Mountain Goat Mountain Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Mountain Goat Mountain is an endless climber featuring an adorably festooned hoofed hero. The goal of this charming arcade game is to climb to the highest altitude while unlocking as many different goats as possible. Each new goat opens up …

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Mountain Goat Mountain is an endless climber featuring an adorably festooned hoofed hero. The goal of this charming arcade game is to climb to the highest altitude while unlocking as many different goats as possible. Each new goat opens up new beautiful environments including verdant cliffs, snowy terrains, desert bluffs, and lush gardens. Tapping and swiping will keep your goat ascending but crumbling blocks, lightening bolts, hidden holes and falling debris all offer challenges to your progress. For those hoping to climb to the greatest heights with the most possible goats, check out these Mountain Goat Mountain tips, cheats and strategies.

Know What to Avoid

  • Crumbling rocks, blocks and platforms which you’ll recognize because they look different from the regular terrain.
  • Dark clouds which periodically produce lethal lightening; if you’re quick, you may be able to pass underneath them safely.
  • Waterfalls in any form, whether water, tar or rainbow.
  • Falling debris, which comes in two sizes per level, cannot be jumped on or over so just hop out of the way as quickly as you can.

Be Wary Of The Springboards

Though the springboards will help you ascend faster most of the time, you can’t always rely on them. Some boards will send you back down the mountain, some will send you to a crumbling block and some will land you right in the path of falling debris. Be ready to jump as soon as you land because you may be on unsafe ground. Do keep an eye out for the coiled spring which gives your goat a temporary boost. Once your goat has turned silver from the spring, you can safely go to any solid rock you tap or swipe (but don’t get too bold- crumbling rocks will still give way when you’re silver and you’ll die).

Mountain Goat Mountain Tips Cheats Strategies

Mind The Gap

The striking diversity of trees- including cherry trees, cacti, birch trees and more- is a treat for the eye. However, these permanent obstacles will also obscure a clear view of the terrain. Be warned, many of these trees actually hide a gap behind them and jumping carelessly could lead to certain death.

Take Control

Not everyone loves a swipe-only game. And others dislike a tap-only game. Some prefer a tap/swipe combo. The thoughtful developers of Mountain Goat Mountain have graciously provided five different control schemes to create the best possible gameplay experience, no matter your touchscreen proclivities. Head into the game settings by clicking the gear symbol at the beginning of a level. Within that menu you’ll find the control options. Try each one out to see what fits your style best. You can chose from swipe only, 4-way tap only, tap forward and swipe, 4-way tap and swipe and finally, left/right tap and swipe (this last option worked best for me, dramatically improving my high scores).

Play To Your Strengths

Mountain Goat Mountain features a “portrait” or vertical orientation making it perfect for one-handed gameplay. As such, you’re likely going to play the game using your dominant hand. In my case as a righty, I was naturally inclined to go up and to the right as much as possible. The clever algorithm generates a continuously fresh environment so I was able to keep scaling the mountain predominantly using my stronger side. Occasionally a cliff dropoff would force me to go left (cue Zoolander); but with some quick adjustment I was able to get back to heading right, helping me reach higher altitudes.

Prioritize Your Goals

Do you want to get the highest score possible or do you want to unlock as many goats and environments as you can? Chasing coins and high altitudes at the same time will likely lead to quicker deaths due to fractured focus. However, if you focus on one goal at a time, you’ll be more likely to ultimately achieve both. Incredibly, the game has no limiting checkpoints or energy systems so when you die, you not only keep everything you’ve earned, but you’ll also be able to play again immediately. With each round, choose a goal and you’ll see how much more successful you can be.

Mountain Goat Mountain Tips Cheats Strategies

If you are focusing on unlocking new goats, you’ll need coins. Earn coins by collecting them on the mountain, by watching ads which appear after a death, or by waiting for free daily coin chests; you can even set a reminder to be notified when your next free chest is available. The key to earning the most coins on the mountain side is to scale both up and down the mountain with care; this is often at cross purposes with getting as high up as you can. Once you’ve earned 100 coins you’ll get a new mystery crate for a chance at one of 22 goats. If you don’t want to wait to earn coins, you can purchase whichever goats interest you the most.

If your goal is to get to the highest altitude, skip coin-chasing and just focus on upward progress. Use springboards and coils (with aforementioned caution), and choose a direction that is most comfortable for you. Though the terrain is constantly changing, you’ll eventually start to recognize some springboard combinations or crumbling rock patterns; and you’ll climb ever upwards toward victory.

Lian Amaris has been studying and writing about games, transmedia storytelling and immersive environments since 2003. She has two Master's degrees from NYU, was a new media professor for 3 years then transitioned to mobile tech in 2011. From 2012-15 she worked on bringing over 35 F2P mobile games to market.