My Tamagotchi Forever: Costume Guide

For those of you unaware, My Tamagotchi Forever has several costumes for each pet. There are 24 different pets to evolve into and normally three costumes per Tamagotchi. Some of these costumes can be bought with coins or gems others will take a combination of ranking up and a lot of coins to achieve. Want to know how to get the costume of your dreams? Then you should keep reading!

  • Take lots of photos. To unlock a costume for your Tamagotchi, you will need to complete three challenges. These three challenges involve purchasing the right item for Tamatown and then taking a photo of your pet using this item. The items include an obstacle course, a teacup ride and a soccer field to name a few. If you are in town and notice a camera icon above an item, then press it to take a photo. If you have multiple Tamagotchis, then you will take multiple photos.

My Tamagotchi Forever

  • How do I know what items to buy? Well, it’s rather difficult to know what rides go with what Tamagotchi unless you want to spend 10 gems to reveal a hint. However, it is 10 gems per picture so it would take a lot of gems to reveal the hints for everyone’s photos. Essentially, you can’t go wrong buying any item in Tamatown. This is because every attraction can appeal to some Tamagotchis. If you can’t take a photo yet, then this might mean you don’t have the right Tamagotchis yet.

My Tamagotchi Forever

  • I can’t take a photo. If you notice your Tamagotchi’s thought bubble is a certain attraction and then purchase the attraction from the store, but the camera icon doesn’t appear, don’t panic. This is not a glitch, instead, you need to have certain Tamagotchis for some photos. For example, the teacup ride requires over one Tamagotchi to ride to take a photo. So if you can’t take a picture now, check back later and hopefully you’ll have the right Tamagotchi for the job.
  • Always check your old items. As you play My Tamagotchi Forever, you’ll gain more and more pets. So items you replace in Tamatown might be useful once again later. You should always check back through your old equipment and see if any new Tamagotchis can take photos. Just keep playing, unlocking more and more characters and eventually you will able to unlock all costumes.

My Tamagotchi Forever

  • Not every photo is for a costume. Every character in My Tamagotchi Forever has a page of photos just for gems. This means you can take photos of your Tamagotchis and not unlock costumes. Don’t get disheartened by a lack of progress towards a certain costume, earning gems is not a bad thing. Gems have a lot of uses in My Tamagotchi Forever so there is no waste of time earning those. Just keep snapping photos and the costumes will come!

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