Moonstone Island Characters Guide – Gifts, Romance, and More

Our Moonstone Island characters guide covers all the basics for romance, gifting, favourite items, and friendship levels!

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Trying to increase your friendship levels with the Moonstone Island characters? Or are you wondering about their favourite items? Well, this guide contains all you need to know about each character in the game.

Collect adorable Spirits in this life-simulation game! Explore a vast open-world across 90+ islands as you meet new friends, take part in card-based battles, and brew potions as a respected alchemist. Solve the dark mystery of Moonstone Island as you investigate dungeons, temples, and biomes with your team of Spirits and a bag full of potions!

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Moonstone Island Characters Guide

Every game in the cosy genre features a charming roster of characters – you can even date them! Firstly, let’s take a look at the characters featured in Moonstone Island.

Moonstone Island Characters

  • Gaiana
    • She/Her
    • Likes plants/flowers that are gathered from other islands
  • Zed
    • He/Him
    • Likes Flax Flowers and coffee
  • Rowan
    • They/Them
    • Likes anything scary
  • Ferra
    • She/Her
    • Likes forged goods
  • Quill
    • He/Him
    • Likes spicy food and any item that is hot
  • Paolo
    • They/Them
    • Likes items that have been crafted from wood
  • Ossono
    • She/Her
    • Likes any type of flower and beer
  • Cleo
    • She/Her
    • Likes antique items (e.g. artifacts)
  • Ofelia
    • She/Her
    • Likes most items but hates eggs
  • Tobin
    • He/Him
    • Likes fish but hates certain types of fish

How to Increase Friendship Levels With Characters in Moonstone Island

Now, what’s next? Well, you’ll need to build up a friendship with each character – especially if you wish to date them! When interacting with a character in Moonstone Island, you’ll be greeted with a choice of 3 actions: Chat, Flirt, and Joke.

You can do all 3, but there’ll be a little note next to each action that tells you how high or low of a chance you have of successfully performing that action. For instance, Flirting will only work if you have built up a strong friendship/relationship with a character.

When you do manage to successfully Chat, Flirt, or Joke with a character, your friendship level will increase via Friendship Points! Additionally, you can obtain a skill and a Spirit that boosts your chance of success when interacting with characters.

Moonstone Island Gifts

If you’ve played any game that falls under the same category as Moonstone Island, you’ll be familiar with the Gifting feature. Giving characters their favourite items as gifts is a surefire way to efficiently increase your friendship level.

Giving them a gift in general is fine, but if you want to speed up the process, you should be focusing on items that match their likes! Take a look at the list above to find out the favourite items of each character.

Moonstone Island Romance

Eventually, you’ll be able to ask a character on a date. Though you can actually do this much earlier on in the friendship – but you’ll probably be met with a rejection! Once the friendship level is high enough, you can successfully ask someone on a date.

The date locations are the Tavern, Beach, and the Hot Spring. While you get a wholesome cutscene, you’ll have to choose between three answers when prompted. Make sure to pick a good answer, because a bad answer will decrease your friendship level!

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