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Game Introduction – Murder in Provence

Murder in Provence

Murder in Provence is a free to play hidden object game created by Ouat Entertainment. You follow a young woman who’s looking for her sister in the south of France, but things soon take a grim turn. You’ll solve puzzles, complete hidden object searches, and watch a murder mystery unravel. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Murder in Provence

Getting Started

  • Murder in Provence is free to play, and can be played by clicking the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.
  • Once the game loads up, there is no menu to wade through. The game will simply launch and you may begin playing.

The Basics

  • Main Menu: The main menu will act as a hub from which you can access all chapters you currently have unlocked. Simply click on the chapter you wish to play to open that chapter’s sub-menu.

Murder in Provence

  • Menu Bar: The top part of the menu is home to a navigation bar that displays information about your current resources available and provides a way to alter game settings/sound. Run the mouse along each menu item for a brief explanation of what each item is.
  • Chapter Sub-Menu: When you click on a chapter to play, you’ll see all the scenes you’ve unlocked on the left and puzzles you’ve unlocked/completed on the right. Simply click on any of them to play

Murder in Provence

How to Play

  • Murder in Provence will take you on a journey that has you finding hidden objects nestled in specific scenes, solving puzzles, and engaging in scenes with dialogue to advance the plot.

Murder in Provence

  • Hidden Object Segments: These are pretty self-explanatory, but these sections require you to pick out items from a list that are hidden in a scene. The list is displayed on the bottom part of the screen, and you can tackle them in any order. Simply scan the scene for the items you’re tasked with finding, and then click on them when you spot them. The quicker you are, the more you’ll score at the end of the level. Once you’ve found an item, its name will be cleared from the bottom of the screen. When you’ve cleared out the list, the section is complete. If you need help scouting out an item, you can click on the magnifying glass at the bottom right of the screen, which will cost you a few coins.

Murder in Provence

  • After clicking on the magnifying glass, one of the items will randomly be revealed to you, and all you need to do is click to clear it from the game scene. Continue finding items to cross them off the list, and eventually the level will be complete! However, you may need to return to previously cleared levels in order to earn stars. As you return to each level, the number of items that need to be found and how they are obscured becomes more difficult. The quicker you are, the better, as you’ll rack up more points and more progress toward another star. Keep playing for a better score and a better star rating. Bear in mind that playing these sections requires energy, which will regenerate after a short wait, or you can request additional energy from friends who also play the game.

Murder in Provence

  • Puzzle Sections: You need to complete hidden item sections in order, but sometimes you won’t be able to proceed until you’ve earned enough stars to continue or you’ve finished a logic puzzle that aids in furthering the story. From the main menu, these puzzles are located on the sidebar to the right. You can discern an open puzzle by the green square with a white lock on it.

Murder in Provence

  • Click on the green square icon to open up the puzzle. Puzzles range from visual to text-based riddles that you need to put your brain to work in order to solve. They will vary in difficulty, and there is no set strategy for solving them, so you’ll need to rely on your problem-solving skills to proceed. If you find yourself stumped, however, you can always purchase a clue with coins to point you in the right direction. There are three tiers of clues, each with a price tag of gold coins to unlock them. These are only available on riddles that aren’t jumbled up photo puzzles, etc. These types of puzzles must be completed and are an integral part of the game.

Murder in Provence

  • Dialogue: In between hidden object scenes and puzzles, there will be dialogue segments. Simply click through to read them at your own pace as the story unfolds.


  • Energy: Denoted by a lightning bolt, energy is used to complete hidden object levels. Once depleted, you can either wait for some to regenerate or reach out to friends to send you more so that you can advance. It’s an integral part of the game, so make sure you’re stocked up. If you need extra energy and don’t want to wait, you can purchase cash with real-world money, which can then be used to buy more energy.
  • Cash: Cash is obtained with real-world currency and can be used to speed up wait times and purchase additional in-game items.

Murder in Provence

  • Coins: Coins are used to purchase magnifying glasses and clues. If you find yourself running short, you can purchase more with real-world cash. You can also earn coins by completing scenes.
  • Stars: Stars are used to unlock new puzzles and additional stages. Continue to outdo yourself in-game in order to rack up stars and progress further.

Tips and Tricks

  • When you complete a hidden object scene, simply go ahead and replay it several times while the item types and locations are fresh in your mind. You will need to revisit them anyway, so you may as well go ahead and complete the stages to rack up stars so you can get them quicker.
  • Memorize the names and looks of items you’ve found before. The game often has an interesting way of naming them and when you go back to improve your score, you’ll have a leg up on the timer that begins when you start up the level.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Murder in Provence. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments, and much more here at Gamezebo!

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