My Tamagotchi Forever update guide: Everything you need to know

The developers behind My Tamagtochi Forever have been consistently amazing at adding new content to the game on a regular basis, but the 2.0 update that recently hit is by far the biggest single content addition to date. It includes both gameplay and aesthetic bits, and we’re here to guide you through it all.

Perhaps the simplest part of the update is the raising of the level cap to 60. There are new items that unlock at each level all the way up to 60, including new food choices. While we haven’t been able to figure out exactly how those new food items might factor into Tamagotchi evolution just yet, they may be important because there’s a brand new adult form.

Neliatchi arrives in My Tamagotchi Forever

Neliatchi is a new adult form in My Tamagotchi Forever, which increases the total amount of adults in the game to nine. It’s the result of the contest the game held back toward the beginning of the year, in which the randomly chosen winner was able to have a new character added to the game inspired by them.

Now that Neliatchi has arrived, the question is how to evolve it from one of the teen forms. Since all the other adults can be evolved from any teen, there’s a high likelihood the same is true for Neliatchi as well. But what combination of foods to feed it will be something we’ll be working to unlock, as adults generally can be evolved by using just two kinds of foods to feed a teen. Gozarutchi also needs a specific item to be placed in Tama Town, so it’s possible Neliatchi requires one as well.

House customization: How to do it and what you can change

My Tamagotchi Forever

The biggest part of the update, and one that can be enjoyed no matter how much time you’ve put into the game, is house customization. Every room in your Tamagotchi’s house can now be decorated as you see fit, and there are multiple items available already to suit just about any taste.

To get started, simply tap on the paint brush icon in the bottom-right corner when you are in any room. You’ll then be able to tap on any item in the room that can be changed, use the arrow keys to see all of your decoration options and purchase any one you’d like for the proper amount of coins.

Here are all the different things you can change in each room:

Living room

  • Wallpaper
  • Floor
  • Book shelf
  • Plant
  • Rug

My Tamagtochi Forever


  • Wallpaper
  • Floor
  • Table
  • Fridge
  • Stove


  • Wallpaper
  • Floor
  • Tub
  • Toilet
  • Rug


  • Wallpaper
  • Floor
  • Bed
  • Nightstand
  • Stuffed animal/shelf

Once you have purchased any decorative house customization item, it’s yours to place or replace any time you want. Note that some items only can be unlocked once you’ve reached a certain level, and that others need to be purchased with diamonds instead of coins.

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