My NBA 2K15 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

If you like NBA basketball and enjoy mobile card games, My NBA 2K15 is for you. Starting with a lowly group of Common cards and a few real players from your favorite NBA team, you can eventually build your squad up to the point where you’ve got legends like Michael Jordan helping you to win in the grueling Season mode.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Though the gameplay isn’t very difficult, following Gamezebo’s My NBAK 2K15 Tips, Cheats and Strategies can still help you more efficiently assemble a team that goes from cellar-dweller to contender in no time.

  •  If you’ve played nay of 2K’s basketball games from the past few years, you definitely want to register when you first start to play — and the game gives you multiple ways to do so, including Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Steam and Facebook. You’re free to skip them all, but doing so means you’ll pass up on an Ultra Rare Boris Diaw card with some excellent stats, good enough that he’sll immediately be your best player. Even if you just played last year’s moible game, you’re better off logging in and getting your loyalty reward.
  • Always use players in their given positions whenever possible. In Quick Game mode, they’ll get a 10 percent bonus to all stats for playing the proper position, and in Season mode, using athletes in the wrong positions drains their energy much faster. Unless the card is so much better than the alternatives that you have to find a spot for it, stick to the positions listed on the cards at all times.

My NBA 2K15 Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Level up your best players at roughly the same speed. Though it’s tempting to just max out your top player as quickly as possible, it’s important to remember that this is a game where you need to win multiple match-ups, so each member of your lineup is important. The stat boost from gaining an extra level or two could prove to be the difference against a roughly equal opponent, so once you decide on players you know you’ll be using, level all of them up.
  • Common cards have no place in your team once you get Uncommon level players at each position, so don’t be hesitant to use them to train other players. Think of Common cards as the fuel that drives the engine of your squad.
  • Don’t fuse two cards into a pro version until both of them are at their maximum levels. Experienced mobile card gamers will know this already, but there is an increased stat boost from fusing two maxed out cards together as opposed to two that aren’t. Yes, leveling both cards up is likely to take a while, but it’s worth it.
  • Use Enhancements wisely. These give permanent stats boosts to the player to which they are apllied, but each card only has a limited number of slots for them. Consider where you’re going to use them before you apply them, because the decision is permanent.

My NBA 2K15 Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Once you start a Season, you can’t change your lineup. That means that when you have an active Season mode going, it’s more important to level up the players you have — even those 11th through 15th guys in your rotation, since they’ll end up playing at some point — than to acquire new ones.
  • The Season mode doesn’t stop for silly things like work or sleep. It just keeps on going, with games being simulated and then half-hour periods in-between where you can make changes to your lineup using the “Manage Season” function. Here you’ll be able to swap in rested players for tired ones and give yourself a better chance to win your next game. You can also use Energy cards to completely refill the Energy meters of your key players. Speaking of which …
  • It behooves you to play as many Quick Games as possible while you have a Season in progress, as you’ll often earn Energy cards just for playing. It’s impossible to overstate how important these are for your chances in Season mode, so you’ll want to have as many as possible on hand at all times.

My NBA 2K15 Tips Cheats Strategies

  • The game’s title screen is customizable. If you tap on MyTEAM Mobile, you’ll see a list of icons appear on the right-hand side. Tapping the tack on any of those options will pin it to the front page, allowing you to access it faster. It’s not a huge feature, but it is a helpful one.

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