Mortal Kombat X Mobile Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Mortal Kombat X is out now for mobile devices, and while it isn’t a traditional Mortal Kombat game, it is still a challenging game in its own regards. I have put together these Mortal Kombat X Mobile Tips, Cheats and Strategies after spending some time with the game, and I am positive that they can help players fight harder and get further in the game than they would have on their own.

After all, no one wants to be on the receiving end of a fatality.

Prepare For Battle

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Tips Cheats Strategies

While there are no combo-moves in Mortal Kombat X, there are quick-time events that players can initiate which will require a bit of timing and preparedness on the player’s part.

After landing consecutive hits on an enemy, a fighter’s special ability meter fills up. Once completely filled, the player can activate the special ability which will then trigger a quick-time-event. Some of these events require the player to stop a spinning icon on a certain spot, while others may require the player to rapidly make slashing gestures in a specificed direction across the screen. The slashing gestures in particular rely on the player to quickly spam the gestures in order to power up the attack. If you are caught off guard and only get a few slashes in, the special attack will do little damage.

So before you initiate a special attack, think for a moment of what will be required of you, and prepare yourself accordingly in order to maximize your damage output.

Block For Three

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Tips Cheats Strategies

Spam tapping for punches results in, usually, a three-hit chain of animations. Enemies fight with the same rules that you do, so prepare to block attacks in bursts of three.

If an enemy stops after one or two swings, then by all means go on the offensive at that point. But always wait an extra millisecond just to be sure the third, hardest-hitting swing isn’t coming for you.

Play Passive-Aggressively

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Tips Cheats Strategies

Each fighter in Mortal Kombat X has their own special passive ability. Maybe they do more damage when they are fighting a certain type of enemy, or maybe the have more health when they are teamed up with a particular fighter. Whatever the case may be, take a few moments to go over your fighter’s passive abilities and adjust your teams accordingly.

They may be minor percentages initially, but when you have a team stacked with passives that benefit one another, you’re looking at a much larger percentage increase overall.

Go Green!

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Tips Cheats Strategies

Souls are the in-game currency used to refuel your energy meter. While, with enough souls, you can also unlock other fighters, I recommend saving the souls to use strictly for refueling your energy meter. As you play through the game you’ll earn a steady trickle of souls, so you may not need to ever pay for them. Though they are pretty cheap if you do choose to spend real-world money on them.

For a full team to be refueled, it only costs nine souls. After playing the game casually for a couple of hours, I’m currently sitting on around ninety souls. I could blow them all at once on a random fighter, or I could (and will) continue to save them for the soul sole-purpose of keeping my fighters energized.

Triple The Kombatants

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Tips Cheats Strategies

As soon as you can, create a second and third team of fighters. As previously mentioned, you can use souls to refuel a fighter’s energy, but the energy will also gradually refuel over time.

If you have a second fighting team, you don’t have to wait for the energy to trickle back in, as each team has their own energy levels. So while you’re waiting for Team 1 to refuel, you can break out Team 2 and take them into battle.

With a third team of fighters you can end up playing the game three times as long without having to pay for a thing.

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