Monster World Walkthrough

Monster World – Game Description

Monster World is a Facebook game developed by Wooga. It’s a farming game with a twist: your typical “farmer” is a cute monster, and instead of the usual crops, you grow delicious magical ones. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Monster World.

The Characters

There are three monster families in Monster World. The Buzzies are the elongated ones with horns. The McFurs are also elongated ones with furs and horns too. Blobs are the small, round and the cutest ones. You need to choose one family and only one character from your chosen family. Each family is consists of six members. Each character and families do not differs from each other when it comes to performance, they only differs in appearance. Changing of character is not available so make sure that you chose the character you really want.

Monster World

The Plants

The first plant you’ll have in your backyard is the Spike Ball for this is already given and ready to be harvest in the start of the game. This is the cheapest and fastest growing plant. This grows in just 12 minutes and only cost 8 coins. When you reached Level 4, you will be given Candycrane Tree, Monster Cactus and Heart Flower for free and ready to be planted.

Monster World

Hiring a Friend

You need to hire a friend to help you out in your backyard. You can hire a friend even if they don’t have Monster World account as long as they are in your Facebook friends list. You cannot undergo with the game without hiring one. A box will appear in your screen giving you the list of your friends you want to help you out in your farming. You need to hire a friend so that someone will water your plants. You also need to feed your friend so they can perform well and not eat your plants.

Monster World

Planting and Harvesting

In Monster World, planting and harvesting are the two tasks you need to perform so you can produce plants. Unlike in Farmville or Farmtown, aside from planting and harvesting you also need to plow your soil. This is not the case in Monster World because all you need to do is to plant and harvest. That’s it. Hassle free!

Monster World


Plowing in Monster World means adding new plot. You cannot just add new plots because you need to reach certain levels before adding new one. The fun part in this game is you don’t need to spend coins just to add new plots in your backyard, you just need to level up.

Expanding Your Backyard

Your backyard will automatically expand upon reaching Level 7. When your backyard expanded, you will have more space for decorations and new plots. There are also certain levels you need to reach before you can expand your backyard again.

Character Happiness

You can find how happy your characters are in the upper right side of your game screen. Mouse over the heart icon and you will see the level of your characters happiness and how many plants did your friend already watered. If your characters are happy, they can take care of your plants very well. You can boost their happiness by adding some decors in your backyard.

Monster World

The Shop

The Shop will open when the player reached Level 5. You can find decorations, paths, buildings, seating and fences in the shop. Just in case you think it’s time for you to decorate your backyard, go and visit the shop for items you can use. But remember that you need to reach certain level to unlock more and different items.

Monster World

The Market

The Market will open when the player reached Level 6. You can buy and sell plants in the market. In case you emptied your shelf, you can buy another in the market. And if you think you already harvested enough and need coins, you can also sell your harvests in the market. Just like in Shop, you also need to reach certain level to unlock new plants.

Monster World

Robert the Robot

One of the cutest characters in Monster World is Robert the Robot. You will meet him when you reached Level 3. This cute robot buys your plants and pays you higher than what market can offer. If he visited your backyard, you’re lucky so don’t let him leave without selling your plants. Robert the Robot usually waits in your backyard for long hours if what he’s requesting requires long hours to grow.

Monster World

Game Tools

Inbox. This is where you can find updates and messages of your friends in the game.

Store. Click this and you will find different items for your backyard.

Market. Visit this so you can buy and sell plants.

Expand. Clicking this will expand your backyard. This is available upon you reached the required level.

Working Remaining Time. This is where you can the remaining working time your friend have. Clicking this will show you the food you can buy to extend the working time of your friend.

Plow. This allows you to add more plot in your backyard. This is unavailable if you didn’t meet the required level to add new plots.

Clear. This is the basic tool. You click this every time you want to change from one tool to another.

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