Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends.

•    At the beginning of the game, you can choose whether you want to play the game in the timed mode or without any time limits.
•    You will lose 30 seconds off the clock when you click randomly on the screen in timed mode.
•    When you see that the diary has a red "?" then it means that there’s a puzzle in the diary that needs to be solved.
•    In timed mode, you can choose to skip a puzzle but keep in mind that you will lose 10 minutes off the clock for each game you skip. If there are 2 mini games in a level that can be a lot of time to lose.
•    When you’re solving the mini games, the timer is stopped until you solve the puzzle, most puzzles can be reset if you need to start over from the beginning.
•    You can click on "Solve Later" if you want to take a break from a mini game but you will have to finish it once you’re done looking for hidden objects.
•    Click on the timer to pause the game.

•    To use a hint in the game all you have to do is click on the magnifying glass icon that is on the right side of the page. Once you click on it, a circle of light will form around a random object from your list.
•    The hints are unlimited but it takes 2 minutes for a hint to refill itself before you can use it again.
•    Since you have to wait for a hint to refill, it’s a good idea to use one at the beginning of a round even if you don’t need it. It will save you from looking for one less item early on.
•    Some of the items can be hard to see when you click on the hint. Luckily the lit circle will stay around the object until you find it.
•    If there are 2 items that need to be put together the hint will flash on the item and where it needs to go. Pick up the loose item and place it where it’s showing you.



•    The message parts are highlighted in yellow and the rotors are in red.


•    The message parts are highlighted in yellow.


•    The 5 message parts are circled in yellow.


•    Grab the letters at the bottom of the page and place them on the blank lines.
•    Please look at the screenshot for the solution.



•    Please look at the screenshot and place all 7 pencils on the white tray that is on the floor.
•    All the pencils are highlighted in yellow in the screenshot.
•    You also need to look for the Tower of Hanoi and the 5 Hanoi discs. They are highlighted in green.


•    Pick up the 4 Hanoi disks and the Hanoi tower in the scene.
•    The Hanoi Tower and the 4 Hanoi disks are highlighted in green in the screenshot.
•    Once you’ve found all the pieces, the mini game will open up.
•    Your goal is to transfer the complete stack of disks from the pole that is on the left side to the one on the right.
•    You can only move one disk at a time and you cannot stack a large disk on top of a small one.
•    Please look at the screenshots for a step by step walkthrough on how to solve this game.
•    The yellow arrows indicate the pole the disk needs to o to and the numbers show the order in which they need to be moved.


•    Please look at the screenshot for the location of all the hoof primts.


•    The screenshot shows the location of all 8 horseshoes.


•    The black and white dominoes are all highlighted in the screenshot.


•    The objective is to have dominoes on the squares that have matching numbers on each side.
•    Place a domino on any of the squares, then look for dominoes that have the same number on all 4 sides.
•    I found it easier to start with the middle tile in the last row. I found that if I started with that tile, it was a lot easier to fill in the numbers.
•    The solutions for this puzzle is random so I used a sample solution so you can get a better idea of what you need to do.


•    Please look at the screenshot for the location of all the toys.



•    Please look at the screenshot for the location of all the floor plan parts.

•    The number 1-Right side, on the zebra.
•    The number 6-Under the birdcage that is on the ceiling.
•    The number 4-Left side,carved on the arm of the wooden rocking chair.
•    The number 5-Top right side, on the vines that are on the wall.
•    The number 3-Right side, on the white wheel that is on the safe.


•    In this puzzle you will put the floor plan back together by getting the pieces of paper on the side and placing them correctly in the middle of the screen.
•    You can start placing pieces anywhere on the page, when a piece is in the right place it will automatically lock in place.
•    You cans start by placing the corners first and then working your way in the middle.
•    Even if two pieces are meant to be connected, you cannot connect them in the middle of the page and then place it in the right spot. You have to place them in the exact location on the map before they will click together.
•    The pieces cannot be rotated so they have to be placed the way they are.
•    Once you complete the floor plan you will unlock a secret room.



•    This is a 9×9 grid of a game of sudoku in which you must make sure that each row or column has the numbers 1-9 without any of the numbers being repeated. You cannot repeat numbers within the same 3 x 3 grid either.
•    Click on an empty spot in the grid and a box with several numbers will appear. The numbers in red are the numbers that you cannot use in the combination because then they would be repeated incorrectly.
•    The numbers in black will be the correct available choices, pick the one that is best suited for that grid.
•    If there’s only one black number when you click on an empty space then you know that there’s only one possibility for that space.
•    When you place the number on the grid and it’s blue then you know that number is correct.
•    When you place a number on a grid and it is incorrect that number on the grid will turn red, make new choices.
•    An easy way to solve the puzzle is to click on the empty squares. When the small window appears just choose the ones that have only 1 black number available. If you find one that has two black numbers available, skip it for now. By the time you make your rounds again all the puzzles will only have 1 black number to choose from.
•    The Sudoku solutions are random so all we do is provide you with a sample solution.
•    Once you complete the puzzle you will be given a number, mine was 49351, that code will be used to open the safe.

•    Enter the combination that was given to you in the book after you solved the Sudoku puzzle.
•    Click on the arrows that are above and below each number to turn the dials.
•    I’m not sure if the solution is random but I had to enter 4 9 3 5 1.


•    1 – Eagle, on the ceiling, top right side.
•    2 – Wolf, top right side of the wall, it’s in a framed picture.
•    3 – Spider, on the smallest cage that is in front of the window.
•    4 – Wild Boar, top left side, in a cage in front of the bookcase.
•    5 – Snake, lower left side, under the rocking chair.
•    6 – Crocodile, lower right side, on the side of a wooden crate.
•    7 – Scorpion, lower right side, on the table.
•    8 – Polar Bear, lower right side, in the cage that’s in front of the table.
•    9 – Lioness, left side, in the large cage.
•    10 – Green Snake, far right side, on the floor close to the window.

•    You have to find the silhouettes of each item that shows up on the right side of the page.
•    Each item will only appear in the scene after you found your last item.


•    Click on two matching tiles to eliminate them from the board. In order to remove the tiles they must not have another tile blocking them.
•    If you clicked on a tile and you can’t find a match, simply click on a different to in order to de-select this one.
•    Click on another tile if you can’t find a match and a new tile will be highlighted.
•    If you get stuck you can shuffle the board, by clicking "Shuffle Mahjong" on the left side of the page.
•    If you want to skip this puzzle, you can click on "Skip Puzzle" on the left side of the page. When you skip a puzzle you lose 10 minutes off your clock.



•    Please look at the screenshot for the location of all 5 toys


•    In this scene you need to find 5 parts that belong to a skeleton and place them on the stairs that are on the right side of the page.
•    In order to reconstruct the skeleton you need to find the 5 parts of the skeleton and reassemble it from bottom to top.
•    Start by dragging the leg onto the other leg that is on the steps on the right side of the page.
•    After you’ve placed the leg, attach the ribs, followed by the head and finishing with the arms.
•    If you don’t construct the skeleton in the right order the pieces will not stay, they will just return to where you found them.


•    Please look at the screenshot for the location of all the message pieces.


•    Place the letters over the Morse code that matches the letters and the symbols at the bottom of the page.
•    Keep in mind when you are looking for the letters that belong in the spaces above that the symbols on top are repeated three times. The letters at the bottom will have the same symbols but they will only be shown once.
•    If the letter is correct, the letter will be black on the page. If it’s incorrect, the letter will turn red. At that point choose another letter until you get it right.
•    Once you find a symbol that is correct, place all the same letters at the same time. In other words, when you find a letter that matches, go ahead and place them on all the spots at that time.
•    The message should say "GET MOONSTONE NOW ROBERT"


•    You will be given a list of words on the right side of the page, you have to find those words in the center of the page.
•    The words can be horizontally, vertically, diagonally or backwards.
•    Click your mouse on the first letter of the word and drag your mouse over the entire word that you want to highlight. Once you have the complete word, click on the last letter in order to lock in that word.



•    Pick up the 9 musical notes that are scattered throughout the scene and place them in the notebook that is on the chair, lower right side.
•    Please look at the screenshot, and you will see all the musical notes highlighted in yellow and red.
•    I also show you where the 3 statues are located since 2 of them are tricky to find.


•    Please slide the tiles in the order and the direction shown to solve this puzzle.


•    Please slide the tiles in the order and the direction shown to solve this puzzle.


•    Please slide the tiles in the order and the direction shown to solve this puzzle.


•    Your goal is to place the mirrors around the scene in order to capture the rays of light correctly. Each light must pass through the spot of the same color as well as the grey one. For example, the red light must pass through the red spot and the gray spot at the same time.
•    The green line must pass through the green spot and the gray spot in one shot. Lastly the blue light must cross the blue light along with the gray spot.
•    The little metal bars can be placed anywhere on the scene, click on them to rotate the position of the lights.


•    Please look at the screenshot for the location of all the stones and all the candles.
•    The candles will be highlighted in red and the stones will be highlighted in yellow.
•    When you click on a stone it attaches itself to your cursor, take each stone and place it on the cross that is on the ground.


•    Your goal is to push all the stones onto the cells that have the engraved eyes.
•    When you click on a stone you will see some arrows, you can only move the stone in the direction of the arrows. Click on the arrow that is showing the direction you want to go in and the stone will move.
•    You cannot push a stone if it’s blocked by a wall or by another stone.
•    Please look at the screenshots for step by step directions on how to complete this puzzle.


•    Take the sword that is on the left edge of the scene and place it on the stone statue that is on top of the casket.
•    Find 4 snakes
•    1-Lower right side of the floor, he is standing up.
•    2-Lower left side, close to the casket.
•    3-Lower left side, in front of the chest.
•    4-Lower left side, at the foot of the casket.
•    Click on the chest that is on the left side of the floor to open up the mini game.


•    This puzzle is fairly simple, all you have to do is take the pick and move it underneath each bar until all 5 bars are locked into position.
•    Start on the first bar that is furthest to the left, play with the numbers 1 through 4 until one of them locks into place. I’ll use my puzzle as an example.
•    The first bar that locked in for me was the number one, now you know that the number one is the correct answer.
•    Now you need to find out the correct answer for the second bar. Place the first bar on number one. Now try to see the correct answer for the second bar, which in my case is number 3.
•    I know now that the 1st bar needs to be on number 1 and that the 2nd bar needs to be on number 3.
•    Before I find out the answer for the third bar, I must set the first 2 bars  in the right position before I proceed with the third bar.
•    Follow the same steps until you reach the last bar.


•    In this game you need to spell the words "Eiffel", "Tower" and "Bridge" by moving the balls around.
•    The words can be spelled horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
•    If click on any of the balls, you will notice that 7 balls will be highlighted, 6 on the outside and 1 in the middle.
•    The ball in the middle controls the movement of the 6 balls that are darkened when you click in the center.
•    In order to move balls around you have to keep clicking on the center ball for the letters to fall where you want them to go.
•    Please look at the screenshots for some visual instructions on how to move the balls around and a sample solution.
•    When you have a word that’s been put together correctly the balls will turn green, if they are incorrect, the letters will be red.
•    You can isolate some of the letters for each word first before you begin placing the letters in the right place. That way it will be easier to spell the words if they are close together.



•    Please look at the screenshot and you will see that the lantern is on the lower right side, it if highlighted in red.
•    Place the lantern on the hook that is on the back side of the wall.
•    Grab the matches that are on the lower left side and place them on the lantern.
•    You need to find 10 red valves.
•    Please look at the screenshot for the location of all the valves and where they go on the back wall. You will also see the location of all 6 fishes.
•    The valves are circled in yellow and where they belong are shown in blue. Once you find the valves you can place them anywhere on the back wall that has a spot for a valve.


•    Your goal here is to connect the pipes so that you can connect the valve on the ceiling with the pipe that’s on the floor.
•    Click on the pipes in order to rotate them, once they connect with one pipe, keep working on connecting the rest of the pipes.
•    Keep in mind that not all pipes have to be connected in order to solve the puzzle.
•    The solutions may be random but you can look at the screenshot for the solution.
•    Once all the pipes are connected, click on the red valve that’s on top and the water will start flowing through the pipes.


•    Click on the moonstone that is on the left side of the ground.
•    Pick up the scrap of paper that is on the right side of the ground, behind the pedestal.
•    You will see a message appear on the screen telling you that you need to visit the National Library in Paris in order to translate the writing, do not worry about that for now, you’ll get to it later.
•    Please look at the screenshot, the skulls are highlighted in yellow and the spaces where they belong on the wall are highlighted in red.
•    Take each skull and place it in any of the open spaces that are on the wall.
•    Once the puzzle is completed you will see a puzzle appear that has the zodiac signs around it. If you click on the book, it will tell you that you need to go to the National Library in Paris if you want to translate the writing. Close the book.
•    Click on the FOOTSTEPS that are in the lower right corner of the screen and you will see a new location open up, called "Library", click on it.


•    To access the library you must click on the footprints that are located on the lower right side of the screen. You’ll see the Library location open up.
•    You will be given a list of items to find and then you will have to find 10 secret books that are hidden in the bookcases.
•    Please look at the screenshot, click on the books that the yellow arrows are pointing to in order to find all 10 books.


•    Your goal is to repeat the sequence of lights that appear in the game.
•    Each time you successfully duplicate a sequence, you will be given another one.
•    You have to complete 5 sequences to win the game.
•    If you fail a sequence, it will be shown to you again and again until you get it right.
•    Once you identify all the sequences correctly. you will be given the code that you must enter into the zodiac sign stone puzzle.


•    Take the code that was just given to you (you can look in the book to refresh your memory) and click the symbols in the order shown.
•    Since the solution is probably random, I will show you the code that was given to me during my game.
•    Enter the code to end the game.


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