My Tamagotchi Forever advanced tips, tricks, and strategies

My Tamagotchi Forever launched for everyone last week, which means anyone with the barest bit of 90s nostalgia is now indulging in what may be the most ad-heavy, push notification-stuffed way to care for a virtual pet in existence. But some of us can’t stop playing it anyway and have gotten well past the basics. We want to know how to earn more coins, get into careers, and unlock more pets. If you’re just starting out, check out our original tips and tricks guide, or continue on for some more in-depth hints to help you care for your Tamagotchis in a more efficient way:

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Play the games often

When I first started My Tamagotchi Forever, I had no interest in the minigames. My pet’s happiness was easily lifted with a quick pet, and then I could go on my way. But as I got further in, I learned that not only were coins necessary for advancement in the game, but that their trickle in was incredibly slow if I was going free-to-play. Minigames can help alleviate that somewhat if you’re good at them. Try to find one you’re an expert at early on and focus only on playing that as much as you can for coins. And always watch the ads to double your reward.

Watch for free coins outside

An easy-to-miss freebie exists outside the Tamagotchi house you live in. Sometimes, one of your past Tamagotchis will be outside, bouncing around near a gift box. Tap it for a large amount of coins that you can double with an ad. It’s one of the easiest, biggest piles of coins you can get in the game, so check outdoors any time you see a “!” on the icon.

my tamagotchi forever

Be smart about how you spend

Your first inclination when you finally save a few thousand coins may be to immediately get a new set piece for outside or a cute outfit, but try to resist. Be deliberate about what you’re doing. When your Tamagotchi becomes an adult, you will need to meet certain criteria to have them choose a career. Some of those criteria may be owning certain outfits or accomplishing certain goals. You want to make sure you have any coins you need to make that happen when the time comes. Or, if you’d rather finish a pet’s page, that may be a better choice. But don’t just buy things as soon as you have the coins for them.

my tamagotchi forever

Feed them different things

That’s how they grow into new pets! Try to keep track of what you feed them. If you fed one pet mostly oranges as a baby, try feeding your next one cookies or something different. It’s harder if you vary their diets up, but have fun experimenting at each stage of their growth to see what happens.

Obey your push notifications

This may go without saying, but if you’re not actively playing the game, you’re not progressing. Your pet will continue to get hungry and bored and will cap at a certain point, meaning if you don’t care for those needs and keep their meters topped off, eventually you won’t be earning any more coins over time. Check in with them regularly or, at worst, when your push notifications tell you it’s time to visit them. And try to put them to sleep any time you’ll have the game closed for a long time to ensure their energy is full when you return!

Follow these tips and you’ll be immersed in My Tamagotchi Forever…well, forever!

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