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My Casino – Game Introduction

My Casino is a Facebook game developed by RockYou that lets players run their own casino. Building it from the ground up, players can add slot machines and game tables to earn from gamblers and also play at neighboring casinos to try their luck and win cash. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing My Casino.

Slot Machines and Game Tables

A casino’s main income comes from slot machines and game tables. Guests are encouraged to bet and try out several games on the casino floor. The goal here is to add several machines and game tables to bring in more guests, which will in turn bring in more money to your casino.

There are several games for you to choose from and are available only when you reach a certain level. There is a variety of slot machines and most can earn 200 coins except the Cherry Slot which starts at 20 coins. The difference between the rest is for aesthetics purposes.

My Casino

For game tables, there are about 5 that you can purchase from the store. Black Jack, Texas Hold’em Poker, Pai Gow, 3 Card Poker and the Roulette. Once they’ve been placed on the casino floor, your guests will start playing.

Collect Income

As more guests play at your casino, your machines will fill up with coins from all the betting and the game tables will reach a maximum point where you need to change dealers and collect the money earned.

Depending on what level you are at and whether the machine has been upgraded or not, it takes just a few minutes for it to be ready. A money bag will appear on top of the machines and tables signaling you to collect.

My Casino

Take note that it doesn’t appear only when it has reached its maximum. Also remember to collect, most especially when it’s full because your customers will not be able to play. This is again, the reason why it is important to have several to keep the money rolling in.

Each time you collect, you not only earn coins but its corresponding experience points.

Upgrade Machines & Tables

To increase the storage of your machines, you need to upgrade them as soon as they are available. This is the same for game tables. More people will be able to play and you will earn more income within a longer period of time. This is beneficial when you can only stay a few minutes within the game. The longer it takes to collect, the better, so you don’t have to come back to the game as often.

My Casino

Clicking on a table or machines will open a window which will allow you to upgrade. The cost, time it takes to upgrade and increase in capacity will be shown. Take note that while it is upgrading, your guests can’t use it. Once done, a red bow will appear for you to click, in order for guests to play.

Playing at Neighbor’s Casino

There is another way to earn more coins in My Casino. This is by visiting your neighbor’s casino and be a customer. Depending on the tables and machines your neighbor has, you can then choose to play the slot machines or bet on a game of black jack. As of this writing, only the slot machines and the black jack table is available for you to play during your visit.

For each neighbor visit, you have 10 pulls in the slot machine (not each though) and 50 hands to play at black jack. You start off betting with $10 but as you progress through the game, you can bet with bigger amounts.

The more friends you have that play My Casino, the more you can visit. Remember that this is a game of chance so unlike other social games, you don’t earn coins all the time. You can win or lose while you play.

Decorating your Casino

If you’ve visited and played in casinos in the real world, you know how much activity goes on and it never stops. The casino floor is filled with decorations, from statues to seats to different floor patterns. Here is your chance to let your imagination run wild. Clicking on the Decorate tool will open up the store where you can purchase your decorations.

Here’s a tip. The way the items are arranged is from the most expensive to the cheap stuff. Go scroll to the right and start shopping from there in the early levels.

Eventually your casino will need more space and expanding it is the solution. You will need coins and the required number of VIPs before you can expand.

My Casino

Add and Help VIPs

VIPs are your neighbors in the game. You have to request for them to be your VIP and have them accept first. The list of friends that play the game will automatically appear in the game but there is a difference. You can only help VIPs (neighbors) and not other friends.

There are several ways to help VIPs and the message will appear at least once daily.

My Casino

Whether your VIP needs help in removing a drunken guest or clean up the trash, you will be rewarded with coins and experience points. Adding more VIPs will help you level up faster and earn more coins.

Daily Lottery

Visit your casino daily and earn more coins as a bonus. The total amount varies and you can will from 100 to 300 coins. What’s great about this is you win every time, unlike your typical real world lottery.

My Casino

Set an Alert and Follow for Updates

Be sure to click on “set an alert” on the top of this page to be notified of any updates, reviews, posts, tips, and cheats for My Casino. We’ll be updating our guides all the time.

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