My Hero Ultra Rumble Leaks

Uh oh there’s been a leak! Find out here everything upcoming that’s been leaked for My Hero Ultra Rumble! Is your favourite on their way?

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Uh oh, we have a leak! Come find out what it is with our My Hero Ultra Rumble Leaks coverage! Here we have compiled the recent leaks for the game so you know exactly what to expect in future updates!

Play as your favourite character from the My Hero Academia universe and take part in action-packed battle royale fun! Play tactfully as you defeat your opponents using your special Quirks and quick-thinking skills. There are 5 archetypes to choose from, ranging from Assault, Strike, Rapid, Technical, and Support!

You can learn more about it on the official site. For more My Hero Ultra Rumble content, take a look at our My Hero Ultra Rumble tier list, How to Unlock Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble guide, My Hero Ultra Rumble Character Tickets Guide, and our My Hero Ultra Rumble characters guide.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Leaks

It’s leaking down here too!

What’s Been Leaked

So as of right now more characters have been leaked for the game. This is still wildly exciting as there are so many unique characters from MHA so of course players and fans would want to see them later down the line. Things such as new maps or skins have evaded us for now, but let’s get to telling you exactly what we do know to anticipate!

My Hero Ultra Rumble Leaks – Heroes

  • Shota Aizawa [Eraser Head]
  • Enji Todoroki [Endeavor]
  • Mirio Togata [Lemillion]
  • Nejire Hado [Nejire-chan]
  • Keigo Takami [Hawks]
  • Neito Monoma [Phantom Thief]
  • Hitoshi Shinso [Psychomancer]
  • Hizashi Yamada [Present Mic]
  • Kyoka Jiro [Earphone Jack]

My Hero Ultra Rumble Leaks – Villains

  • All For One
  • Overhaul
  • Twice
  • Kurogiri

Anything Else?

Not right now, no. That’s all we have managed to dig out of the leaks. But, there is still a lot of new familiar faces to look forward to! I know I’m particularly excited about Hawks and Shinso. With the MHUR game being pretty recently released, it’s definitely spoiling the player base with big updates so soon after launch.

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