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Game Introduction – Monster Adventures

Monster Adventures is an action/monster-collecting game created by Foursaken Media. You play as a young monster trainer who collects and tames “Spirits” (monsters) that go out into the wilds to build up their strength and catch more monsters. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to raise a mensch of a monster.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Monster Adventures

  • You can download Monster Adventures by clicking the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.
  • You start your journey in the small town of Yerpa. The mayor encourages you to talk to everyone in town and get to know them. Shortly after you do so, you’ll meet your very first Spirit! You can give him a name, if you wish.
  • Once you’ve settled in and made friends with your monster, you can start adventuring.

How to Play

Monster Adventures

  • Objective – Your mission in Monster Adventures is to raise an awesome stable of monsters and clobber everything and everyone that challenges you. To progress, you need to send your Spirits into the unsettled lands, where they’ll battle hostile wildlings. With any luck, they’ll also catch a few wildlings and take them home, which will help them learn new abilities. 
  • Yerpa, Your Hub – Yerpa is the center of the game world. Your monsters can recover here, and you can also buy items, access the Arena, and talk to various characters who can help make your monsters more powerful.
  • Menu – You can access Monster Adventures‘ main menu at any time by pressing the Pause button at the top of the screen. The sub-menus include your items, quests, achievements, options, and monster info.
  • Quests – There’s lots to do in Monster Adventures, so if you’re ever feeling lost, visit the quests sub-menu to get back on track. Optional sub-quests are listed here too. Sub-quests expire in a certain amount of time, so if you’re interested, get it done before the countdown concludes.
  • In-Game Guide – Monster Adventures’ in-game guide is marked by a question mark in the main menu. Here, you can learn the game’s basics.
  • Options – The options sub-menu is marked by a gear icon in the main menu. You can manage several of the game’s features here, including its controls, sound, and data.

Growing Your Spirit

Monster Adventures

  • Fight for Might – Your first monster is a bit of a weakling at first, but you can (and must) send him out into the wilderness to get stronger. Battles yield experience, money, and items, all of which are only rewarded to your monster if he returns safely to town.
  • Don’t Die! – If your monster has all his hit points depleted before he’s able to make it back to town, he loses half the money, experience, and essences he’s earned. He also loses any items he’s collected. Make sure you always have an escape plan handy, and/or items for healing your monster.


Monster Adventures

  • Buy Some Fruit – Yerpa’s fruit seller offers fruit and items that can heal and/or power-up your monsters. Visit him often.
  • The Essence Man – Essences -orbs that permanently bestow your monsters with increased stats or summon help into battle – are vital to victory in Monster Adventures. The essence man’s stock changes every few hours, so check in accordingly. 


Monster Adventures

  • Charge Your Monster – Essences imbue your monster with the powers of other monsters. You can find them while in the wilds, or buy them from the Essence man in Yerpa. Essences can be equipped on your chosen monster’s head, hands, body, or feet. The monster then adopts that creature’s abilities and appearance.
  • Watch Your Stats – You can try an essence on a monster before you buy it. Make sure you do so in order to see how that essence affects your monster’s stats. Some essences increase certain stats while dropping others, so experiment and see what fits your fighting style.

Catching Wildlings

Monster Adventures

  • The Scholar – Yerpa’s scholar is eager to learn more about the wildlings, but he’s not keen on the possibility of getting killed. If you talk to him after catching wildlings, he’ll fill out a book that tells you a bit more about the critter you’ve caught. When you’ve caught a certain amount of wildlings, he’ll reward you with abilities for your monster.
  • Grab Your Net – You need a net to catch wildlings. Shift between the net and your monster’s attack by pressing the net or fist icons. When a wildling is within reach of your net, bring it down on them.
  • Exhaust Your Prey – It’s necessary to whittle down a wildling’s health before you can try to catch it. The better your net, the less health you need to shave off from the wildling before it can be nabbed.


Monster Adventures

  • Elements – Monsters can be imbued with elements that can grant them a major advantage with other element-based monsters. Water trumps fire, fire beats grass, grass beats rock, rock bests bolt, and bolt fries water.
  • The Alchemist – Yerpa’s alchemist can imbue your monster with an element. You can change this element whenever you wish.
  • A Changing Land – Every time you venture into the wilderness, the map shifts – and so does the dangers you face. If a boss shows up in one area, don’t expect him to be there the next time you visit.
  • How to Read Your Map – It’s important to understand the icons on your map. The house icon means that section of the map offers a portal back to town. A skull icon means a boss creature is hanging out in that area. And a spiral indicates a teleporter, which takes you deeper into that particular level. 
  • Healing Your Spirits – When your monsters get hurt, you can heal them with fruit. You can also return to town and wait while they recharge automatically. If you’re in a rush, you can restore your crew with water from the well in the center of Yerpa. The well can only be visited once every few hours, so use it sparingly. 

The Monster Games

Monster Adventures

  • Fight! – You can pit your monsters against other trainers’ creatures in the Arena located in the left-hand side of Yerpa. These fights are tough, so build up your monster’s strength first!


Monster Adventures

  • With Or Against Pals – A Yerpa citizen wearing a cowboy hat can help you enjoy Monster Adventures‘ multiplayer features. Talk to him to play co-op with another trainer, or go against another player in a versus battle. 

Tips and Tricks

Monster Adventures

  • Take Your Time – Monster Adventures‘ first few hours can be brutal. Take your time building up your monster by gathering experience and coins for buying essences.
  • Clear the Area Before Catching – See a wildling you’re interested in catching? Weed out the other aggressors first before concentrating on it. Otherwise, you may sustain a lot of damage while you walk around with your net.
  • Stay On the Move – The best way to stay alive is to keep moving while you attack enemies. If you stay still, they’ll take huge chunks out of you and probably do you in faster than you can put them down.  
  • Keep Yerpa Fruit Handy – It’s not a bad idea to stay close to the town portal when you’re building up your levels, but since you may wind up wandering, it’s a good idea to buy a stock of Yerpa fruit. You can use Yerpa fruit to zip home from anywhere.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Monster Adventures. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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