My Tamagotchi Forever: How to Unlock Mohitamatchi

If you haven’t checked My Tamagotchi Forever in a while then you wouldn’t have noticed the new toddler added, Mohitamatchi. Some of you old-school players may recognise Mohitamatchi from the good old days of pixelated Tamagotchis, but now he is back and in colour! So, there is one question on everyone’s lips, how do you get this little guy?


To get this toddler, you must unsurprisingly be in the baby stage of your evolution. Because the baby stage doesn’t last too long, you will want to feed it the right food as soon as possible. But what is the right food and is there anything else I should feed it? Well, lucky for us some users on Reddit have already shared the clue with us, so save your gems.

My Tamagotchi Forever

In order to unlock Mohitamatchi, you must feed it meat, specifically chicken. Unfortunately, there is a real shortage of chicken-based items in the store. In fact, there is only one chicken based item in the food shop which is the drumstick. The drumstick can only be obtained by watching videos, luckily there is no limit on the number of videos you can watch so I recommend stockpiling.

Watching adverts is not the only way to gain drumsticks in My Tamagotchi Forever, but it’s definitely the quickest. The other way to unlock chicken drumsticks is to get lucky at the free gift. The free gift is the tantalising looking box that appears in the corner of your living room. This mystery wheel has the chance of giving a meat platter which contains three of each food item; hamburgers, scallops and drumsticks.

My Tamagotchi Forever

Seeing as the hint specifies chicken you should definitely prioritise gathering drumsticks for your baby. You can try to give your baby other meats in this stage in case you run out of chicken, but remember the drumsticks should be the majority of the food given to your baby.

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