Mini Guns Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Mini Guns is a real time multiplayer strategy game from Riposte Games. It has you pitting a series of mini toy soldiers at each other on the battlefield. As you play along, you unlock new figurines, from infantry to impressive looking toy tanks. It’s oddly cute for a war game, and there’s plenty for you to learn here.

That’s where Gamezebo’s Mini Guns Tips, Cheats and Strategies enters the equation, providing you with a plethora of advice on how best to destroy your enemy’s base, and work towards earning new units and all important honor as you progress.

The Basics

Mini Guns Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Each mini has an area of attack that demonstrates exactly what they can fire at. There’s a randomness at play when it comes to knowing exactly where they’re going to strike, meaning sometimes you’ll hit an area where there’s no enemy. Similarly, you can’t expect to hit anything that isn’t within that conical shape of attack radius.
  • Your main method of attack is guiding your soldiers to where they need to strike. Don’t always go for the most direct route. Wait until you’ve built up enough points to unleash a few units at once and scatter them around. Keep your enemy unsure of what’s going to happen next and where to defend most of all.
  • Have a mixture of really strong but slow units, and fast but weak smaller units. It’s good to have a variety of different methods available.
  • Single player missions are a great way to build up your experience, unlock new units, and earn more coins. It’s also frequently more satisfying, early on, than competing in ranked matches as you can normally succeed at these reasonably easily.
  • When you finish a match, there’s a chance of a random package dropping. That package typically means extra minis to unlock for free. Open it immediately and put it in a chest slot to wait for it to unlock. It’s going to take a while as Mini Guns is pretty slow when it comes to unlocking packages or chests, but it’s worth the wait.

Unlocking and Leveling Up

Mini Guns Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • New mini types are frequently unlocked through leveling your existing minis. Check out the silhouettes on your army screen to see what different minis are available. You’ll also be informed on what mini you need to level up to be able to unlock them.
  • The Strongbox contains a selection of minis but you have to fill up the meter to get to them. Each time you play a Ranked match, it adds progress to the meter, even if you lose the game.
  • If you win, you gain a lot more progress, but simply playing is worth doing as it’ll help you get towards that precious Strongbox.
  • Check out the Achievements section of the game. There are many easy ways to complete these, such as destroying a certain number of enemy units or simply upgrading your own minis. By completing an achievement, you earn some easy coins which can be used to upgrade your units.

Honor and Alliances

Mini Guns Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Honor is what’s used to dictate how far you can work your way up the leaderboards. It’ll also help you unlock new perks for your alliance. These can be things like increasing the amount of gold you win for your first win of the day, or increasing how many alliance members you can have.
  • Honor is earned each time you win a 2 vs 2 ranked match.
  • Joining an alliance is a matter of either paying 100 coins to create your own or finding one that’s accepting members. It’s worth sticking together with other players and is far more fun than going it alone.

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