Moonrise Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Nadia Oxford |

Moonrise is a monster-battling / RPG from Kabam. In this game you raise your own stable of monsters to take down a dark threat that’s turning the local wildlife into uncontrollable beasts. Gamezebo’s Moonrise Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you make friends out of monsters.

Moonrise Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Each Solari has elemental strengths and weaknesses – Like most battling monsters, Solari are strong against certain elements, and weak against others. Fire Solari are strong against Nature-types, but weak against water. Water Solari are strong against Fire, but weak against Electric. Nature-types can trounce water types, but falter against Fire-types. When you choose an attack to use against a rival Solari, arrows pointing up indicate the attack will do extra damage, while arrows pointing down indicate less damage will be done.
  • You can identify Solari types through the icon in the left-hand corner of their character portrait – Look at the small icon in the upper-left hand corner of a Solari’s character portrait. The icon indicates which type it is, which should give you a clue about what attacks to use against it (and what to defend against).
  • A Solari can learn moves that don’t match its type, which is an important strategic point – All that said, it’s perfectly possible for a Solari to learn a move that doesn’t match its type. Since attack damage is determined by a move’s elemental properties, having a Solari that knows “outside” moves can be very handy in battle.
  • Don’t forget to use your warden skills! – Wardens don’t have to be hands-off during a battle. You can equip certain attack orbs, which lets you join in on the fight. Incidentally, you can immediately end a battle against a warden by taking that warden down – but this is difficult and takes time, since only wardens can attack other wardens.

Moonrise Tips Cheats Strategies

  • When a battle commences, don’t wait for powerful attacks to charge. Open with a weaker, immediate attack – Weaker attacks tend to charge very quickly, whereas stronger attacks take more prep time. When starting a battle, use attacks that are immediately available to you. It’s usually not worth it to wait for stronger attacks to charge up.
  • Use multi-targeting attacks carefully – In the same vein, multi-targeting attacks take a long time to charge, and a long time to prep. In the same amount of time, you can use two or more single-target attacks that still hit hard if they’re used against a Solari’s elemental weakness.
  • Battle wild Solari for essences – Essences are necessary for levelling up your Solari. You gain them by taking out wild Solari.
  • Battle other wardens for cash – Levelling up your Solari also requires cash, which comes from completing quests and battling against other wardens and their tamed Solari.

Moonrise Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Enter every room in a dungeon to collect all available rewards – Dungeons require a high cost of entry, so don’t waste any time down there. Enter every room on a floor, even if you’ve already unlocked the door to the next level. You might find treasure and other rewards.
  • Warden keys regenerate (slowly) over time – Warden keys are necessary for capturing wild Solari. A single key takes a long time to regenerate, so use them carefully. However, keys don’t stack, so don’t hold out. Try going on a Solari-catching binge before going to bed for the night!
  • You need tickets to enter a dungeon, but you can battle other wardens and Solari as much as you like – Dungeons contain multiple floors, and each floor requires a ticket for entry. Tickets regenerate over time (again, over a lot of time), but if you run out, you can still battle wild Solari and other wardens on the surface as much as you like.

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