, it blends in with the wooden beams) 
  • Jeremy’s diary (Cottage Attic) – on the left side of the wall that has words on it, by the wooden beams on the ceiling 
  • Lock (Cottage Attic) On the left side of the wall that has words on it, on the ceiling by the wooden beams 
  • Curtain (Cottage Attic) On the left side of the wall that has words on it 
  • Photo of Dr. Jekyll (Cottage Attic) Above the window 


  • You will start the game with the ability to skip 3 mini games 
  • You can earn up to 9 skips by successfully completing mini games without skipping 
  • You can look at the bottom right hand corner to see how many skips you have left 
  • You have a little over 7 minutes to complete most mini-games, however, once you get into the later chapters you will have a little over 5 minutes to accomplish them 

    Device Unlock Puzzle

    The combination to decipher the code and unlock the device is quite random so I cannot give a code that will work for everyone but if you follow these steps you will be able to figure it out for yourself:

  • On the left side of the screen you will find a device that resembles the door of a safe, it has buttons and numbers. 
  • On the right side of the screen, you will see a piece of paper that will be blank when you start. 
  • Paying attention to this paper and the symbols that appear are crucial to unlocking the code. 
  • In order to complete the puzzle you must understand what each color represents. 
  • Red means that the item is not placed in the correct position but is a symbol or number that you will need in order to unlock the device. 
  • Green means that a particular item is in it’s correct position, so if you have to put in a new sequence , make sure you place that particular item in the same exact spot. 
  • No color change means that the item or symbol is not part of the solution at all so make sure to omit that one when you are entering a different sequence. 
  • Switch around the ones that are red since they are items that belong in the puzzle but are out of place. 
  • Don’t bother re-entering the ones that have not changed color since they are not part of the solution. 
  • Look at the screenshots provided for a good example of how to enter sequences. 
  • Once you get all the items to turn green you will be finished. 

    Sample solution:


    Discs Puzzle

  • Your goal in this mini-game is to align all the same colored circles or marbles in a row. 
  • The pieces can only be moved when there’s an empty space available. 
  • Since the pieces at the very bottom are harder to move, try to leave those pieces at the bottom and then work the same colors above them. 
  • Rotate the discs when it’s easiest for you to do that rather than move a lot pieces around in order to align them properly. 
  • When you’re close to finishing a color, keep some marbles in the smallest circle in order to make it easier for you to move things around. 

    Door Repair Puzzles (clock)


  • The left side of the puzzle contains a circle with shadowy imprint of a part the belongs there.The right side of the puzzle contains the parts that are needed in order to repair the clock. 
  • Place the correct parts where they belong by looking at the outline. 
  • You will not be able to use all parts, you will have some left over. 
  • Right click the piece in order to rotate them. 
  • There should not be any shadows left in the picture once you’ve placed all the items in the correct place, if you see a shadow something is not in the right place. 
  • Some items will stick out of the main part of the puzzle and that doesn’t mean that the item does not belong there. 
  • Once a piece is placed correctly, you will hear a sound and then the piece will lock itself in place automatically. 
  • Look at the counter on the bottom right hand corner, it will tell you how many pieces still need to be placed and how many are already correct. 
  • Look at the screenshots to see an example of how it’s done. 

    Jigsaw Puzzle

  • This is a fairly straightforward Jigsaw Puzzle to solve. Most people probably like to start with the corner pieces first and then fill in the middle, this is not any different. 
  • Just remember when you do the corners that they may not always be sharp edges in nature. The corners will most likely be rounded, do those first and then fill in the middle. 
  • If you see 2 pieces that fit together, you can click them onto each other and they will snap into place even before you put them on the board. 
  • You can rotate the pieces by right clicking them. 
  • If the piece contains part of a word, just rotate them so that the words are in their correct position, this will make it easier when you are placing them. 
  • The pieces will automatically lock into place when they are correct. 

    Memory Game

  • This is a concentration game in which all you to do is match like pairs. 
  • Click on 2 items and they will open, if the 2 pieces are the same you’ve just made a match. 
  • If they are incorrect, you will have to try again but the pieces will no longer be in the same places, they will move around the board. 
  • Keep your eye on the pieces as they move so you can memorize where they are moving to. 
  • Once you’ve matched them all the puzzle will be completed. 

    Path Finding

  • Your goal is to get from one side to another without hitting any obstacles along the way, if you do hit an obstacle, you will go back to the start line and you will have to follow a new path. 
  • Your goal is to make it to red dot on the map without hitting any obstacles along the way. 
  • Once you click on your first blue dot and move to that position, 2 new blue dots will appear. Choose one of them and you will move to that position. 
  • As you keep hitting dead-ends, remember which way you took so you don’t make the same mistakes twice. 
  • Once you make it to the end without obstacles you will be finished. 

    Sample solution (chapter 11):


    Reversi Puzzle

  • In order to win this game you have to have the majority of the chips on the board. 
  • In this game your chip is represented by the white chips and your computer opponent will have the black chips. 
  • Your best chip placement will be in the corners so get to those before your opponent does. 

    Spot the Differences

  • All you basically have to do is look for minor inconsistencies from one picture to another. 
  • Once you find the difference, click on it and if you’re correct, a red circle will go around it. 
  • If you’re incorrect, you will lose 10 seconds for each incorrect click. 
  • A lot of times the difference could be a minor thing like a shoe being of a different color, or a piece of wood has a line missing from it. 

    Sample solution (Chapter 10):


    Sample solution (Chapter 16):


    Tube Puzzles

  • Your goal here is to lock together the rail pieces so the train can get from one side to another. 
  • Once you’ve formed a line going form one end to the other, click on the Launch button and the train will be able to go through the tunnel. 
  • If you click on the launch button and the train cannot get to its destination, you will have to start over again. 
  • If you’re stuck and want to start over, click on the ‘start over’ button on the bottom left side of the screen and start a new game. 

    Sample solution (chapter 13):


    Word searches

  • In this game you are given certain pictures on a blackboard and it’s up to you to figure out what they are. 
  • Once you figure out the word, look for it in the puzzle and circle it. Once you find all the required words you can move on to the next part of the puzzle. 
  • Words can be found in a multitude of directions, backwards, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. 
  • If a word contains less common letters, like “Z” “X” “V’ or “K” look for those letters first since it will make it easier to spot a particular word. 
  • Here are the most common words that will appear in the word searches, they are in alphabetical order. If you’re stuck and don’t know what a certain picture is just look at this list and see if you can find what you’re looking for. 


















































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