Minions Paradise Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Minions Paradise is a free-to-play town (resort, really) builder from Electronic Arts. One that’s pretty goofy and enjoyable, regardless of how familiar you might be with the little yellow troublemakers. Gamezebo’s Minion Paradise tips, cheats and strategies will help you get your island resort up and running.

Don’t listen to the tutorial

Okay that might sound a bit extreme, but what I mean is that you don’t need to do everything the tutorial tells you. Specifically when it involves spending doubloons (i.e. premium currency) to speed things up. Generally speaking you’ll only have to wait a minute or so for the tasks to finish, so why not hang on to the doubloons it gives you instead of wasting them? There’s a good chance they’ll be far more useful later.

No, really, save those doubloons!

Minions Paradise Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Simply not spending premium currency when the tutorial asks is a good start, but you’re also going to be much better off if you don’t ever spend doubloons to speed things up. Ever. Instead, hang on to them for permanent upgrades like adding an extra item slot to item construction buildings like the Armory.

If you’re patient enough you can even avoid spending them to unlock new gathering slots or upgrading your storage space early. It means patiently waiting to reach the proper level or collecting the proper items, respectively, but it beats spending premium money just to get things a little faster.

Always put your minions to work

Gathering points and other buildings often need minions to work them, so make sure you assign some to the task. This is especially helpful when you’re just starting out, because having an abundance of coconuts and swamp gas will make completing Phil’s tasks pretty easy.

Make good use of a party’s after-effects

Minions Paradise Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Every time you earn enough Party Points, Phil will throw a party for the entire island. It’s basically a fancy way of leveling-up. Parties will usually unlock new things for you to build, but another common effect that kicks in once they’re over is a temporary speed boost.

This speed boost takes effect as soon as the party ends, and doubles the speed of almost every single task you can perform – from collecting resources to crafting items. If you can, try to make the most of this two minute window of hyperspeed by putting as many of your minions to work as you can.

Keep an eye on your storage space

Minions Paradise Tips, Cheats and Strategies

It probably won’t take long for you to start running out of room for all your miscellaneous junk and crafted items. The amount of space you have can be upgraded if you manage to scrounge up the right items (or get sick of waiting and spend the doubloons), but simply being mindful of how much space is left should work fine. You can tell how full up you are via the the icon with the little hut in it in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

If you start to get too full you’ve got a couple of options to clear things out. You can expand your storage space, put some items up for sale (note that once they’re posted you either have to wait for someone to buy them or spend doubloons to delete the posting), or sell stuff to the Captain who appears around the time you hit level eight.

Check the bulletin board and earn extra stuff

Minions Paradise Tips, Cheats and Strategies

To the right of Phil’s bar is a bulletin board where you’ll receive requests for all sorts of miscellaneous things. Sometimes it’ll be for a couple coconuts, other times you’ll need some skateboards and grenades. Regardless of what’s required to complete a request, it’s worth doing when you can.

Most requests will earn you some Party Points (the fancy term they use for “experience”) and sand dollars to spend on building more stuff, but some will even unlock new special minions or important tasks.

You can “stack” the items you build

Unlike gathering points like the palm trees or bamboo thicket, buildings like the Armory don’t require you to collect items in order to queue up new ones for construction. A good way to circumvent the auto-collection is to select another item crafting building and use the arrows next to its name to jump to similar structures. This way you can effectively stockpile built items without having them clutter up your limited storage. Of course, you’re going to need to collect them when you want to actually use them.

Play the mini-games often

Minions Paradise Tips, Cheats and Strategies

You’ll unlock your first mini-game fairly early on, with more to follow as you start to access more of the islands. Try to play these games whenever you can as they’re a good way to earn a few Party Points, plus they can pay off big time whenever you hit a milestone (depicted on the window that pops up after each attempt). These bonuses include a hefty amount of sand dollars and sometimes even doubloons. That, and they’re a decent distraction while you wait for your other minions to finish whatever it is they’re doing.

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