MMX Hill Climb Tips, Cheats and Strategies

MMX Hill Climb might not be the best bumpy-road driving game out there, but it does have its moments. Getting to those moments can be a little bit tricky though.

Which is why we’ve written out all of these hints and tips for you. Yeah, we’re good like that. Follow these and you might stick with a game a little bit longer than the people who don’t.

The Basics

MMX Hill Climb Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Don’t over compensate – It’s easy to smash the accelerator or brake when you’re flopping about in the air in the hope that you won’t land on your roof. Don’t. Instead use smooth movements and let gravity do the work for you.
  • Make sure your wheels aren’t on the ground – If you try and compensate too close to the ground, there’s a very good chance your wheels will still be spinning when you land, which will catapult you in the opposite direction and inevitably lead to a fiery death.
  • Take it easy – If you’re going to fast you’re probably going to flip over and blow up. This isn’t a good thing. Don’t accelerate when you’re going down hills, and try not to fly over jumps. The game’s all about staying in control, and the second you’re not you’re going to end up swearing and being on fire.

Tuning Up

MMX Hill Climb Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Don’t focus on one attribute – Like the rest of the game, upgrading your car is all about striking the right balance. Don’t throw all your coins into one attribute, spread them out evenly. A super fast car that handles like a drunk ocelot isn’t going to help you in any way shape or form.
  • Focus on one car – It’s highly unlikely you’re going to rack up enough currency to buy a new car within the first few hours of playing. So make polishing up your first ride a priority. It’ll do the job in the earlier levels and you can add to your garage later.
  • Aim for the 20,000 cars – If you’re intent on spending to unlock new cars, then aim to save up 20,000 gold coins. The cars that cost this much are going to see you in good stead for most of the game, and while it’ll take you longer to get one, you’ll use it more than a car that costs 10,000 gold.

Hints and Tips

MMX Hill Climb Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Watch everything – If you get the chance to watch a video to increase a reward, do. The currency comes in spits and spots, and the more you can accrue the better you’re going to do later in the game. Make sure you collect your free gift when it’s ready too.
  • What’s your opponent doing? – The ghost you’re racing against has always done better than you. Keep an eye on how they take any jumps or bumps that are causing you trouble and try and replicate what they do. Remember you don’t have to beat the last ghost to unlock the next stage, you just have to cross the finish line.
  • Don’t chase the red coins – You’re going to pick these up naturally as you drive through the levels, so there’s no need to alter your line to grab them all. Focus on getting to the end of a level and you’ll find you’re grabbing enough to make your car better.
  • Remember where the fuel is – You’ll need to grab canisters of fuel to keep going. You don’t need to push hard to get them, but knowing where they are will mean you know how much farther you need to go on the tank of gas that you’ve currently got.

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