Monster Mayhem Walkthrough

Monster Mayhem – Game Introduction

Monster Mayhem is a castle defense/shooter game developed by Chillingo for the iPhone. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Monster Mayhem. If you’ve played other defense games such as Knights Onrush or Plants vs. Zombies, the gameplay elements should be quite familiar.

Getting Started

You are the grave-keeper of the Mystery Graveyard. The goal of the game is to defend your graveyard’s gate from monster attacks. Destroy the monsters by shooting or slashing them before they break down the gate.

Choose between Easy and Normal mode. In Easy mode, your gate is more resistant to attacks, whereas in Normal mode, your gate is damaged more quickly. You may switch modes anytime in the game without having to replay levels. There’s a third mode, the Madness mode, but it’s locked for now.

Before starting out, you’ll go through a tutorial on how to use the knife and gun on the monsters. Then the onslaught begins.

Killing Zombies

With the knife as your weapon, swipe your finger over the zombies, in any direction (up, down, left, or right). It will take roughly 4 knife slashes to kill a zombie. Whenever possible, use a knife rather than a gun. A gun runs out of ammo, so save it for when you really need it.

Try to aim accurately, whether you use a knife or gun. You’ll require less hits if they’re well-placed, and a dead-on slash or shot can cause critical damage. For most monsters, that critical spot is on the forehead, right above the eyes.

When you defeat a monster, bonuses such as coins or ammo will pop up. Tap on the bonuses to collect them, but hurry, as they disappear within 5 seconds.

Monster Mayhem

Act fast—get rid of the monsters before they reach the gate. When they do, they’ll try to break it down, and that’s when the damage to your gate begins. The red bar on the bottom left of the screen indicates the remaining strength of your gate. When it reaches the end, it’s Game Over for the grave-keeper. Fortunately, you can restart the game from any level you’ve already played.

Clearing a Stage

The next monster you’ll encounter is the werewolf, Rabid Ron. When you first hit a new type of monster, a window will pop up with the monster’s specs. Take note of which weapons it’s vulnerable to, and which ones will have no effect. On the werewolf, the knife still works fine.

Monster Mayhem

Monsters attack in a series of waves, and you’ll have to make sure your gate holds up until the end of the last wave. For now, you’ll need to clear 5 waves in this stage, but later into the game, the number of waves per stage increases.

When a stage is clear, your total money is computed. You’ll have earned some money from killing monsters, and the bonus coins you’ve picked up are added to that. Also, your remaining gate life is converted to money, wherein an undamaged gate earns you 1000 points (even more if you upgrade the gate).

Monster Mayhem

Upgrading Weapons

At the start of every stage, you’ll get to use your money to shop. You can power up your weapons, buy new ones and stock up on ammo. The high-end weapons are not available to purchase yet—you’ll need to buy the shotgun in order to unlock the machine gun, which when bought, unlocks the grenade and so forth. Eventually you’ll want the whole arsenal of 7 weapons, because some monsters may be vulnerable to a certain weapon but not to others.

Monster Mayhem

For the earlier stages, it’s wiser to power up your current weapons rather than keep buying new ones. At this point in the game, the knife and handgun are still all you need, but they can do more damage when upgraded. In particular, a powerful knife will come in handy later when getting rid of coin-thieving spiders. You may discover that a 3-star low-end weapon can sometimes be more effective than a 1-star high-end one.

A round of ammo is quite cheap and you may be tempted to stock up on that. However, you don’t need it at the moment, because you’ll be picking up bonus ammo from slain monsters. It’s better to save your money for weapon power-ups or new weapons.

Later, as you approach the Boss stages, you WILL need more ammo. The tougher monsters will only buckle under serious firepower. If you don’t have enough money to buy ammo or to upgrade your weapons, go back to the Main Menu and replay the easier stages to earn more money.

Monster Mayhem

You can also choose to upgrade your gate strength. Not only will you extend the life of your gate, but you’ll also receive more coins if your gate is undamaged. The next gate upgrade earns you 1300 points if you complete a stage with a full red bar.

New Monsters

You’ll next run into Franken-Ken, who can only be vanquished with bullets. You’ll be doing a lot of shooting (and tapping) for this monster, but perfect aim will do the trick quickly—remember to aim below the target.

Don’t hit the Weedy flowers, as you’ll cause damage to your own gate. If you’re careful, you can knife monsters through the flowers’ gaps using vertical swipes.

Leprechaun waves are bonus rounds. Hit those Dan Goldquiffs as much as you can and collect the rewards.

Monster Mayhem

Hypno-Jellos move forward quickly, but are relatively easy to squash. They also give up a lot of ammo.

If the monsters prove too much too handle and your gate is on its last legs, you can resort to the ultimate weapon: the Atomic Bomb. This will instantly nuke all the monsters visible onscreen. Use it only as a final emergency though, because aside from costing 2 grand a pop, you can only carry one atomic bomb at a time.

After completing 5 stages, you’ll advance to the Boss Stage. Your first Boss faceoff is with the Jello King. He moves like molasses, but as you riddle him with bullets, he’ll break down into large Hypno-Jellos. The jellos will decrease in size and you can finish them off with your knife.

Monster Mayhem

Congratulations, you’ve completed the first of 6 tombstones!Each tombstone consists of 5 stages and an additional Boss stage. As you play further on, you’ll defend your gate against 20 types of monsters and 5 bosses, each one requiring a unique strategy. Completing the campaign will unlock the Madness mode, an Endless mode, and a Boss Rush mode. See how well you stack up against players around the world by submitting your scores to an online leaderboard.

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