Monster Mash Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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Before we get to the tips and tricks to complete Monster Mash, lets take a moment to understand the elements of the game.


First and foremost are the towers. These will be your defense against the enemy monsters and there are different kinds for different purposes. Upgrading the towers makes them more powerful. Speed and attack power will increase with each upgrade, however, the range will stay the same.

Basic Tower – Shoots at walking and flying monsters, low damage, widest range. Place these away from the edge of the road to save room for the short-range towers. These towers are the most effective against the boss monsters.

Upgrade Costs – 30, 80, 150, 290

Ground Cannon – Shoots only at walking monsters. High damage and can damage more than one monster at a time, very short range. These need to be placed at the very edge of the road in order to be effective.

Upgrade Costs – 40, 110, 240, 530

Air Tower – Shoots only at flying monsters. High damage, can damage more than one monster at a time, very short range. Like the ground cannons, these need to be placed at the edges of the roads.

Upgrade Costs – 45, 120, 265, 580

Energy Tower – When placed adjacent to damage towers, the energy tower will increase the overall damage and attack speed of the other towers slightly. The bonus increases as you upgrade the energy tower.

Upgrade Costs – 150, 300, 600, 1200

Bubble-Gun Cannon – These towers will slow the monsters down, giving other towers more time to inflict damage. The more you upgrade this tower, the greater power they have to slow the monsters.

Upgrade Costs – 100, 240, 490, 800


Bonus coins are dropped by the monsters in every level. There are also bonus levels in which you can collect a specific bonus for use in the normal game levels.

  • Dollar Sign Coin – gives a small gold bonus.
  • Red Shoes Coin – makes your builders move and build towers faster for a short time.
  • Sword Coin – increases the damage of all towers for a short time.
  • Anchor Coin – slows down all monsters for a short time.
  • Lightning Bolt Coin – damages all monsters on the map one time.
  • Bullet Coin – increases firing rate of all towers for a short time.
  • Hourglass Coin – freezes time for a few moments. (Freezes monsters and towers, but allows you to build while time is stopped)

    There are several different kinds of monsters, those that walk on the ground and those that fly through the air. Boss monsters will appear at various times throughout the levels and are the hardest of all to kill. Basic Towers deal the best damage to the boss monsters.

    Logically, the monsters in the early levels are easier than the monsters in the later levels.

    Some walking monsters include;

  • Hiddeous Horripickle – slow, easy
  • Wall-Eyed Stumbloon
  • Leggy Egmo – (Runners, very fast!)
  • Pinchy Anklecrimper
  • Whomper Stomper
  • Ugmo the Chomper
  • Zombor-Wetsy (very hard!)
  • Yeggplant
  • Clip-Clop Flounder
  • Ratman Bobbin
  • Some flying monsters include;

  • Fishquito – flying, easy
  • Eat-A-Doodle-You
  • Batsylvania Bloodsucker
  • Gasbagius Zep
  • Jack-of-all-Blobs (hard!)

    Within some of the levels there are additional weapons that can be used. These weapons are placed within the scenery and can offer a lot of help.

    Scarecrow – found in Windy Park. Click on the scarecrow to “scare” all monsters and stop them in their tracks for a short time. There is a long wait before the scarecrow recharges for another use. Save this for the boss monsters if possible.

    Cannon – found in Tunnel Fort. Click on the cannon to shoot one monster. Deals a lot of damage and can be fired quickly without waiting for it to recharge. The cannon will aim at the monster closest to the village. Very useful!

    Sunbeam – found in Sunny Spiral. Click on the sunbeam to kill one monster. The sunbeam will aim for the monster closest to the village. The beam deals a lot of damage, but takes a very long time to recharge. Not all that useful.

    Knight – found in Tip Top Town. Click on the statue of the knight in the village and he will charge off down the path to attack the first monsters he encounters. If he kills the first one, he will continue to the next, so on and so forth. This will cause the monsters to slow down behind the one that the knight is fighting. The knight will continue to battle the monsters until he is killed. Very useful!

    Dragon – found in Cloudy Vista. Click on the dragon in his nest and he will swoop down and take one monster from the path. The dragon takes a long time to recharge and though helpful, it wasn’t the most useful thing.


  • Tower placement is essential to master. When placing a tower, be sure it covers a lot of ground area and not just one corner of the road. Try to maximize the bends and cornersby placing towers in locations that span more than one segment of road.
  • Plan ahead – know which type of monster will be coming in the next wave and upgrade or build the appropriate towers.
  • Remember that the basic towers are most effective against the boss monsters.
  • When monsters are underground or within the mountain passes, the towers cannot hit them. Be sure to build up the defenses at the entrance and exits of these tunnels.
  • Only use the scarecrow when the line of monsters (or boss monster) is within range of your strongest towers to maximize damage.
  • When using the Knight, try to time it so that he meets the line of monsters in front of the attack towers as he will slow the monsters’ progression.
  • Keep in mind that the Knight will ONLY attack walking monsters, not flying ones.
  • Make the best use of space – build the short range towers right along the edge of the road and build longer range towers further away to leave room for the others.
  • Always upgrade your towers! In most cases, fewer upgraded towers can deal more damage than lots of weaker towers.
  • In the harder levels, the slowing towers can be your best friends. Place them strategically between other towers to try to trap the monsters in a high damage area.
  • The energy towers will only increase the other towers’ effectiveness when placed right next to them.
  • Place one energy tower in the middle of several attack towers. The energy tower will enhance all of the towers within its range.
  • Use the builder-speed power up to build towers quickly before approaching monsters reach an area.
  • You can continue to build towers even when time is frozen from the use of the hourglass bonus. This can halt the monsters progress and give you time to readjust your defenses, very helpful!
  • Do not use the lightning bolt bonuses on boss mobs. They are designed to deliver damage to an entire map full of monsters. Don’t waste them on a single monster!
  • When you know fast monsters (runners) are coming, consider using the anchor bonus to slow them down before they overtake and eat the villager. This can give the villager time to reach the village safely.
  • If you see a bonus coin on the map and it starts to flicker, click on it quickly! As long as you’ve clicked on it, it will not disappear, even if you are busy building towers.
  • Use the increase damage and speed bonuses for the boss monsters. Time them properly so that you don’t waste the power up while the monster is in a tunnel or outside tower range.
  • When upgrading a tower, the tower will not fire on monsters passing by. Try to upgrade them after each wave. During battle, try to upgrade them before or after the line of monsters passes them.
  • You can right click to dismiss an action. For instance, if you click to build a tower but chose the wrong one, right click before your builders get there to cancel it.
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