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Monster Galaxy – Game Introduction

Monster Galaxy is a Facebook game developed by Gaia Online. Become a Moga Tamer and be the best by capturing mogas, include them in your team to battle other wild monsters. Fulfill quests and ask help from other players to gain advantage during battles. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Monster Galaxy by referring to this quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide, Tips, and Cheats

A Moga Tamer’s Tools

To become the best Moga Tamer in the world, you have to know the tools and resources in order to successfully do missions and win battles. Refer to the screenshot below as we go through each one.

Monster Galaxy

World Map

This icon will move your mogas to a map and go through different locations to battle with other wild monsters and allow you to capture more mogas to add to your team.

The MogaDex

The second icon is where you can choose the team who will travel and battle other monsters. You will see the different zodiacs and mogas available to you along with information and statistics.

Monster Galaxy


This lists the missions you need to fulfill as you adventure out to the world.


There are 4 resources that you can use in the game. Whistles are used when you want to call in reinforcements from friends and use the bonus attack. Blue Coffee can be used to recharge your mogas after battle. Star Seeds are used to capture other mogas during your travels. Lastly, Star Coins are used to purchase items from the Sky Shop.

Choose your Moga Battle Team

The MogaDex will serve as a guide for you to choose the best team when going out to battle. At the left side, you’ll see all the zodiacs and the list of monsters for each sign. Black squares mean that you haven’t captured them yet. Those that have pictures are monsters that you’ve already tamed.

Looking at the MogaDex image screenshot above, there are mogas that are highlighted in blue and some have yellow boxes. Those that are in blue are mogas that have been selected to battle and travel the world. A bigger image is shown at the bottom. Those in yellow are your back up mogas and just waiting to be selected.

To choose your battle team, all you need is to click on the moga’s image and drag it to an empty slot. If you would like to remove a moga, just click on the “x” at the upper right corner. As of this writing, you can only choose up to 3 mogas in your travels.

Before you select a moga, click on its image and you’ll see their overall statistics. This will help you choose the best team, depending on what location you intend to go and the level of difficulty of your opponent.

Looking at the example below, Kaligari is at level 3 with 10 health points (HP), level of attack, defense and speed is 7, and experience points is at 145 out of 231 on that level. The number of attacks that is available is also indicated, say, the punch can be used 12 times in the next battle, the solar flare 4 times and the zodiac armor is full at 5.

Monster Galaxy

Use Bonus and Zodiac Attacks

There are two special attacks that you can use against your opponent. The Bonus and Zodiac attack.

The Zodiac attack can be beneficial to your success or not. This attack’s effectivity is dependent on who your opponent is and what sign the monster is battling. To guide you, hover the mouse over each moga before choosing one to start the fight. In the example below, it is good to use this attack because it is more effective.

Monster Galaxy

The damage points will be seen and how accurate the attack is going to be. Sometimes it can be twice or 3 times effective, which is best to use when your opponent is at a higher level or have more health points (HP).

Monster Galaxy

The Bonus attack is always beneficial because it calls a friend to help you fight. The only thing you need is a Whistler. Take note that this gives you only 1 chance to hit your opponent every time you use it. It is recommended that you stock up a lot of Whistlers and use it only when necessary.

Monster Galaxy

Increase Moga’s Experience

When you travel, battle and capture mogas, you will encounter some that are considered as beginners but some are more dangerous than the next. It’s important that you constantly upgrade your team of mogas to prepare them for higher level opponents.

The only way to earn more experience points is to have them go into battle. The more fights they win, the faster they level up.

Monster Galaxy

At earlier levels, you should use your trainees or those at level 1 or 2 to battle easy destinations. This will increase your success rate and you’ll earn more experience points. Repeat some destinations to do so.

Here’s a tip: To increase your chances to win a battle with a higher level moga, have enough blue coffee so that you can recharge during a battle.

Use a Star Seed to Capture Mogas

To build your team, you need to capture mogas along the way. Easy and medium destinations will give you level 1-4 mogas. Hard destinations will present you with monsters who are at level 5 and above.

When you battle an opponent for the first time, its good to win against them first before capturing. This will give you a sense of their powers and attacks. When you travel to a destination again, you are likely to see the same moga.

You need to use a Star Seed to capture mogas. If you have one, then the first thing you need to do is stay alive and lower their health points to its minimum level without defeating them. You will notice that the Capture option will appear. Once you click on this icon, it will tell you the capture success rate. Agree to capture if your success rate is high.

Monster Galaxy

Take note that rare mogas such as the Lainedeer are hard to capture. This just means that not all mogas can be captured with one try. Some also have a very lower success rate but this will be enough to capture it. Stock up with more Star Seeds so you can try again the next time you meet the rare moga.

Collecting Whistles

When you visit a neighbor in the game, one benefit is to harvest a Whistle in their tree. You can hover your mouse over the tree and check whether you can harvest one. In the example below, the tree is ready to be harvested. You can also water their tree if needed.

Monster Galaxy

Having more neighbors will be beneficial so you can get as many Whistles as you can. You can then call upon your friends to help you beat a hard opponent.

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