Moon Pioneer Strategy Guide – The Best Hints, Tips and Cheats

By Harry Slater |

Moon Pioneer is a game about reaching out to distant cosmic lands and sucking all of the natural resources out of them. Kinda like being an Amazon worker in the future. It’s all about managing resources and building new structures, and while the mechanics are simple, there are things you’ll need to understand if you want to become the best space pioneer. 

And those are the things that we’ve gone over in this here guide. We’ve played plenty of Moon Pioneer, and these are the strategies that helped us suck every barrel of oil out of the various planetoids we visited. There’s a message somewhere here.

Whether you’re exploiting your first moon, or you’re a grizzled veteran, there’s going to be something here to help you destroy various ecosystems with ease. So let’s do this – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Moon Pioneer.

Build the treadmills first

When you get started, you should make sure you’re buying the treadmills first. This will speed up your oil production, and you’re going to need as much oil as possible to build everything else. Once you’ve got all the treadmills, move on to building other structures and tools. 

Make sure the food is going to the right place

When one of your runners starts to wane, you need to give them tomatoes. Be careful, though, because if you stop in the wrong place you might end up feeding the wrong people. Only stop when you’re right next to the runner who needs the food, otherwise you might need to make another trip to the greenhouse. 

Buy everything from the shop

You’ll want to purchase everything from the shop on every level – this will mean you can build it all up again straight away when you make it to the next level. Once you’ve built all the structures, start spending on the new ones as soon as you can. The rocket ship should be the last thing you start filling up. 

Watch the videos for more

When you get the chance to watch a video to get more resources, you should take it. They’ll come in really handy and give a boost to your production pretty darn quickly. Your goods will get dropped by a balloon, so you can pick them up and use them where you need them the most. 

Add spares to the ship

When you’ve got some spare resources in your backpack, stick them into the ship pile. You don’t want to fill this up until you’ve done everything in the level, but dropping in the odd barrel of oil here and there will make things quicker when it is time to take to the skies. 

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