My Talking Tom 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Remember Tamagotchis? Of course you do. Well they are well and truly things of the past when apps like My Talking Tom 2 exist. Developed by Outfit7, it sees you take care of a very cute cat called Tom (or …

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Remember Tamagotchis? Of course you do. Well they are well and truly things of the past when apps like My Talking Tom 2 exist. Developed by Outfit7, it sees you take care of a very cute cat called Tom (or whatever you decide to call him).

But this isn’t a simple app. It may seem like it at first, but there’s a lot going on in My Talking Tom 2. Don’t worry though, just follow these tips and strategies and you’ll have the happiest pet in the world. Possibly.

Take flight Flight Tokens help fuel Tom’s plane – and via this you can unlock new clothes, furniture, and much more besides. You can get the tokens via the mini-games, and the further you progress the more you get. So choose the game – or games – you’re best at. Many reward competitive play, others need you to have a good sense of timing, and so on. Levelling up will also get you some of those sweet tokens.

Happy chappy Keeping Tom happy is essential, and the first thing you need to learn to do. Fortunately it’s easy enough to keep a smile on his face – the front yard being the best place to do this. Pressing the smiley face button takes you there, and here you can play with a range of toys or participate in simple mini-games.

Tummy rub Another way to keep Tom happy is very simple – rub his belly. You can do this in any room, and spinning him around in the air by tapping and dragging can have a similarly positive effect on Tom’s mood – just don’t drop him!

Feeding time The downside to playing with Tom is that he’ll get hungry. But again this is something easily solved by tapping the fork and knife button. Feeding Tom is as simple as dragging the food to his mouth. You will need to buy new food however, and here’s where you can utilise some basic strategy. Often the cheapest food will offer better value than the more expensive items – four carrots will satisfy Tom a lot more than just one piece of food that costs the same).

Toilet time The shower button will take you to the bathroom, which Tom needs to relieve himself. It also has – as its name suggests – a bath, which you’ll want to use often. The bathroom is also the place to be if Tom hurts himself – simply tap on the medicine cabinet and drag the correct cure to Tom. There’s a limited amount of items in the cabinet too, so don’t be afraid to try different remedies and cures.

Sleep time Tom has to get sleep, and to do this you tap the moon and stars button – then drag your little feline friend into bed and tap the lamp to turn off the lights. You have to leave him be for a few hours, so it’s best to put him to sleep if you know you’re not going to play for a little while – that way he’ll be fully charged (so to speak) when you next boot up the app.

Be a star Stars are found in chests. What’s handy is that any items you get copies of are automatically converted into stars, but they’re not easy to come by generally. So make sure you use them to buy rarer items, not fritter them away on cheaper tat.

Play your cards right To see the collection screen simply tap the pack of cards on the floor in the backyard. Here you can helpfully see all the items you can unlock – pressing the ‘See Now’ button will allow you to see how each set of cards will appear when completed. So if you see an specific one you like keep flying to the world it comes from – or save up enough stars – to give yourself the best chance of unlocking it.

Make the meow-st of these tips and tricks by downloading My Talking Tom 2 now – it’s available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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