My Fish Walkthrough

My Fish – Game Introduction

In My Fish, players to nurture, play, steal and freeze their own fish or their neighbor’s fish so they can earn coins. Players can choose from array types of fish they can put in their place. They can also experience the fun by decorating fresh and new decorations that available in the store. This guide can help you with playing My Fish.

The Secret Ocean

This is the first glimpse on what your place will look like after you put fish and decorations on it. Exciting isn’t it?

My Fish

Collecting Your Coins

This is the first step you will do when you enter the tutorial. The capacity of your treasure box is 200 coins. You will earn coins when your fish dropped one and when you sell your fish. To collect your coins in your treasure box, click the chest in the right side of the game screen and it will be automatically added in your earnings. Collecting your coins will also give you experience points and remember that you cannot collect your coins if the treasure box is not yet full.

My Fish

Buying Fish

Second part of the tutorial is buying fish. To buy fish, click the “Store” button at the left side of the game screen. A box will prompt showing you the selection of fish and their price. Choose the Mongo Raccoon Butterfly fish for 25 coins.

My Fish


The purpose of the fish bowl located at the right side of the game screen is for mating. Your fish and your neighbor’s fish can mate if they are already mature. You can actually make another fish when mating is successful. To mate, click the fish bowl. Drag your fish and your friend’s fish in to the tank and then they’ll have a cute fish egg. Wait for the fish egg to grow and you now have another fish in your tank.

My Fish

Feeding Your Fish

Your fish are hungry when you bought them so make sure to feed them. When you happen to see spoon and fork bubble in their head, feed them because it only means they are hungry. Feeding them will give you experience points. In the game buttons at the lower part of the screen, click the “Food” button and click the food on the hungry fish after. The no. in the upper part of the Food button is the indication of how many food you left.

My Fish

Your Fish’s Health

Injection is used to maintain the health of your fish. Once in a while you should inject medicine in them. The right time to inject is when you see injection bubbles in their head. To do this, click the “Medicine” tool in the lower part of the game screen. Click the injection on the fish that needs it.

My Fish


Decorations can boost the longevity of your fish. Each décor has corresponding health, comfort and style points that your fish needs. To shop decorations, click the “Shop” button or the “Decoration” button located at the lower part of the game screen. Selections of decors with its corresponding prices will appear. Mouse over your pointer if you want to know the health, comfort and style points of your décor. You can resize your decorations and move them in places you want. You can also sell your decors if you want. You can only have 4 decors at first and can be added up when you level.

My Fish


You can actually expand your current cove, treasure or add another cove. To do this, click the “Expand” tool at the lower part of the game screen and choose your desired action in the menu.

Open Sea

Releasing your pet to the open sea will give you coins. You can release them when they are matured enough. To do this, drag your matured fish in the shell near the fish bowl.

My Fish

Keyboard Shortcuts

One good feature of this game is the keyboard shortcut. If you are tired of clicking, clicking and clicking the tools, you can use the shortcuts just like in MMORPG. Here are the lists of shortcuts you can use.

  • Pointer Tool: S
  • Fish Food: D
  • Medicine: F

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