My NBA 2K18 Tips, Cheats and Strategies


All ready to be hooked on NBA 2K18 on your favorite console, and want to take that experience with you on the move? Well, you sort of can via My NBA 2K18. OK, it’s not quite the same but it might help stem those cravings when you’re on your daily commute.

Working as a form of collectible card game, Gamezebo’s on hand with some useful My NBA 2K18 tips, cheats and strategies to get you started. And if you want to know how to get rare players in My NBA2K18, we have a guide for that too!

General Tips

My NBA 2K18 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Resist the urge to just use all your favorite players on your team, and work on placing the right kind of people in the right positions. Look at your cards and see which positions are best for them, before assigning them. That way, you get a boost in your stats which can make all the difference when you’re playing. You’ll also gain more energy in playoff matches.
  • Don’t forget to log in every day. Each day, you get a free card pack. Log in for four days in a row, and you get a rare pack of cards. Managed to log in for 20 days in a row? You get an elite pack! Not bad, right?
  • You can choose to buy back any packs you missed for about 100 coins, but that can get expensive, so always find the time to log in. It’ll take you literal seconds to achieve, and soon adds up.
  • My NBA 2K18 offers a chat room facility which might sound a little dull but can actually help you a lot. It’s usually fairly active with people discussing things and you might learn something useful. Or simply enjoy yourself chatting.

Building Your Team

My NBA 2K18 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Focus on building a good core team rather than simply collecting tons of different cards.
  • Remember that you can sacrifice some of your weak cards to level up your better cards. Go to MyCards and see what cards you have before tapping on the one you want to level up and hitting the Train button. Use whatever cards are going spare and watch as your favorite players improve significantly.
  • Got two copies of the same player at maximum level? Awesome. You can combine them to create a ‘Pro’ version of your guy. It’s going to take you a while to get this far but this is the ideal scenario, as Pro players have way better stats.

Earning More Money

My NBA 2K18 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Play as many Quick Games as possible. You’ll earn currency this way which can be used to customize your players.
  • The virtual currency involved is used to unlock clothes, shoes, and other items in MyCareer. It’s fun to work towards them.
  • Connect the game to your PSN or Xbox Live account and you can earn free money this way too.
  • Don’t forget the Mission Tasks. Each day, you have new objectives to work towards, earning you tickets which can be used to buy new card packs. Save up for the packs that give you rare cards.

Don’t Forget Facial Scan

  • OK, so this won’t improve how well you do in My NBA 2K18, but you can scan your face and then use it in the main game. Make sure your face is clear of distractions like glasses, your shirt collar or anything else that could get in the way. That’s the path to the most accurate looking photos to use as your face in game.

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